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The Astral body is an interesting body and one we tend to ignore on our path to ascension. 

Our astral body is really our dumping ground. Every time we have a creative thought, good or bad, it is stored in the astral. Every time we enter the astral plane, the memory of that visit is left in the astral body. Drugs, legal and illegal, leave grit in the astral. All these visits and creations create little bits of grit that float around the astral body, some big, some small, till eventually the body is clogged.

When this body is cleared, you will feel clearer, lighter and happier. More energy too. 

Who needs astral clearing? If you visit the astral a lot, if you are psychic, if you meditate, if you live in a part of the world where the astral plane is close (like New York), if you are a negative thinker, if you are creative, if you are a dreamer, if you are ungrounded, if you get depressed, if you do drugs, if you have had entities...if you are any one of these things, then this is probably necessary. Autistic children and autistic adults also spend a lot of time on the astral plane, so they definitely need clearing. 

Four Masters will step forward to conduct this clearing and healing. The Masters change with each person and session. These distant healing sessions occur in the high vibration of the Ascended Masters' portal and last about 60 minutes long. These healings will be initiated in the Ascended Masters portal by either Verna Maruata or Waireti.

After your purchase of this service, send a full length, recent photo of yourself using our Contact page. We ask for recent photos facing the camera with space above the head and below the feet. 

We suggest the astral healing be repeated once a year. We also have an astral clearing crystal available which will clear the astral body daily and keep the astral body perpetually clear. Here is the link for this option. 

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Kate M 3rd Sep 2021

astral body clearing

I had the most profound healing where I was honoure to have Kuthumi, John the Baptist Serapis Bay Kuan Yin, Archangel Michael and Green Tara step forward to assist me. Immediately afterwards I felt noticeably lighter and in the days that followed much more positive , clear and joyful. I would highly recommend these healings - a true blessing XXX

Robert Gauthier 30th Mar 2021

Astral Body Healing

I highly recommend the Astral body healing...asking the help of Verna Maruata and Waireti was probably the best decision I made so far. Thanks for introducing me to the Ascended Masters. Thanks to the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels for all their help and guidance in living a fulfilling life with more love and light than ever before. Blessings for everyone!

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