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2nd January 2013

Here we are, back into the full swing of the Ascended Masters’ portal and work. Did I get to laze under the apple tree with my book on my week off? No. Rain, rain, and more rain. Ha-ha, of course. Thank you all for your emails of well-wishing. 

Blessings to all for 2013.

The new year was heralded first with 33 Ascended Masters (there is that number again) appearing in the portal to do energy work for a day. 

The next day an angel appeared in the portal and sounded his harp/horn, putting out a call. Eighteen male Ascended Masters appeared. They all worked together over many hours to create an enormous protection grid. The grid was trillions of symbols all linking together. The Masters sat (like in a tatting circle) and created this grid of energy, all working as One. The grid was all silver when complete, yet the energy emanating from it looked like a mixture of all colours - like every cell was a different colour, so it all made one different colour that we can't quite name, but we knew it was every colour. 

The only question we kept asking - who was it for? Some vast Being. Well, yes it was. The protection grid has been put in place around our planet. The Masters have gifted the planet a multi-dimensional protection grid. It is a collective gift to humanity.

The grid is multi-dimensional. It will protect the planet from the multi-dimensional negative vibrations and attacks that come our way on a planetary level. We have been given an idea of how it works. Every symbol has a unique vibration. The patterns and combinations of patterns are endless, each pattern of specific symbols creating a very specific defense.

Any negative planetary vibration from our planet that is created won't be able to leave and have an effect beyond our planetary system. 

So, we can only surmise as to why the Masters have put this protection grid in place - to protect us on a planetary level or to protect others from us - or both.

As we mentioned in the last posting, there has been a rise in the vibration of our planet. Waireti still hasn't noticed a raising of vibration in humanity, which suggests humanity is in for a rough ride. Why? The higher vibrations of the planet will shake up all those lower vibrations we have within us, making life harder for many as they unconsciously strive to raise their vibration and consciousness.


7th January 2013 

Last Wednesday’s healing day was a teacher day, so everyone was healed by their Ascended Master teacher. The portal looked like the 7 rays all mixed in together.

We have taken on new year resolutions here. Mine is to spend more time in devotion - not to external Beings, but to the Christ Light (I Am) of me. Another one is respect - respect of self, respect of body, and respect of all. These are conscious, minute by minute acts. Do we slip up? Of course. But we strive to persevere. 

El Morya is the meditation Master in the portal tomorrow, Tuesday 8th January. El Morya is my Ascension Master teacher and one close to my heart. He will link with anyone in the world in meditation tomorrow from the portal if that is your wish. Enjoy.

I was asked for some tips for Ascension and immediately knew it was a question/answer that had to be shared.

The Masters dropped these five tips into my awareness.

1. Devotion to the god within/Christ light/I am.

2. Care and attention to being the Being - via thoughts, words, and actions. We make karma every day. This conscious attention will help reduce new karma.

3. Violet Flame oil. St. Germain, Ra-mun, Omri-tas, along with the angels of the Violet Flame and the Masters of the Violet Flame manifested the flame into the physical via this oil in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Those with eyes to see will see the flame around the bottle. It is a very powerful oil and will help to clear the dross from your chakras. Ascension is raising your vibration; this oil will powerfully do that, assisting you in your ascension. Click here to read more about the Flames.

4. Every six months, get a 7 Ascended Master healing and recalibration. These have been proven to raise the vibrancy of the chakras (light within them) by 5-10% with each session. It takes about six months for the body to integrate the changes that occur. In these two-hour sessions, seven Ascended Masters (via Verna Maruata) bring you into the portal where you are laid horizontally and spun very fast for two hours. Dross flies off, and with this release, the Masters can recalibrate your energy system towards ascension. This is a wonderful healing session if you are serious about ascension.

5. Form a closer relationship with your Ascended Master teacher that is with you in connection to your soul ray. The Master is there for you. Not for you to channel, not for you to work with, but to teach you. This Master is chosen for you according to your soul ray, your soul lessons, and your soul purpose. Many people ignore their soul teacher because they don't know them, or they aren't the ones they have a heart connection with. We can have many Masters who come and teach us or walk with us for a short time, but the soul teacher is there from birth to death (except in a few rare cases when the person changes soul rays). 

So how do you form this closer relationship? Well, the Masters have made it easy for you in these times of ascension. They have created (via Verna Maruata) portal cards and prints through which their vibrations flow 24/7. Holding one of these cards against a chakra is to have the Master’s energy flow directly into you. Why is this different from their energy around you? The portal card is in the physical, as are you, and is a link between your two worlds. For those very serious about ascension, then an Ascended Master crystal portal is necessary, as this is a 100 times stronger connection than the card or print. 

Click here to read about some of the many Ascended Master teachers there are.


13th January 2013

Last Wednesday’s healing was a 5th ray day. Hilarion and Ganesh, along with the other 5th ray Masters, stood bathed in the beautiful greens of their auras, blending and swirling beautifully as a healing team.

We have been getting new teachings on the Fallen Angels, much that contradicts the common theme that fallen angels are bad.

