Astral Body clearing crystal


The astral body is clogged for most people. 

Our astral body is really our dumping ground. Every time we have a creative thought, good or bad, it is stored in the astral. Every time we enter the astral plane, the memory of that visit is left in the astral body. All these visits and creations are like little bits of grit that float around the body, some big, some small. 

The Ascended Masters give an 
astral body clearing healing, but this needs to be repeated every year as the grit continues to accumulate. We weren't happy with this and asked the Ascended Masters if there was a way for the astral body to be kept clear. They presented Waireti with the concept of an Astral body clearing crystal to be placed by the bed to clear the astral body as you sleep. After several months of trials with 100% success, we are happy to offer this amazing tool for clearing the Astral body.

When the astral body is cleared, you will feel clearer, lighter and happier. You will have more energy too. 

For those who have previously had an astral body healing, we know you will love this crystal as it will keep the astral body clear. For those of you who haven't had an astral body clearing before, the crystal will take about 6 months to clear your astral body 100%, and then it will maintain this clarity. So, some people like to order the astral healing to first clear the body and then the crystal to maintain. 

The crystal will differ from those shown. Waireti will choose a crystal that is best suited to your vibration. She then will present the crystal to the Masters in their portal here in New Zealand for them to attune the crystal to your personal vibration. This crystal will only work for you. 

Once you place your order, send us a photo of yourself using our contact form. The photo should be a full length, recent photograph of you with just you in it.


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