Masters suggest a mission for you


2024, here we go again.

The Masters suggest a mission aka a service.

At the start of the year, I gave myself a week to sit in meditation, stand in the Ascended Masters portal, talk to the Masters, and generally see what the way forward was for the year ahead. They suggested a few service projects I might like to do with Higher initiates in service to humanity, they gave their blessings on new ventures, and they suggested a service for those of you on my newsletter list.

I am guessing most of you are lightworkers, maybe have a desire to help humanity, or just want to ascend. The Masters see all of you and know who you are. Can you do this service they suggest? Yes, most definitely. Do you want to? That is up to your freewill.

The Masters look at humanity with love, and they ask you do this too. They ask for five minutes a day, can you sit quietly, perhaps in meditation, and bring those people you don’t like, or a group of people that annoy you to the fore, and send them love.

If you just said, how do I do that? it is simple. Think of someone you love. Bring that love for them to the fore, so you feel it. That love you are feeling originated in your Sacred Heart. Feel the love and follow it back to its source in the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart is a sacred place within you. Feel that love again and send it to a person, or group you don’t like, are annoyed with, or who get under your skin. It may be one person, it may be a group of thousands, don’t worry about numbers, just see your love reaching them all. When you are finished, then bring your love around yourself, because you are the person most worthy or your love. If you feel like it, maybe this is a service you can perform daily. The more love we can send into the world, a better place it will be. The more love we give unconditionally to ourselves, the happier we are.

As you read this the Masters love is coming to you.

Imp Clearing

I am happy to announce a new service with Brad Panopoulos, from Blue Fire Alchemy, the Masters Marua, Alexander, and a High Faerie – Imp Clearing. The Masters and High Faery are helping with the return of Imps to the Faery Kingdom, where they normally reside. Imps are mischievous beings that create havoc and chaos in our reality. They aren’t dark, it is just havoc is their happy place.

  • Does your life have unexplained conflict or arguments?
  • Are you experiencing irritability?
  • Emotional ups and downs?
  • Are you triggered easily?
  • Does life just seem hard?
  • Are you experiencing unexplained disappearance of possessions,
  • Are there unexplained noises, or footsteps.
  • Is electricity disrupted or are you having electronic issues?
  • Does it feel like the universe is against you?

Then it maybe you need a session with us. In the session the Masters will remove Imps from around you, and your environment (home, apartment building, or office). This session can be for a person and home, family (maximum 5 people), friends’ group (maximum 3 people and environment), person and office, person and apartment building… and more! We are happy to discuss your needs.

Blessings on your year ahead.