As previously said, Mother Mary led me to the topic. I had dismissed Elizabeth Prophet’s claim that Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary were twin flames, but guidance and teachings led me back to examine this considering the information I was receiving about fallen angels. See 11th December 2012 entry for an update on where we got to in our findings.

The Masters have left us with this carrot - Mother Mary isn't the only Ascended Master who was a fallen angel. So again, with Waireti’s wonderful sight, I asked her to look at the main 22 Masters we work with. Of those 22 Masters, 12 of them were fallen angels. Here is the roll call:

Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada, Kuan Yin, Lord Lanto, Jesus, Dom Ignacio, Hilarion, Pallas Athena, Isis, Mother Mary, Serapis Bey, and St. John the Baptist.

In light of this information, I sat in the Ascended Masters’ portal and asked all 12 of them to come and talk to me about this topic. The usual scenario is, just because I want teaching doesn't mean to say I got it, but St. John was willing to share. He showed me our Mother Earth and indicated half of those living today are fallen angels. There are roughly 6 billion people in body at this moment, so roughly half of those are fallen angels. He indicated there was an initial fall to this planet, but angels continue to fall, and it hasn't stopped. Why do they fall?

He says fallen angels are a blessing to humanity, for in their fall, they bring with them the angelic qualities they possessed. They then merge with the human path, taking on the cycles of rebirth but still maintaining their angelic essence. This aspect of themselves is their gift to humanity. 

In the fall, the angel becomes impure. They have left the pure path of the angels. It is probably from this basic reality that the misconception that fallen angels are bad was born.

But with over 3 billion fallen angels, it still doesn’t explain why they fell and continue to fall. I received other information in little snippets, but none of it ties in yet. So, we wait for more teachings. Usually, they are waiting for me to know some other unrelated information that makes it all tie together, like understanding earth stars to know more about rebirth.


15th January 2013

The writings/teachings/findings on fallen angels have certainly stirred up some stories and remembrances. Thanks for sharing everyone. This latest installment was provided by Archangel Christine (archaea of the 2nd ray and twin flame of Archangel Jophiel).

Here at the Ascended Masters’ portal, we have individual crystal portals for some of the Archangels. So, I went to these portals and asked which of the Archangels would be willing to teach me on the topic of fallen angels. Archangel Christine stepped forward. Once in connection with her via her portal, she took me to an angel who was about to fall. His name was Thomas. He had dark hair, his ears were a little pointy, and his eyes a little raised at the edges.

He showed me both wings and told me he was falling alone; his twin was staying an angel. I asked why. He said while they were separated, she would always be with him and she would never forget him. Whereas if she fell too, they would forget each other until their vibrations were sufficiently raised to remember each other, and both would be alone. This way he would always have her support and love as a constant through his fall and subsequent ascension. She would fly for them both, always holding him and supporting him. 

I still can't get to the place - why fall? Thomas said freewill; to expand and become more, and to enrich their collective experience. 

And yet I, as a fallen angel and once nearing ascension, still can't accept that as enough.

That ah-ha moment hasn't arrived. 


16th January 2013

Today is healing day in the portal. The Masters who have stepped forward for this Wednesday’s session are St. John the Baptist, Thomas Merton, Melchizedek, and Osiris. A big day. Open your hearts to them and ask for healing even if you aren't on the healing list.

I have received many emails about the fallen angels, but this email touched my heart. With the sender’s permission, I am posting parts of it to share with you. This lady lives in the States.

“About two days before I read your blog (1/13), I was meditating and... I saw a feather inside me, and the light went through every shaft and feathery part. I was like, wow that was wonderful, it felt so good. Then I read your diary and we had our conversation. I was thrilled! When I meditated that night, I finally knew who I was. I felt I could finally let go of all doubt. I felt at peace and could finally kick out all judgement.

That's when I felt my right side of my heart open, such a wonderful feeling. I am a person that helps everyone, I am lucky enough not to have an outside job. I am always there for anyone in a pinch, watch their house, feed their pets, pick up kids, and would give away almost everything I make. Usually, when I make something, in the middle of it, it has someone's name and I just give it to them. I have been told I have no value of myself, or the kids are old enough and I could go get a job, but I have always felt value in what I do. As I would work on raising my vibration, I started to question myself (Who am I? Why am I here?). Maybe I'll find that right job.

Well. After knowing I am a fallen Angel, I'm going to say an Angel. I did come with that Angel essence, I am who I am and doing my job for God... Phew, it finally feels so good. Yes, we are here to experience the earthly challenges, we came with free will. I guess that there is just so much to experience, why not.” -USA

May you all find the peace within to find who you truly are, to know who you truly are, and to Be the Being you truly are.

Blessings. Namaste.


17th January 2013

Today we have two new Deva portal cards in our Free Cards to Print section, and we also introduce to you Animal Healing from Kuthumi, aka St Francis of Assisi. His portal print is here.

For several months I have been getting the need to work with the Deva of Respect and produce a portal card for the Deva. The Devas are the animating force behind all. For example, a fire couldn't be lit without the deva of fire (the Salamander) to initiate the energy exchange. We live in a Devic world. Therefore, we can work with the devas to ignite traits within ourselves that we need. 

Respect is so important. The old saying goes, ‘Respect needs to be earned’. I don't feel that is right. Respect is something we must give freely to all.  

