Violet Flame Oil


The Violet Flame oil transmutes the cause, effect, record and memory of all negative vibration held in the chakras and cells. Violet Flame oil raises vibration.

This powerful and pure oil is brought to you from the source of The Violet Flame by Ascended Master St. Germain, Ascended Master Ra-mun, with the Masters of the Violet Flame, Archangels, Angels and Devas of the Violet Flame, and manifested within the portal of the Ascended Masters.

How is this Violet Flame oil different to the Violet Flame you can manifest around yourself?  We can manifest the flame to the level of our own ascension, and in this oil, the Masters have manifested the Violet flame to the level of their ascension. Also, because it is in oil, it is now present in this dimension and can work in the physical on your physical body and cells.

This oil is powerful. We suggest you continue to use this oil daily until you reach the 5th initiation. The use of this oil will accelerate the Ascension process.

Rub on to major and minor chakras. 

15ml bottle.

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5 Reviews

Neil 26th May 2024

Amazing Karma burner!

The violet flame is a wonderful oil that helps karma payment, and removes blockages. It makes this effortless, instead of having to do the violet flame meditation and it is much more powerful. I love this and use this daily, to start my day! Thank you for such an amazing oil that helps me in upgrading my body, mind and spirit! I use this everyday, religiously!

Sarah N. 14th Oct 2023

Bringing a lot to the surface

Wow, just wow! Been using this oil now for 4 days and am already able to give a feedback! Like it is described I use it to adjust slowly on the energy of the oil on one chakra after another. The effect is phenomenal. Depending on the chakra I rub it on I have the most vivid dreams I ever had. And while dreaming it is clearing topics I didn’t think about anymore. This oil is indeed an absolute powerful tool. And I’m so grateful for this help! Thank you!!

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