A Clearing Technique

Here we are in June. It’s a freezing day in New Zealand. The crab apples are bright red on the tree, the wild rabbits are hopping over the frost covered lawn, and the dogs are asleep in front of the fire. The Masters are close, guiding me as I sit to write this newsletter. I am reminded they are here to help humanity with ascension. This has always been, it isn’t a new purpose. An ever-changing group of Masters have stood beside you, life after life.

The wonderful thing about ascension is that if you don’t ascend in this life, there is always the next life and the next. That’s what we have all been doing for thousands of lifetimes – birth, life, death, birth, life- in a continuously repeating cycle. If you are reading this, we can assume you’ve had at least 12,000 lives, but probably a lot more. That’s a lot of lives to have on repeat.

So, what is ascension? Ascension is a process. It is the movement away from our own darkness and into our own light.

How does ascension happen? When does it happen? How can we stop the cycle of reincarnation? For those answers, read at my article on ascension. The first step to ascension is understanding the mechanics of it and what you can do to help yourself reach this milestone. As the Masters say “Your Path, Your Power, Your Ascension.”

Clearing Technique

The Masters gave me a light bulb moment yesterday. I’m one of those people who has suppressed and locked away all my pain and hurt from the time I was a child. The big things I’ve dealt with, but the thousands of hurts that were never dealt with remained hidden away within me. The Masters suggested I go into meditation in front of the Violet Flame candle (this candle was created by St. Germain in the Ascended Masters portal). Once in a meditative state, the Masters suggested I open all the doors that keep all my hurt and pain locked away. I allowed the pain to come forward and accepted the Violet Flame to transmute it. As I did this, I felt the Flame radiate towards me and then pull from me what needed to go. There was no story, just release. Seven doors were opened during the process and transmutation occurred. I feel like a burden has been removed. A quick and easy way to remove what needed to go.

The Masters suggest this can be done with fears as well. Maybe give it a go. Here is a link to the Violet Flame candle. 

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