Lord Lanto Ascended Master Portal

Lord Lanto is an ancient Ascended Master.

He has untill recently been Chohan of the 2nd ray, the ray of humility, joy and wisdom. This role has recently been relinquished to Ascended Master Jesus.

If he was to present himself to you, he would appear with Asian features, reminiscent of his last life in China. He wears a Manchurian jacket and pants with a black-skull cap. He calls it ‘modern dress’.

Lord Lanto Ascended Master Portal

Ascended Master Lord Lanto has an egg-shaped aura. The white center radiates out to soft yellow and then to mid yellow (as seen to the right).

In his last life around 500 BCE, he ascended to such a high level while still in body that the threefold flame was evident through his chest as a soft golden glow. The threefold flame is the trinity of the first, second and third ray flames of blue, yellow and pink, representing three aspects of the Christ Consciousness: power, wisdom and love.

In another life, Lord Lanto was the Duke of Chou in China. The Duke of Chou is considered to be China's greatest statesman. He has had many other lives in all the greater and lesser realms of the past (Atlantis, for example).

Lord Lanto is a gentle Master, filled with respect and love for humanity. He cares for and loves each person as part of his own extended family. He is here to help humanity with the process of ascension, ascension into our own Christ. In this process of ascension, he wants us to come into a place of self-respect, self-love and self-worth. He wants us to find Joy in life.

He doesn't take on many students. If you are chosen to be one of his Chelas (students) then you are a second ray soul and have reached a level of ascension that requires his closer participation.

Lord Lanto and Lao Tze are often mistaken for one another. Here are a few subtle pointers for identifying them:

Both are second ray Masters. Lord Lanto's aura, as mentioned above, is egg-shaped with a white centre leading to yellow, whereas Lao Tze's aura is shards of yellow. If either appears in physical form, Lord Lanto wears a Manchurian jacket and pants. Lao Tze wears less, often pants and tank top or a martial arts outfit. Both wear their hair tied back and long; Lao Tze's is plaited/braided and he is slightly balding on top while Lord Lanto's hair is in a pony tail and he is often wearing a skull-cap. Lord Lanto's energy is soft and reserved while Lao Tze is exuberant and laughing.

Above all, Lord Lanto is a being of Wisdom.

Lord Lanto Ascended Master Painting

The graphic to the left is a print of Lord Lanto's portal painting. Feel his energy flow to you. These cards and prints are available through our store. Click here for Lord Lanto's card. His energy flows from the print 24/7. It is wonderful to have him sending his energy into a room 24/7 via the print. You may also place the card on a chakra and receive the Master’s energy directly into the chakras.

Ascended Master Lord Lanto is working with the Cosmic Master Sanam Kumara.


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