Respect for self - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Respect for each individual on the planet, recognising they too are a divine being. Recognising they are in a physical body, bound for a life time by their karma, personality, and rays of incarnation…seeing beyond their limitation to the beautiful being they truly are. Respect for all God's creatures. Respect for the Mother Earth who sustains us and who holds our Earth Stars in her sacred keeping. You might dislike someone and feel they aren't worthy of respect, but everyone deserves respect. Everyone has a soul and a Christ Light. Look beyond their limitations to the Divine Being that is hidden within. 

When you go and have a look at the Deva portal, you will see the colours are similar to the Deva of Serenity portal (turquoise), and yet you will feel the focused strength in respect (blue) and also the reverence of the goddess (gold). Click here to look.

Also, on the same page, I have added the other new Deva portal, the Deva of Hope. This portal came as a result of a conversation about teen suicide and how there was a lack of Hope in so many lives. The colours in this portal are love (pink), turquoise (serenity, for hope brings with it a sense of peace), and then in the centre yellow (joy, for hope realised brings joy). Click here to see both new Deva portals - free for you to copy and print at 300dpi.

And that brings me to Kuthumi, who in a past life was St. Francis of Assisi. Kuthumi has for some time been asking me to initiate healing for animals with him via the website. He went so far as to get an animal whisperer to come and visit me several times to talk about animal healing. Thank you Kim, for hearing his call. Kuthumi knows my knowledge base on animal healing is zero. Kim kindly shared with me her extensive knowledge. I will still leave animal healing to her and Kuthumi, for that is their calling.

Kim tells me the foundation for animal healing lies not with the animals but with the owner. Our beautiful pets, in their unconditional love, take on the burdens of the owner, burdens that are not theirs. So Kuthumi seeks to relieve the animal and the owners of some part of their burden. The Masters always give more than what we seek - Kuthumi will also heal the animal’s past lives and heal them for their ascension. 


25th January 2013

Jesus and the 2nd ray Masters Lord Lanto, Kuthumi, and Lao Tze, plus other 2nd ray Masters were the healing team on Wednesday for the healing sessions in the portal. Jesus met me at the temple doors with such a beautiful wave of laughing, loving energy. It was like being enveloped in a warm bubbly hug. 

St. John gave me a teaching yesterday on those he stands with as teacher (those who have St. John as their soul ray teacher) and those whom he watches over, or has in his eye on the physical, emotional, mental, and personality rays. 

St. John is a Master of Balance and Meditation. Those who have St. John as their teacher are on the lightest energetic aspect of the 1st ray. Those with John view the world in a balanced way (mental body ray), act in a balanced way (physical body ray) and are balanced in their feelings (emotional body ray). This desire for balance makes them cautious. They look before they leap. They weigh up the options. They let others speak first. St. John is also the Master of meditation, for it is only in balance that we attain clear meditation. If you have trouble meditating, call on St. John.

Those of you who read this diary regularly will know about the personal protection grids the Masters devise. As we ascend and our light gets brighter, we are not only a beacon for humanity but a beacon for the dark side to take pot shots at us. We are protected while living in the portal energy field, but once we step outside, we are fair game. Yesterday I went to post the daily orders and was only 50 metres down the road when the first attack hit. The protection grid had kicked into action. With the grid, we know there is an attack when our skin gets pinprick sensations. This is an alert to say an attack is occurring. The protection grid works beautifully. It reflects the attack back to whoever sent it, so the more they attack, the more they receive back. So, in effect, they are attacking themselves. What they put out they get back instantly. It is a blessing to have this grid. Oh, and this attack came from someone in the physical, not across dimensions. So, if you are tired of petty attacks, I seriously recommend the Master’s protection grid. Waireti and I work with the Masters as they create the grid. Waireti sees the grid, so we can tell you what it looks like. No two are the same. She also reports the holes in the aura that are mended. If you are attacked, you will have holes in your aura. We haven't had a protection grid yet where there weren't holes in the aura. These holes are a way for entities to attach; the Masters remove them if there are any. And I can say the entities are getting worse. My part in the grid creation process is that I bring you into the portal across time and space and hold you there so the Masters can weave their grid and heal you. After each grid is created and the process is complete, the Masters bring feathers and dust me off, as I always manage to retain some of the client’s dross. So if you feel a protection grid is for you, click here to learn more here.


28th January 2013

When we reach the time of our ascension - when we have balanced all our karma, cleared all the dross from our chakras, laid every past life to rest, and we are in the time of our ascension when the moment is now - then we have one last duty to perform. That is to turn to Papatuanuku (our mother earth), the being who has held us in life for our countless lifetimes, providing the sustenance for our being and holding our earth star within her body, and give her thanks. And we must finally accept we will no longer walk on her warm earth. Like a child leaving home to go to distant shores, she releases us. She cuts the connection to our earth star and releases us into the hands of the Father, a task only she can perform. So, if you ever wonder if your ascension is at hand, this is the first step in the process for all.


31st January 2013

Healing day was a 7th ray day. St. Germain led the session, along with Ra-mun and Omri-tas and other 7th ray Masters.

