Love spray


Love spray is to help those 

  • who want to increase Love in their lives
  • who want to be open to giving and receiving Love
  • who want to improve relationships
  • who want to love themselves unconditionally
  • who want to improve their healing abilities

This spray was created by the Ascended Masters in the Ascended Masters' portal here in New Zealand.

Use twice daily in the aura to create change, not just periodically.




"As a result of the spray, my relationships are improving. It definitely increases love - both for others and self-love, which itself is a healing experience."  -  Canada

"My relationship with my husband, which is my most challenging relationship by far, has been lighter and harmonious. Always a plus and I put that down to the spray. I definitely think the spray has opened me up to receiving self love and love from others, but also increased my ability and desire to give and spread love to everyone and thing I come in contact with."  -  New Zealand

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2 Reviews

J 21st Apr 2021

The Love Spray helped me find love

Before using the love spray I found it very hard to open up in romantic relationships, and would usually attract someone who "didn't want a relationship." After finishing the bottle of the love spray I found I was able to attract several men with a very open heart who wanted true love and wanted that with me, who valued me as a person and effort into treating me kindly. I also found it easier to feel romantic love and open my heart, as well as open my heart up to love in general to and from God, the universe, and other people, becoming more accepting and unified with the spirit of love even towards those very different from me or who used to "trigger me" into feeling annoyed and separate from them. I can also have better boundaries with my communication, and know when and how to have loving communication that leads to connection whereas before it could escalate easily into something negative and disconnecting. I found this enabled me to feel confident in my true hearts desires as to what I wanted to experience in a relationship and the love I receive.

Andrew 7th Feb 2020

Love the Love Spray!

I love all of the sprays I have been blessed to use, though this Love one is probably my favourite. The effects were always immediate - a heart-opening wave of bliss and love. Over time using it has culminated in more easily sending love to others and also to myself (self-love). And sending love is a very healing energy, so I feel it also deepens ones healing ability. Love truly is a panacea. Highly recommended!

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