The Ascended Masters, Protecting your house and Archangel Gabriel,

It is lovely to be back writing this blog again.

The Ascended Masters stand with every person on the planet, regardless of their level of karma. That’s a lot of people! As I was standing in the Ascended Masters portal this morning, I kept hearing the Māori word Aroha repeated again and again. Aroha means love. As I stood in the Masters’ energy, I was reminded of my Higher Self speaking to me in English, Māori, and French. With the nearly 8 billion people the Masters stand with, they must have some form of a universal translator! Especially when conversing with angels and other planetary systems. The Masters laughed gently at this and said it is more a knowing of a person rather than needing to understand their language. We perceive the differences in humanity from our 3d perspective, but the Ascended Masters don’t. This made me think of all the other ways we try to fit the Ascended Masters into our small reality.

The Ascended Masters don’t look like us. They are energy, light, and sound. They don’t have a physical form that looks like ours, but they create an image we are comfortable with. The new Masters are presenting as multi-racial, some with a hint of not quite being of this planet. I have often wondered how they decide on a look. For some, it’s a past life they liked, a recent past life that is relatable. For some, the image is always changing, as features are tweaked and modified. Some change clothes repeatedly. But at the essence, the aura and colours stay the same. As the Masters told us when the Ascended Masters’ portal was created, “You will know us by our colours”.

And what a journey that has been as we have documented and drawn their auras. From there, they taught us about the eight Rays, their colours, and what they mean to humanity. They gave us another layer of understanding about ourselves.

Most of all, know the Masters stand with everyone on the planet who has an Earthstar. They are here to give love and support to all. They don’t see religion, colour, ethnicity, social class, career, intelligence, or karma. Everyone is worthy of their love and attention. So if life is difficult, or you feel you need support, ask your five ascended Masters team that stand with you for help. All you need to do is ask, and remember your guides and guardian angel, as well. What a lovely support team each of us have.

At the end of last year, I completed an article on Archangel Gabriel. He spoke of the guardian angels we each have with us. You can read more about it in the Archangel Gabriel article.

Last year we also introduced the Archangel Protection grid expansion. This is an expansion of the Ascended Masters grid and helps in ways only the Archangels can, to protect us from negative influences. You can read more about the Archangel Protection expansion grid here. But you must first have the Ascended Masters protection grid, as this is the expansion on that grid. 

Waireti has been working with the Masters and their crystal portals. We have observed now that there are quite a few crystal portals in various countries around the world, that these crystal portals are forming a network. The Masters are working individually and collectively. You can see why it is a sacred trust to have one of these portals. There are a few Masters seeking to work amongst humanity with their crystal portals. If in meditation, or quiet contemplation, you feel the call of a specific Master to get a crystal portal, then fill out our contact form and be sure to name the Master you feel wants to work with you and for you to be a holder of their crystal portal.

Here is a previous share I gave to higher initiates on protecting your own home or sanctuary.

Protecting your house or sanctuary

Putting up protection around your own home or personal sanctuary can be empowering.

As we ascend, a place away from the energy of humanity, a sanctuary, becomes more and more important. As we ascend higher, our light gets brighter and brighter. We stand out in the darkness. We become a beacon, not just for humanity but for the dark side. Imagine your light signalling where to find you. There is no hiding. A safe sanctuary becomes a ‘must have’ for us all, as many of you are discovering.

The Masters have indicated they will help you keep your home relatively safe. This is only for those with the Ascended Master’s protection grid as the protection they create is linked into your grid. You can order an Ascended Masters protection grid through our store.

The protection they will erect around your home is a barrier of sorts. This home protection is tied into the space your home occupies, not the land. You could ask for protection for the land, though the ongoing upkeep is likely to be daily.

The barrier they create can get holes in it and be breached, so ongoing maintenance and vigilance by you is required. I will talk more on the signs of this later.

1. The first step to achieving home protection is to go to the ascension temple while in your home.

2. Call in the four Masters/Archangels who have been assigned as your home team. Note which four appear for you, as this will be an ongoing relationship.

3. Ask them to place protection around the exterior walls of your home - the floor and the ceiling. This box like protection is important. They will do this for you. Pretty simple. Also ask them to remove any entities from your home.

You, however, will be responsible for keeping an eye on this protection. If a hole appears, you must repeat the process of returning to the ascension temple, calling in the 4 masters, and requesting a repair and the removal of any entities. The Masters won’t fix any holes without you asking. Holes will occur.

How do holes occur? Anyone entering your home without a grid will be bringing entities into your environment. This may be people who live with you in the house and who don’t have grids. It can be assumed anyone entering your house without a grid has an entity with them. The act of bringing an entity into your home will create a breech and a hole. For those of you with many visitors, this will mean a lot of work. A delivery person handing food through the protection will create a breech. Just an arm going through the protection will be enough to create a hole. Because of the ongoing work this creates, you might prefer protection only around a bedroom or upper floor.

Signs that a breech has occurred may be that you feel irritable and snappy, or arguments will erupt with you for no reason. And then the usual pinpricks on the skin, or an attack. For the most part, attacks will be subtle like creating disharmony.

Remember to give thanks to the Masters for their help. They are giving a service to assist your well-being and ascension.

Here are some questions we have received in the past about this protection.

Presumably, pets are implicated in this too. When they come in and out of the house, will they make holes in the protection?

Yes, but to a lesser degree. Animals don't usually have entities attached. Monitor and see.

I have much work to do with maintenance as I have many visitors coming, going, and staying.

Perhaps have the protection just around your bedroom then. Remember this is to create a sanctuary for you.

I live in a townhouse and two of my walls have another home attached to it. I can only assume that if someone was standing on the opposite side, then their aura would be coming through into my home. Would this be considered a breech?

The protection keeps auras out. One of the benefits for those sleeping with their head against an apartment connecting wall.

So, are you saying that we could ask for the protection to include our property line? Say, designated by a fence line or something?

Yes, a fence line, though remember the neighbours’ cats can wander through and create a breech.

Do people's pets have entities attached?

Pets don't normally have entities, but it not impossible.

Would it be appropriate to ask for this kind of protection when traveling, i.e., a hotel room that one is sleeping in?

Talk to the Masters. I myself would just use Violet Flame spray on the bed and room and you have the Ascended Master protection grid, so you will be okay.

This may be a dumb question, but can we use this in our vehicles? I do a lot of distance travelling.

I suspect it would take too much energy. You have your grid.

Does this work at keeping out human spirits too?

Human spirits often act as guides to those in the house. Many have family guides. So, no. If you mean spirits who are earth bound (ghosts) who are not beneficial, then yes.

Alternatively, if you want your house and land cleared of old energies, spirits and entities and then blessed by the Ascended Masters then you can look at the Masters House Clearing and Blessing.