To continue with the topic of ascension…

Once the Earth Star has been severed by Papatuanuku (Mother Earth), the new adept is surrendered into the hands of the Cosmic Father. The Father creates a new anchor, or earth star, that will temporarily hold the new adept in a physical body. The new adept now begins the union of the lower self with the Higher Self. This is a battle which can play out for many months. The Higher Self is cloaked and slowly reveals itself over the months ahead. It slowly moves the lower self from a dominant to a lesser position. The Higher Self gradually presents the lower self with all the issues and internal battles that have come up in this lifetime. As these are acknowledged and released, the Higher Self comes more to the fore. The adept slowly becomes the Being, casting aside the personality of the last lifetime and coming into their higher aspect. 

The Masters you know today are not their last life, they are their Higher Self. They are Beings of vast light.


1st February 2013

Just to clarify Ascension for some of you, when I make the statement ‘Ascension is raising our vibration and thereby our consciousness’, I mean when we raise our vibration through the clearing of our chakras, the knock-on effect is that our consciousness rises, and when our consciousness rises, we ascend. Ascension is gradual.

When the chakras are 100% light and are radiating this light at 100%, then we ascend from our earth-bound body; our karma is in balance, we have left the cycle of rebirth and don't need to return for another life, and we have passed the 5th initiation. So many of you have the possibility of ascending in this lifetime. Actively working towards ascension is a freewill choice.

When you get to this level, you know exactly who you are. You know exactly the initiations you have passed and where you are heading. This comes from your own experience. The 3rd initiation is unforgettable. In these times of higher vibration, the 3rd initiation is likely to be passed in the same lifetime as the 5th initiation for many.  

How do you know you have passed the 3rd initiation? For some, you will be taken from your body and will experience symbols in form and colour, you will be told the Initiating Master’s name (likely again in colour, sound, and form), and you will experience the rod of initiation in your heart chakra. There are likely to be other masters present. For those who don’t meditate it will pass unseen.

Dom Ignacio stands in the portal today sending his love out to those he stands with and all who open their hearts to him. He is bathed in a beautiful pink that is luminescent and sparkling like tiny rainbows, and yet it’s the softest energy. For those of you who don't know Dom Ignacio, he was Ignatius Loyola in his last life, founder of the Jesuit order, who later was made St. Ignatius. He is one of the favourites for physical body healing.

I am often asked how I make the Ascended Master oils. The oils are created by the Ascended Masters in their portal. My part is…

I prepare the base oil for the Ascended Masters to work with using a technique the Masters taught me over twenty years of training. Once the oil is prepared for the Masters, a single bottle is put into the Ascended Masters’ portal. There the Masters make the oil, moving it back and forward across dimensions, over seven days to a month. When the Ascended Masters have completed the mother bottle, I then use the technique they taught me to prepare the carrier oil for individual bottles. I can usually make about 10-20 bottles of oil a day.

So, you can see why the oils are so powerful. The Masters take their role in our ascension very seriously and work what we would call miracles to make these oils. 


7th February 2013

Healing day was a blue ray day, St. John the Baptist was the receiving Master. As I stepped into the portal with the photos of all those who are on the free healing list, he stood before me smiling, waves of welcoming love emanated from him. It was lovely to feel this energy.

For the last two years, I have facilitated ‘Healing Through Art’ workshops. These have been great, but many around the world expressed a desire to experience healing. I talked to the Masters about the possibilities of healings around the workshop topics. They have put forward this format. The healings will be distant sessions. They will last 30 minutes, and each specific topic will have four permanent Masters who heal on this topic. I've yet to set them up in the store, but here are the healings and the Masters with each. I will write up more soon on each one.

Grief Healing - Serapis Bey, Mother Mary, Melchizedek, and White Tara

Past life Healing - Melchizedek, Dom Ignacio, Jesus, and Kuan Yin

Ancestral Healing - Hilarion, Pallas Athena, Serapis Bey, and Kuan Yin

Anger Healing – St. John the Baptist, Melchizedek, Hilarion, and Jesus

Watch for these coming online next week.


11th February 2013

As I mentioned in the last diary entry, the ‘Healing Through Art’ workshops are now becoming distant healing sessions.

The first I have put up is ‘Deep and Ancient Grief’. 

As we ascend, we become more aware of the Being we are. We become aware of our past lives and our origins; these origins are angelic for some, others are memories of a distant planet, and for some, they are both. This separation from the source of their place of origin (‘Home’) lives as a deep and abiding grief. 

The Masters see this, acknowledge this, and know this grief has to be healed as part of the ascension process. Serapis Bey, Mother Mary, Melchizedek, and White Tara have stepped forward to be a permanent healing team for this ancient grief that abides in many.

The sessions are 30 minutes. You may need more than one session. If you feel this is for you, click here.


5th February 2013

Wednesday’s healing group was Hilarion, Ganesh, and the 5th ray Masters. 

I had another early morning teaching session with the Masters. Many topics came up, but one was a direction from them to put up a new healing - Perfect Path Healing. (This is no longer available, you can see the technique in this article.)

