Wounded Child distant healing


The wounded child exists within all of us. 

This session is for you from birth to the day before your 14th birthday.

In this distant healing session the Ascended Master Marua supported by four Ascended Masters and an Archangel, will take you into his healing temple, there they travel back in time to your birth. Then week by week to the day before you were 14, Marua will heal and clear all the blockages and issues he encounters. You will receive past life healing for any traumas he encounters. Verna will be the physical anchor and link between you both. She will monitor the session for about 15 minutes and then she stands back and Marua continues with the Masters. The session can be two hours long. 

This is not a channeled session, Verna creates a direct link between Master and recipient.


Verna’s summary of this healing for my daughter was incredible. To know that Verna and Marua have blessed her with healing is invaluable. My daughter was light and happy the day after receiving the healing.  The energy shift is real. I can’t wait to see how her life unfolds free of these ties that were affecting her.  Every person on the planet could benefit from this healing.  Thank You!   -Sheila, US

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SYLVIA 27th Dec 2023

wounded child healing

Finally Peace and Serenity have entered my Life what feels to be permanent. During the session I had lucidity at times and saw myself in a vast Cathedral with open sides and an Altar to my right sitting on a pew observing different Masters walking down the isle and steps towards the West door, the direction of letting go and death of the old... The colours of their garments were bright red and white ( appearing as a man) and a woman in purple and gold... magnificent colours! As i woke I heard Verna speak to me. "It is finished. All is well." It took 5-7 days to truly integrate everything, and every day since gets better. More balance and self-respect, awareness of changes and more ease in meditation. Less tired and not needing rest during the day. Traumas I knew I carried are resolved and integrated. Thank you Verna, Marua with his beautiful gentle energy and Archangel Gabriel who appeared to me previously in meditation giving me the diamond ring of fire to burn away the dross from my life... I feel totally blessed and honoured by the Cosmic Beings, Archangels and devoted Human Beings who helped with the healing....

Craig Boughton 31st Jan 2023

Wounded child healings

The wounded child healing has bought amazing results for me... I have felt like my focus was always being dragged back into the past by some unknown trauma. Since the wounded child session I feel much lighter and clearer and the weight that was holding me back has just vanished... I finally feel ready to move forward with my life...

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