maru-ata2.jpgMarua is a Second Ray Ascended Master. 

Marua has passed the 9th initiation. This is his last earth initiation. As he has ascended, his name has changed in keeping with his lighter vibration. His actual name has no words; it is light, colour, sound, and symbols. If Marua appears to you in meditation, you will see a man of about 5’10”. His hair is light to mid-brown, long to the neck, and his eyes are brown. He has high cheekbones and a firm jaw. His nose has an unusual square tip. Sometimes he wears a white T-shirt with the Sacred Heart image on it, and loose sand coloured pants. Or alternately he has taken to wearing a hooded deep brown monk’s robe, with a Sacred Heart image on the chest. He always has bare feet. If he were to appear to you in energetic form, his aura has a pale yellow centre leading into pale pink and a copper pink at the rim.

As a Second Ray Master, he is on the ray of wisdom and joy. He has a pink sub-ray of unconditional love and ascension through self-expression and the arts. He also has a green Fifth Ray sub-ray. This is the ray of knowledge and healing. He is a complex master. He is steadfast and strong. He has deep love and compassion for humanity. This comes through in his gentle loving smile. He gives comfort and support, though always helping others to step forward in their power, and to be their authentic self. Being on the Second Ray he can be joyful and funny. But at the heart of all of this he is a warrior. He sometimes carries a sword, contained in a pale gold scabbard with silver symbols.

The battle of light and dark occurs within all of us. He will help you with your own inner battles. He has five healing sessions available on this website - Life healing,  Imp clearing and the wounded series Wounded Child, Wounded Teen and Wounded Adult. He walks with many young souls as one of the Masters in their Five Ray team.



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