Green Flame Oil


The Green Flame is the 3rd in the Ascension Flame series and follows the Blue Flame. 

Having used the Blue Flame oil and increased your level of Personal Power, Inner Strength, and Self Faith, you will intuitively know when to start on the Green Flame, for the Green Flame brings to the person Truth, as revealed by the All Seeing Eye. Therefore, Faith, Strength and Power are needed to cope with the Truth of Self. Knowing the Self is a much needed step on the path of ascension.

The Green Flame is bought to us from its Source by the Ascended Master Hilarion, The Elohim Cyclopea, and the Japanese storm god, Susano’o, with the angels and Devas of the Green Flame. The Green Flame is part of the 5th ray.

Each cell of the Green Flame oil contains a six pointed star. The Flame and its aura have three different greens - emerald green, forest green, and a milky jade green.

Rub on to major and minor chakras.




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