So many people are unemployed, or just feel like they can't find the way forward. Life is full of barriers, wrong turns, and poor decisions. Sometimes this is perfect and what is meant to be, but for many, it means they are off their perfect path. We all have a perfect path, a path where life is easy, relationships are good, and life generally has a positive outlook. 

Sanat Kumara gave me a technique to find the perfect path. Here is the link for you to find iton the website. But for many it’s too hard, they just want someone else to do it, or they feel they are on the perfect path, but they can't move forward.

Many are missing out on their soul purpose and those all-important connections and learnings because they can't find their way forward. 

So, the Masters have introduced Perfect Path healing. In this healing, a team of 2-5 Masters will step forward to put you on your perfect path. Then they will clear away all the dross in your aura that is preventing you from moving forward. Here is the link to the perfect path healing.


19th February 2013

We have some rare Masters in the portal today, which is lovely. Anubis, the Egyptian god of the underworld and a favourite of many, is one of them. Anubis, Eros, and Cha Ara have similar energy - young and handsome, coupled with the vibrant energy of the young.

We also have Vesta, goddess of the home, who is leading the Tuesday meditations. White Tara and Serapis Bey are also working together.

Serapis Bey has made a new crystal portal. This portal is for his energies to flow through 24/7. He has made it for a 4th ray soul, or a person with a 4th ray personality ray. This is a teaching portal. He is teaching on the lesson of the ray – Harmony.


25th February 2013

Sorry for the delay. I know some of you check in regularly to see if my next post is up. Heaps to share.

Last Wednesday’s healing day was a 3rd ray day. All of the 3rd ray Masters (Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, and Dom Ignacio) were present, plus many others, like Vesta and Ma'at to name a few. Tomorrow (Tuesday) sees Kuan Yin leading the weekly meditation worldwide. 

The Serapis Bey crystal portal from last week was snapped up. Anubis is the next portal to come along.

We now have three people who have passed the 5th initiation here at the Ascended Masters’ portal who have come off the wheel of rebirth and can call themselves Adept. An adept usually has a silver or dark blue edge to their aura. The 5th initiation is the initiation before becoming a fully-fledged Ascended Master where they get the white band around their aura. It is this white band that marks them as an Ascended Master and member of the White Brotherhood (white because of the white band). Also, technically those that pass the 6th initiation in body, are an un-ascended Master, as they are still in form.

If you have passed the 3rd initiation, then you could very well ascend in this lifetime if you so choose. The Masters tell us there will be many ascensions here at the portal. 

About three years ago, I mentioned St. Germain had said he was leaving the position of Chohan of the 7th ray. We then proceeded to forget about it when nothing happened. I've recently been asked the question, where is he going after his time as Chohan is complete and who is replacing him? I started to wonder myself. 

St. Germain is the one Master who appears to be perceptually in the portal at the moment. He is like a host to all who pass through. As people in body, we like to have order. We feel it is our right to know what the Masters are doing and who is twin flame with whom when it really isn't any of our business. So, when I asked St. Germain what’s next, I wasn't surprised when he responded, "I am but a humble servant." For that is what all the Masters are - they serve and serve with humility. To give them grand titles and positions doesn't raise them up above other Masters. I see Thomas Merton, one of the newest Masters, working here with Osiris(a very powerful being). They don't have rankings. They can have assigned tasks and responsibilities, but this doesn't set them above or below the others. This is when the concept of ‘We are One’ is demonstrated.

I asked St. Germain of his replacement. His replacement is a goddess, as these are the times of the goddess. This 7th ray goddess has not had lives in our planetary system and is not someone we know. He assures me she will be introduced to us by himself and Omri-tas. So, we wait. 


28th February 2013

Healing day yesterday began with a lovely surprise. Archangel Gabriel was in the healing temple, ready to work with the 4th ray healing Masters. He towered over everyone. The brilliance of him was so beautiful. It is rare to see an Archangel in the healing teams, so yesterday’s healing felt quite special.

The healing was led yesterday by Amen Bey, a 4th ray Master. He was also joined by Serapis Bey. 


2nd March 2013

Yesterday was one of those days when people were just rude. The Masters, always being in teaching mode, had a little surprise for me in the portal to make me realise - let it go and just Be in joy. Here in the portal, St. Germain and Jesus were skydiving. Imagine them free floating with their arms and legs splayed out just like they had jumped out of a plane, only they were about eight feet off the ground. They were so enjoying themselves. What fun. I so wanted to play too! 

If you're having a hard day, or if people are not acting in Love and Joy around you, think of something that makes you smile and dissolve the negative energy around you.

Wishing you all days of Joy.


7th March 2013

Jesus and the 2nd ray Masters were in charge of healing on Wednesday. Jesus is a Master of devotion. If he is your Master or if you have a heart connection with him, look at devotion. Devotion not to an external God, but to the divine being within you, your Christ Light (also known as I Am).


13th March 2013

It is official - we are in a state of drought. We’ve barely had any rain since the 1st of January. Our beautiful ferns are dying in the heat despite all the watering. The sun is just relentless. Add to this, Paul the Venetian (Chohan of the 3rd ray and designer/artist/master of Beauty) is going to redesign the portal gardens. It seems we were allowed to have a go, but he wants something else now. We have known change was coming for some time. So, let’s see what transpires. If you know of a spiritual gardener in the Hamilton area, have them contact me. We will need help. Or rather, we do need help.

