House Clearing and Blessing - Ascended Masters and Waireti


This house clearing and blessing is a distance session. It occurs in the Ascended Masters' portal. 

This healing will be initiated in the Ascended Masters' portal by either Verna Maruata or Waireti. Verna or Waireti works with the Ascended Masters healing team of Archangel Michael and the Ascended Masters White Tara, Ptah and Amen Bey to clear energies from your house and land to a cellular level. Then the house and the land is blessed by the Masters.

Ideal for - 

  • houses
  • apartments
  • small retail/ work premises (that you own) If it is a large space then contact us first.
  • your office space only (in a building you don't own)
Excellent for places that -  
  • have ghosts
  • entities and negative elementals
  • bad energy
  • old energy
  • just need an energy spring clean
Perfect for those who - 
  • have just moved into a new house or are trying to sell a house 

After you order your house clearing session, send us photos via the contact form. We need: 

  • For a house: one exterior photo of the house from the road, one photo of an interior room, and an idea of the extent of the land.
  • For an apartment: one photo of the front door from the hall, one photo of a room, and a drawn picture of the apartment layout showing where the neighbours' walls are.

After the healing has occurred, Verna or Waireti will email you with details of what happened. 

A review

My friend and I experienced your House Clearing skills here in Italy and my goodness, So powerful and So Healing! The energy flowed and the home was reclaimed back into the Light.

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