The Sacred Heart and Holy Heart are two sacred places that lie within you, just behind the heart chakra. These are temples to the Higher Self that lie within us all. They are also the gateway to higher initiations. The Sacred Heart and Holy Heart both exist within the energetic system of the person’s body. They are connected to the energetic and multidimensional system of their personal Higher Self beyond time and place.

The Sacred Heart is the first temple. It is the anti-chamber to the Holy Heart. The Sacred Heart can be found at any initiation for those who seek the path of ascension. It is usually utilised most after the 4th initiation, when the push to leave the cycle of rebirth becomes more pressing. It is here you can meditate, ask questions of Higher Self, work through your own issues, and clear your own dross. It is also where the Sacred Crystal resides. This crystal plays a part in the Sixth initiation.

The Holy Heart is the Holy of Holies within us all. We can only enter here when Higher Self deems us worthy. This is the inner sanctum where the Higher Self dwells when the Higher Self comes within your form. This is the place of devotion to Higher Self, for Higher Self is your creator and your personal god or goddess within. The Holy Heart is also the doorway to the higher realms beyond.

We are always practical here. Your question now is likely, “How do I find the Sacred Heart?” We outline the pathway to the Sacred Heart in the free Torus Technique article found here. If you find this too hard try this simple technique. Send love to someone you love. Your love originates in the Sacred Heart. In meditation go to the source of your love and you have found the Sacred Heart.

The Holy Heart lies beyond the Sacred Heart and can only be accessed via the Sacred Heart when Higher Self deems you are ready, usually after the 4th initiation, though some might not find the Holy Heart until after the 6th initiation. Entry to the Holy Heart depends on your level of devotion to Higher Self and your humility. The Holy Heart is the place where your Higher Self's love is sent to you. To find the Holy Heart within you, feel and follow the love of your Higher Self.

For those of you seeking your Higher Self, the true Higher Self is not found external to you like guides and the Ascended Masters, the path is via the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart. It is a unique and personal route just for you.