After a question about forgiveness, Dom Ignacio stepped forward with a suggestion. When you put the forgiveness oil on your chakras, call in the Deva of Forgiveness, as she made the oil. As the oil works on your chakras, call her in and sit in meditation with her. This will certainly help speed up the process of forgiveness. Many of you think forgiveness isn't necessary for you, but it is an essential part of Ascension. Forgiveness of self - for things said and unsaid, done and not done, thought and believed, that has caused harm to yourself and others - not just in this life, but in all past lives. Also, the forgiveness of others for all the same reasons in this life and past lives. The act of forgiveness not only facilitates the act of letting go but also releases us from all those unseen chains that bind us in form and on the cycle of rebirth.

Healing day is in process. St. John the Baptist leads the healing in his beautiful, balanced way, but instead of being assisted by the 1st ray Masters, he is assisted by the 2nd ray Masters. So, it is a blue and yellow healing day in the portal.

The Masters have been teaching me much about ascension and the 5th initiation. We ascend through our chakras. The lower seven chakras are linked to our lower self and our soul. These lower seven chakras are the place where our karma is released and dross is retained. The upper hidden chakras (numbered 8 to 12) are the chakra system of our Higher Self. Until we reach a certain level of ascension, it appears these chakras lie relatively dormant and turned off. We have noted that when they are turned on, they are all different colours and differ from colour to colour with each person. They aren't a standard colour like the lower seven chakras. The only consistent colour is the 12th chakra, which we see as a brilliant, blinding gold. Another article is being written.


15th March 2013

We have had our 4th ascension here at the portal. Another person has passed the 5th initiation. 

This lady had diligently used the Ascended Master products since the Masters created them. In the last year, she has moved from 70% and 80% vibrancy (light) in her chakras to the 5th initiation (the adept stage). This means she is off the cycle of rebirth and is one initiation away from being an Ascended Master in body.

The Masters created these oils for ascension. There are many pathways to ascension. It is up to you whether you feel this is a path for you to explore.

If you’ve had an ascension reading and your levels were 70% vibrancy and higher, and you’re using the Ascended Master oils, then I suggest you keep an eye on your vibrancy. The 5th initiation can appear out of nowhere. It starts with Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) cutting the Earth Star connection and thus releasing you from the cycle of rebirth. Prior to this, you may feel a vibration in your soul seat. The soul seat is connected to the Earth Star.


18th March 2013

It feels as if we are moving into a new phase at the portal. The portal feels like there is more activity. It is just out of sight, nothing tangible yet. 

Masters who haven't worked in the portal before are stepping forward: Susanoo (one of the Japanese gods) and Maha Chohan, both great beings of Light. The Maha Chohan is especially rarely here. He has been overshadowing a priest at the Vatican for the last five years or so. It has been wonderful to watch the changes occur in the Vatican. On the day of the announcement of the new Pope, Maha was here at the portal. It was also interesting to see that Pope Francis took his name from St. Francis of Assisi, which was Kuthumi in a previous life. Pope Francis is also a Jesuit, the order started by St. Ignatius Loyola, which is Ascended Master Dom Ignacio. Bring Jesus into the mix, and we begin to see the Master’s work with humanity emerge on a world stage.

The Masters working in the portal now are Kuthumi, Dom Ignacio, St. Germain, Ganesh, and St. John the Baptist. Some are working together, and some are working alone. Of late we have noticed Thomas Merton working with the angels, which has been lovely.

We have a new crystal portal in the Store. This is the crystal portal for Anubis. This actual portal was made for those who come and visit the portal to use, but because of its colour, everyone's eye went straight to it, and so visitors weren't working with the Master they were meant to. It was suggested Anubis make a new crystal portal for those visiting, one that didn't stand out as much. The first portal is now available. Anubis is one of the Egyptian gods, commonly known as the Jackal head god, god of the afterlife. This crystal portal is multi-purpose because it was made for those who visited here, so it is for teaching, healing, love, and ascension.


21st March 2013

Healing day was led by Mary Magdalene. She was supported by the 3rd ray Masters.

I have posted a new article on ascension that I’ve been writing for a while – ‘Demystifying Ascension’. In it I talk about what ascension is, the 5th initiation and what to expect, tips to assist in your own ascension, and Ascended Master products to help you on your path.

So much is said about ascension in these times, but not a lot is done on a practical basis. All the knowledge in the world won't help you ascend. Ascension is about raising your vibration, and by association, your consciousness. I hope the article gives you some practical techniques and opens you up to your own potential.         

Read more here.


23rd March 2013

A new healing has come forward from the Masters – ‘Ancestral Healing’. We all inherit the cellular memory of our ancestors - their limiting beliefs, fears, and thought patterns. These in turn place limitations on us, limitations not of our own making.  

The Masters Hilarion, Serapis Bey, Pallas Athena, and Kuan Yin have stepped forward to give this 30-minute healing. They have expressed how important it is to be released from these limitations, and in turn, release our descendants from this memory. Read more here.

