Anger Healing - Ascended Masters and Waireti - distant


Anger is a common emotion to rise up as part of the ascension process. This is often ancestral, past life, and current life anger all combining for healing. 

Four Masters will step forward with Waireti to facilitate your anger healing session.

This distant healing session occurs in the high vibration of the Ascended Masters’ portal. Waireti will bring you energetically into the Ascended Masters’ portal for this 30-minute session with the Masters.

When you order your session, send us a recent photo via our contact form.

Waireti will email you back with a suggested day and time for the session.

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Melanie 7th Nov 2023

Anger release is a beautiful gift to your self

I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am looking forward to moving in the world, without this anger, for the first time! This is amazing!

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