Protection grid expansion from the Archangels


The seven Archangels - Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Amethyst have stepped forward to give another layer of protection to your current protection grid created by the Ascended Masters.

The protection grid from the Ascended Masters is to remove entities, repair your aura and create a grid that protects you from entities attaching to feed off your aura and influence you via this connection. It also protects you from psychic attack from people who wish you energetic harm.

This additional protection from the Archangels is their contribution to help protect you from external unknown forces from the astral plane and universal negative forces that exert negative influence towards the planet and the people on it. In the session they will also extract anything negative absorbed into your energy field.

The Archangels grid sits beyond the Masters protection grid and looks like a light filled weave of multi-colour threads. Each if the Archangels contribute one of the colours each.

The Archangels grid does not protect you from people and objects in physical.

Beside protection the benefits are clarity in energy, thought and understanding and a clearer connection with guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels and your Higher Self. There can be a sense of upliftment. Your gifts may be clearer too. 

This session occurs in the Ascended Masters portal. It is a distant session. Either Verna Maru-ata or Waireti will bring you energetically into the portal for the session.

Once the grids are created (usually within 72 hours of the order), you will be emailed. 

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4 Reviews

Cristina 1st Oct 2021

A blessing and a gift for humanity

I had already had the first grid done, and I asked for the upgrade. I could feel the difference the next day after the grid was done, early in the morning, even if I was not yet aware that the session was finished. My mind was much cleared and peaceful, my awareness became stronger, and I started understanding easier various energies around me. I became more centered and grounded. Also, my communication in Akashic records flows much easier and smoothly. Gratitude and thanks to all who made possible this protection!

Khylie 1st Oct 2021

Protection grid-AA

After the grid went up I had two days of headaches and felt like a cold brewing but it never came. Wow I feel different now. I feel utter connection. I’ve always been happy go lucky girl but lately I felt heavy and dense. Do you know that feeling you get after a beautiful yoga session when you just feel alive with joy in your heart. I feel like that. It’s exquisite. My heart just feels alive with love it’s such a buzz. I had an interaction yesterday whereby someone I’ve known for years was stood right in front of me and blanked me. In the past I would have been upset but i just felt love for her and said goodbye. It was perfect. I can take this feeling it’s beautiful wow. You are wonderful thank you so much for facilitating this I feel alive

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