White Tara, the goddess of Compassion and an 8th ray Master, bought her healing energies to the portal yesterday. She led a team of 8th ray beings in the Wednesday free healing sessions. Some of you might be feeling a little churned up today. These high healing energies will definitely create change, and change can mean inner turmoil.

We are really recommending to those of you who use the Ascended Master products to keep up with a chakra reading every six months. We are seeing a huge change in those who use the products, have the healings, and especially those with crystal portals. One lady recently had an increase of 20% vibrancy (Light) in her chakras over six months. This is huge when we realise the 5th initiation occurs at 100% light and when the lower 7 chakras are perfected. This increase of 20% Light means she lost 20% of dross and karma from her chakras. 

Ascension is coming up fast for those who are using the products. It pays to get a chakra reading done by Waireti, so you have a baseline to note your future changes. Click here for more


3rd April 2013

Waireti is presenting everyone for this week’s free healing day. And while healing day doesn't change if it’s her or me presenting, it is interesting to hear how the session unfolds. She said the devas wanted to know where I was. Ha-ha, in bed. Jesus stepped forward to accept each person for healing, and behind him were seven Masters, one for each ray: St. John the Baptist (1st ray blue), Mother Mary (3rd ray pink), Serapis Bey (4th ray white), Ganesh (5th ray green and orange), Lady Nada (6th ray purple, ruby, and gold), St. Germain (7th ray Violet), and White Tara (8th ray rainbow colours). For those of you who are counting, Jesus is of the 2nd ray, the yellow ray of wisdom and joy. A good healing day. 

AmayahGrace, one of our portal ladies, has written a blog on her website about promises. We carry so much with us from our past lives, and part of that is the promises and vows we make that bind us still. And in that binding, we are limited. I was reading a book the other day, and the woman said, "Vow you will never leave me." Never is a long time to be bound to someone who is not your twin flame. An example of this was discussed with Waireti. She knew of two people who had died at the same time, people who didn't know each other in this life, but who had made a vow of ‘never leave me’ in past lives. And so, when one was born, so was the other, and when one died, so did the other - not living known lives together but living and dying at the same time. So, if someone drops down dead for no reason, perhaps they are fulfilling a vow that has passed its use-by date. Look at what vows or promises you might have made for whatever reason (religious vows, love vows, fear vows, hate vows) in your past lives and this life that limit the Being you are.

New crystal portals are made. I have three new ones up in the store: Jesus, Mother Mary, and White Tara. There will be more to follow soon, I just have to load them up.

I sat with Jesus today and asked a few questions. Now my teacher is El Morya and my rays are 1-1-3-1-1. All those 1st rays have El Morya standing with me, and the 3rd ray in the list is my mental body for which I have Kuan Yin standing with me. My dimensional lives Master is also El Morya, so my entire Ascended Master team is two Masters. Mind you, others pop in for a month or two for some teaching, but the main team is just two Masters, so it’s nice to talk to other Masters. Jesus seems to be my go-to guy for a chat.

By the way, you can find out who your Masters are via a 5 ray reading and a chakra reading. Together they cover all the bases. 

The topic with Jesus was grounding. Now I confess, I'm not very grounded. The grounding oil gets daily use, and even then I'm only about 80% in my body. Jesus pointed out that not being grounded is based in fear. We come into the body from spirit, a place of lightness of being, freedom, and safety. We come into this dense physical world which is enclosed and heavy. For most, it is hard to let go of the lightness of being and plunge fully into physical being, hence the non-grounding. We have a fear of fully letting go of where we have come from. A hand in both worlds and feet in neither. It's like being in a pool and holding onto the side - yes you are in the pool, but you aren't swimming. We are meant to be fully grounded and we are meant to be immersed in the physical world. By not being grounded, we miss out on some of the potentials we have - connections are missed, words are not heard. So why the fear of coming fully into body? With so many being ungrounded, what is the basis of the fear? 

It's a bit like going to the dentist - you know it’s going to hurt. And if you don't fully engage, perhaps it won't hurt as much. Children are usually more grounded; it's only after life starts to impact us, do we become ungrounded.

So, I asked Jesus if he could give me healing to ground me to 100%. Of course not. We have to conquer our own fears, that helps us come into our power. To ascend, we must conquer all our fears; the most common fear appears to be fully present in our body.

AmayahGrace pointed out to me there is a face in the St. John crystal portal. I can't see it no matter how much I look. Waireti saw it straight away. Not me. So perhaps you are gifted at seeing what others can't, or perhaps you are like me. Have a look and see if you can find the face. (No longer available) 

We have a new Violet Flame spray. This is for spraying in the aura of children, animals, and adults of course. It’s great for clearing crystals after use and perfect for clearing the energy in a room, home, workplace, hospital room, car, meeting room, etc. I use it to clear the crystals here at the portal. We use it all the time. We take it wherever the energy might not be great - hospitals, waiting rooms, offices, and meetings to name a few. 

