nobu.jpgNobu is a First Ray Ascended Master. He has passed the seventh initiation.

Nobu is a Master of the First Ray, the masculine ray of Divine Will and Power. He often identifies himself with dark royal blue flashes to announce his presence. He is a Japanese Tai Chi master and may appear in white martial arts clothing with a royal blue belt at his waist, bare feet, and slightly untamed short black hair. His aura is First Ray pale blue leading to a mid-blue band then an emerald green band (Fifth Ray) with ruby edge (Sixth Ray). He is quiet and focussed, but he has a twinkle in his green eye and can be quite delighted and playful when his messages land in our understanding.

The meaning of Nobu is trust. He is a Master of great personal power. He works with those wishing to step into their own power and truth. He says that knowing your truth from the heart leads to personal power, a sacred place of living your purpose and engaging Divine will. He helps you to find your power within rather than power over others. He teaches that if you trust in in Divine Will, resolutions will come in the most magical of ways.



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