Violet Flame Candle


This Candle was infused with the Violet Flame by St Germain in the Ascended Masters portal.

Burn for 5 minutes to clear a room and everyone in it. The Violet Flame energy will draw the negative energy towards itself and transmute it. 

This is powerful. 

Slight scent.


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Neil 26th May 2024

Love the Violet Flame Candel!

This candle is amazing for clearing energy in a room and for oneself as well. It is simple, easy and compact to carry and use and it is wonderful that it affects everyone in the room as well. I start to feel the benefits and clearer in just a few mins. Very cost effective as well, which is my favorite part.

Nadine 21st May 2024


I absolutely love this Violet Flame candle! It's so incredible. Whenever I light it, the room instantly feels cooler and fresher. It's such a breath of fresh air! I always make sure to light it before meditation and after a long day at work.

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