Life healing with Marua, Ganesh, Krishna & Archangel Uriel - 5 sessions


Marua is joined by the Cosmic Masters Ganesh and Krishna, and Archangel Uriel for this comprehensive healing.

Marua sees you in a new and unique way. He see's the source of your actions, the source your feelings, the source your thoughts, and then he sees how actions, feelings and thoughts interact with the physical body. For most people he see's knots and tangles and imbalance. This healing unravels everything and brings the whole into balance, so the person acts, feels and thinks in balance and harmony with their true and perfect path and this in turn helps their physical body. 

This is a complex healing and it needs to occur in 5 sessions. The first two sessions are approximately 60 minutes and the last three sessions are approximately 30 minutes.

This is not a channeled session, Verna will create a heart link between you and the Masters in their healing temple and hold you in the healing temple for the session. 

Pre-requirements for this session is the Ascended Masters protection grid. In that session the Masters remove entities, repair the aura and erect a protection grid. This ensures that Marua, Ganesh and Krishna are dealing only with what is occurring within you, not too you. 

Who might benefit from this session ? 

For children and adults - They might have behavioural issues, or be coping with loss and change. Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues. Any issue where mind, feelings, actions, body and soul aren't in harmony. 


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