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To order this session you must have had the astral and mental body session previously, preferably in the last year.

The emotional body is the 3rd body in your auric field and reflects your emotions via colour and vibration. It is the body that is constantly changing in colour and vibration. The emotional body holds onto dross created by our emotions -grief, hurt, anger, for example. This dross can then solidify into unmovable blockages that prevents rhythmic flow of the energy field. It is these blockages that can cause illness, attract entities and prevent change.

this healing, the Masters will clear the dross from this field, remove the blockages and bring your emotional body into a state of health and balance.

St. Germain will lead each session, as he is a Master of Change and Transmutation. He will be joined by two or three other Masters who will change with each session.

These distant healing sessions occur in the high vibration of the Ascended Masters' portal and are about 60 minutes long. This healing will be initiated in the Ascended Masters' portal by either Verna Maruata or Waireti.

After your purchase of this service, send a full length recent photo of yourself using our Contact page. We ask for recent photos facing the camera with space above the head and below the feet.  

The emotional body continually changes and dross will continue to accumulate, so you may need a clearing once every year or so. If you are ordering the Mental body clearing as well, the Masters ask the Mental body clearing always be first.



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Kelly MacNeill 7th Jul 2021

Wonderful Healings.

So So pleased to have found you! I think I stumbled upon you quite a long time ago when we were still in the UK but I obviously was not ready at that time. I am so pleased that I trusted and took the plunge with Distant Healing. I have been blessed with some awesome gifts and since arriving in NZ have just been driven to take better care of myself energetically especially feeling, so, well, evolved I guess... The first thing I did was to get a Protection Grid as I work daily in a healing capacity. This was the clincher. I could feel and see EVERYTHING going on throughout the healing and the different people and beings present. Soooo Beautiful. Once Verna emailed the details confirming what I had seen and felt - I was hooked. Next, a Past Life Healing - I could feel strands being pulled from the back of my head - then a cork popping sensation - and instantly I knew I would be able to do Distant Healings myself - It had been a bugbear of mine that I could not do these even though I had such a range of awesome gifts (youth/ego) - I had gotten over it over the years though and had come to accept that it was just something that I couldn't do - that gift was not mine. Boy am I stoked - I guess I must have made a previous vow or contract not to carry them out which was rescinded in the Past Life Healing. Absolute Joy. I have been having so much fun. Then - the Astral Body - this really left me feeling so much lighter. I have had an exciting life and I guess much was stashed here. With this healing and the Mental Body healing that followed - repetitive thought patterns with regards to certain people and past behaviours - just dropped away. These are things I have been working through for years. So much clarity! And today, I have had an Emotional Body Healing - which I've actually felt a little reluctant to do - I knew it was mucky and Verna confirmed that is was chocka blocked. As soon as it was finished - the whole world looked brighter. Especially my painting in my front room. I will see how I go in the coming days. Since the Mental Body Healing I have often been on the verge of tears and I expect this will have cleared. I'll let you know.....I cannot thank Verna and Waireti enough. It is so wonderful to know the support is there for us folks who work in this way and are looking to Ascend. Arohanui. xxx

Odell Golomb 10th Dec 2020

Emotional body healing review

It took me few days to realize how much benefit I received from this beautiful healing session I noticed that I became much more friendly, showing my love to others and less protective of my self while doing that I also noticed more control over tears that use to appear too often, that's very good news for me... I feel clean and new like sunshine after rain Thank you so much Verna and ascended masters

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