Astral Body clearing crystal


For those who have previously had an astral body healing, we know you will love this crystal, as it will maintain the clarity of the astral body. There is no need to then order another astral body clearing in a couple of years. The astral crystal will keep your astral body clear for the rest of your life. 

The crystal will differ from those shown. Waireti will choose a crystal that is best suited to your vibration. She then will present the crystal to the Masters in their portal here in New Zealand for them to attune the crystal to your personal vibration. This crystal will only work for you. 

Once you place your order, send us a photo of yourself using our contact form. The photo should be a full length, recent photograph of you with just you in it.


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WJ 30th Aug 2023

Astral clearing crystal

Beautifully supportive, the crystal assist in having a deep rejuvenating purifying sleep each night such that when you wake up in the morning, you feel refresh and sometimes with Aha awareness. Lovely this is! Thank you alphaimaging for coming up with this astral body clearing crystal mechanism to aid us in our ascension journey.

John 25th Sep 2022

Astral Body Clearing Crystal

If you are wondering about purchasing this crystal do yourself a favor and do it. I LOVE mine and wish I had done it months ago. If your not sure if this is for you try out the healing service. If you like how you feel the next day then you will know this crystal is for you. The crystal itself is a quartz sphere and feels heavy/sturdy and includes a stand. Give this product 5 stars and would purchase again.

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