Healing Shawl - blue paisley


The Ascended Masters Mother Mary, St. Germain, and Dom Ignacio have come together in the Ascended Masters’ portal to create healing shawls. The Masters wanted to address the needs of many for healing in their current life without providing a healing service. This is their solution. 

They have imprinted healing into the cells of the shawl for physical, emotional, and mental body healing. As the shawl is used, the healing is released into the aura and physical body. ​Things in the auric field that need to go are removed, people’s colours get brighter, blockages are cleared, and energy lifts. The healing will embed deeper into the shawl the more it is used. The healing will remain for the life of the shawl.

Use whenever you feel the need for healing on any level or just comfort. The shawl can be used by anyone.

180cm x 70cm

Viscose. This is light weight and soft.


“Since the first minute I laid the healing throw on me, I became addicted to it. It felt like being embraced in the arms of the most loving mother, a return to the womb. I now meditate with it and sleep with it every night. I feel so good and peaceful with it.” - Germany 

“I used the shawl as a blanket over me when I went to bed , well you wouldn't believe it but in the morning I could of ran around the block.” – New Zealand

“I feel better for using the healing shawl. I sleep with it now and have bought another for day use.” – United States

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