Lao Tze Ascended Master Portal

Ascended Master Lao Tze is a Master of the 2nd ray, the yellow ray of Wisdom and Lightness of Being. Many of you will know him from the many wise quotes attributed to him from the classic, ‘The Tao and Te’. Lao Tze is also called Lao Tzu. Lao Tse is considered the father of Taoism.

He is not only a Master of Wisdom, but also the Master of Joy and Lightness of Being. He is here to remind us life is not all about work and that life can contain simple joys. Lao Tze Ascended Master PortraitWe are all so solemn; we live our lives looking down when there is so much to be gained from turning our face to the sun and being the Being we are. He manifests on the yellow ray, the second ray of Wisdom.

If he were to appear to you in meditation, he is likely to be wearing a martial arts type outfit or loose pants and a tank top. He is balding and his long hair is pulled back and plaited. He will be laughing or smiling.

Ascended Master Lao Tze (Lao Tsu) is working with the Shinto Cosmic Master Amaterasu.

Ascended Master Lao Tze has an aura of yellow shards.

Lao Tze Ascended Master Aura

As a Master of the 2nd ray, he is aligned with the state of Joy, and works with the Deva of Joy. The Deva is the animating force of the act of Joy. The Deva of Joy, along with the Ascended Masters, has made an oil to facilitate Joy within us. If you are a 2nd ray soul, I suggest this Joy oil to you as well as the Deva of Joy's portal card.

His portal painting as shown above is available as a card or print.

His energy flows from the print 24/7. It is wonderful to have him sending his energy into a room 24/7 via the portal print. You may also place the portal card on a chakra and receive the Master’s energy directly into the chakras.


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