Loving Self healing


Loving ourselves can be hard. We know ourselves. We know what we've done, said and thought. We know our secrets. We have baggage. It can be easier to love others than ourselves. We can be hardest on Self. 

Do you have compassion for yourself? Do you forgive yourself? Do you treat yourself with kindness and respect? Most of us don't. 

Do you have issues with your Solar Plexus? Is it out of alignment? 

The Masters Marua and Nylah are twin flames. They understand love. In this healing session that will stand on either side of you and clear the blockages and the patterns that limit your love of self. They will look at your past lives and clear this perpetuated pattern. They will break down your self-created barriers. This session will lead you to a caring, compassionate and forgiving relationship with self that will gradually lead to self love.

You may need more than one session. But this is a start.

The session is 60 minutes. It is a distant healing session. 

This is not a channeled session, Verna and Waireti will create a heart link between you, Marua, and Nylah. The Masters will then bring you into their healing temple for the session. 



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