All articles are written by Verna Maruata.

It seems time to talk about Protection grids. It is one of those topics that brings in weekly questions, mostly from those who are clairsentient and can feel energy or know people who can see entities. Entities are not a topic many people want to read about. It's the mucky side, the dark side, and for many, it’s something they just don't want to know about.

I was never one of these, as from the age of three I could see soul eaters. No child wants to witness the dark side and know their fears are alive and exist - not under the bed, but in the world we live in. I wish the protection grids were around when I was three!

When we started to help the Masters in their project to bring their portal down to this reality, we were under constant attack from the dark side and psychic attack from people. Waireti was especially targeted, as she hadn't had the years of battle with the dark side that I had. So, we asked the Masters for some type of protection that meant our energy could be focused on them and their work and not on the constant attacks and battles that surrounded us.

The result was the protection grid. We were the test subjects. Because Waireti can see all, she could see how the grids were created by the Masters and how they worked on a visual level. What a relief to know the attacks were outside of the grid, and we were sitting nice and cozy within the grid. We could still feel the attack occurring, we could hear it and see it, but the energy was not getting through the grid. There was no harm, just safety.

Over the years, we have watched and learned about entities and the Masters’ grids, and so here I share our knowledge with you.
There are two reasons the Masters create protection grids – entities and psychic attack. Both come from the dark side.

Entities are not just some random visitor from across the veil. Entities exist around us in staggering numbers. If there are 7 billion people on the planet, we can then say there are 28 billion entities as a rough guesstimate, and the number continues to grow as the veil between worlds sees more doorways forming. There are many types of entities from base feeders to demons. For the most part, they are just feeders, draining humanity’s energy. Then there are those that influence to be fed, like those that feed off an addiction, be it drugs, gambling, eating, drinking, smoking. Then there are those that feed off emotions and influence to maintain their food supply - depression, anger, fear. Imagine the co-dependent feeding that will be occurring in some households. And then there are the entities that feed off human destruction - war entities that ensure death and destruction.

Entities are around all the time. They invade our homes, our sidewalks, our malls, universities, hospitals, they are everywhere. Where there are people, there are entities. So, when someone says you have an entity around you, don’t go into a panic attack and take it personally. They are everywhere. We are energy food for entities. They feed on humanity. If you are feeling tired, irritable, angry, grumpy, depressed, can't sleep - it is most likely an entity feeding off your energy. Three in every four people have entities attached to them. It used to be less, but as the veil falls, the numbers grow. Most people have more than two entities attached to them. We see babies with entities. Do not think they will stay away because you are of the Light. Their mission is to dim the Light. If you shine bright, then you are a target for attack. You are not perfect, no one is. It is the negative within all of us that draws them close.

We thank the Masters daily for creating protection grids that give us a bit of breathing space and for creating a barrier that stops us from being food.

The grid does not remove anyone’s ability to ‘feel’ energy. So, if you feel an entity around, then you know your clairsentience gift is working, and at least you know you are safe within the grid. Having a grid doesn’t mean entities won’t be around you, that is just naïve, nor will you be without awareness. The grid does not prevent those with clairaudience abilities from hearing entities either. The Masters aren’t going to energetically blindfold or deafen you so you can imagine entities don’t exist anymore. The Masters want you in your power, aware, and alert.

When the grid is constructed by the Ascended Masters, you are bought energetically into the Ascended Masters’ portal. The Masters remove any entities that are attached to you, and they repair holes in the aura which are a doorway into you for entities. And then they create a personalised protection grid. The grid sits outside the astral body and acts as a force-field. The protection grids have energy running through them.

There is no way the protection grid can be compromised. The Masters are not going to let the dark side penetrate their creation of Light. To say a grid is compromised is to say the dark won over the Ascended Masters’ Light. The grids are personalised to the energy of the person. Know in your heart you are safe, cocooned in the warm light of the Masters while the dark storm battles on around you.

The Masters will remove the grid though if it is being misused. This grid is for Light workers and those of the Light. If a person with this grid were to, through their own free will, engage with the dark side on friendly terms, or were to invite a connection with the dark side, the grid will cease to exist. The grid is only for Light workers and those of the Light and their battle against the dark side. The Masters will not be part of a consensual association with the dark side, nor will they allow the misuse of the tools they create. Meaning, you can’t go and play on the dark side and think the grid will keep you safe.

The second reason the Masters create the protection grids is as a protection against psychic attacks. These attacks come from a person who wishes to cause you harm on an energetic level. This person is working with their dark aspect. The grid will catch the attack and send it back to the sender, so in effect, they are attacking themselves.

As a measure against abuse, the protection grid also stops negative energy attacks from you as well (not that you would.) So, if you are consciously sending energy charged negative attacks to another with the intention of harm, the grid will catch them and return them to you. So, you are attacking yourself. This personal attack can manifest in a rushing to the toilet or even vomiting. The body is ridding itself of your own negative energy. This is not negative thoughts; we all have those, and the Masters account for our humanity and the darkness that resides in all of us. The grid is for external battles, not the battles that rage within ourselves.

Waireti would like it noted that she sees the grid being created and draws it during the creation process so you can know what your grid looks like. But once the grid is complete, it disappears like a force field. She can see its existence by the energy byplay around it just like a force field.

The Masters create protection grids for children too. The great part about this is the Masters go into the future and create the grid on the adult and then bring the grid back into the present, so as the child grows, the grid is perpetually upgrading.

So, remember entities are everywhere. Think of yourself walking through a crowd. The grid won't stop you from feeling, seeing, or hearing entities, it will stop them from attaching to you and feeding off you, influencing your thoughts and actions. The grid returns to sender the negative energy sent to you so you won't be harmed.

Once you have a grid, if someone says you have entities around you, you will know they are external to the grid, not within the grid.

We sometimes get emails from people saying, “I saw a healer and they say I have an entity, but I have a grid, how is that possible?“ In reality, it is the healers’ own entities they sense. When healing, the healers’ entity becomes more active as they sense they have the chance to feed off two people at once. The grid rejects them, and they then become even more active trying to figure out what is going on, and this is what the healer picks up. Of course, the healer believes it is all about the client and nothing to do with them. All healers need grids to protect themselves from those clients who do have entities. Healers have access to wonderful issues for entities to feed off.

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