Seconds - Healing Shawls


These shawls offer the full healing benefits you seek, with a touch of individuality. Each one may have a slight imperfection in the thread, color, or a small mark. These flaws are very minor and often hard to notice.

Each shawl is selected for you with care, and with guidance from the Ascended Masters, we strive to align the shawl with your unique energy. 

Due to their unique nature, these shawls are not returnable.



“This shawl has become a staple for me; it not only alleviates my migraine attacks but also provides relief for my hip and knee pain. I simply can’t get enough of it!” New Zealand

“Since the first minute I laid the healing throw on me, I became addicted to it. It felt like being embraced in the arms of the most loving mother, a return to the womb. I now meditate with it and sleep with it every night. I feel so good and peaceful with it.” - Germany 

“I used the shawl as a blanket over me when I went to bed , well you wouldn't believe it but in the morning I could of ran around the block.” – New Zealand

“I feel better for using the healing shawl. I sleep with it now and have bought another for day use.” – United States

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John 9th Apr 2024

I wish this was my first purchase.

I could not find any flaws. The shawl was matched to my energy and feels wonderful. Feels like a warm hug. I wish this was my first purchase.

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