Which brings me to the use of the oils. A few people have reported they bought Violet Flame oil and found it to be too much for them and stopped using it. For the first week or two, we suggest using one drop on one chakra on day one. See how you are coping with it. It is very strong. St. Germain and the Masters of the Violet flame made this oil to the level of their ascension, so it is powerful and strong. It is not to be used lightly, but it does work powerfully well. It will clear your dross. And in this clearing, you may get a manifestation of the clearing in the beginning. This might be a headache, a cold, a pain, bad dreams, or you may just feel funny. This is a manifestation of the dross leaving your chakras and it is perfectly all right and very good. So, on day one use one drop on one chakra, the next day use one drop on one chakra - do you still feel okay? If so, try one drop on two chakras and go slowly forward, increasing gradually. If one drop on one chakra was too much, then have a break for a day and put a smear on one chakra the next day, and then miss a day again. Gradually build up using it so you can cope with a drop on all seven chakras each day and then twice a day. We ascend through our chakras; this oil will help to clear the dross and will help you ascend. The Masters did a brilliant job making this oil here at their portal. 

There’s another aspect of the oil that has been pointed out - some people can feel the power through the bottle. And instead of using the oil, they just hold the bottle because they can feel the energy going to their chakras. Note this: feelings do not equate with change. Just because you feel energy in a chakra point does not mean change is occurring in the chakra point. The oils need to be applied to the chakra for the chakra to absorb the energy and for change to occur. How do we know this? When the oils were first made, Waireti and I did countless tests on how the oils worked on the body and on the chakras. Waireti, with her dimensional sight, could see what was happening and not happening.

Trust us - we know these oils intimately. We have used them and tested them all in many ways.


9th April 2013

It's a bit of a worry when Mother Mary sits in your bedroom praying. Oh well, thanks for the help Mother Mary. I can't rate her enough. We sat today and discussed what the common thread is for her with all those she walks with. For the most part, many of them were nuns in a past life. They all have compassion, but also an inner strength that can be classed as an iron rod. Being with Mother Mary, their soul lesson is to ascend in love.

Kuan Yin also came in for a chat about those she walks with. They all have a past life connection with her. Remember, Ascended Masters have had many past lives too. In each of these past lives, they’ve had children, parents, cousins, friends, etc. They have ancestors and descendants from their multiple past lives. So, don't limit this association to Kuan Yin's last life. The soul lesson of those with Kuan Yin is moving from the head to the heart. Even though they are 3rd ray souls (the ray of unconditional love), they can often have the head versus mind battle. She says they are also working on their own past lives.

Hilarion is the meditation Master today.


11th April 2013

Mary Magdalene was having a chat the other day and passed on this little pearl of wisdom. I had to write it down.

"Inner strength is based on love and respect for self."

 She is definitely an expert on inner strength. Our past lives define us.

Healing day in the portal on Wednesday was a mixed day. Jesus was the receiving Master and he passed those I presented to the healing teams waiting behind him. So, if you received free healing on Wednesday, you received healing from one of the teams led by the following Masters:

White Tara, Hilarion, St. John the Baptist, St. Germain, Kuan Yin, Serapis Bey, and Ganesh. 


24th April 2013 

At last, a moment to connect again. Namaste.

Phew, what a full-on couple of weeks. Family from overseas came and went, children departed on world tours, and my mum ended up in hospital. And still the portal keeps on in its peaceful way, regardless of the whirlwind going on in my life. 

Today is healing day and is a green ray day - Hilarion, Ganesh, Ptah, Amaryllis goddess of spring and Susan'oo stepped forward to give healing. Last week it was St. Germain and Dom Ignacio.

So, what do we have to share? I had a lovely lady come and visit this week. She has been using the 7 chakra oils and Violet flame oil and has a crystal portal. It was a joy to see the light in her chakras increase by 40% in the nine months I have known her. Wow. This shows me how great the chakra oils are at assisting in ascension. As you know, we ascend through our chakras.

The Masters have been giving me little reminders to put in the diary -some I wrote down, others hopefully they will remind me of, so here we go.

Your soul ray (ascension ray) is about 6-8 inches above your head. The shade of your soul ray (ascension ray) colour is linked to a specific Master. This shade of the soul ray colour is repeated in your soul seat, which sits just under your collar bone. When the colour is repeated, it is confirmation of your soul ray Ascended Master teacher. See here for all the different colours connected to the Masters. The soul ray colour rarely changes, though it can. We have witnessed this with a lady who went from 5th ray to 3rd. Her soul colour was green (5th ray) and over about two years we watched it gradually change to pink (3rd ray). This change was reflected in her soul seat. Sometimes it is faster. Changing soul rays means change is occurring at a soul level. Sometimes your soul seat can be a different colour for a short period of time. This means another Master has stepped in at a soul level to be a temporary teacher. Usually, that teacher is from a different ray. 

The Masters also want me to talk about the number of Masters a person can have with them. 

There are two reasons we have Masters with us. One is for work, i.e. a healer works with a group of Masters. Now, these have nothing to do with the person’s ascension, only their service. These connections are usually past life; for example, those who have been devotees in a past life will feel drawn to work with a Master, i.e. Jesus, Mother Mary, Ganesh, Melchizedek, etc. Let it be known that the person calls on these Masters by their own choice, not the Master seeking them out. It may seem that the Master came to them when actually it is the soul of the person calling to the Masters due to the past life connection.

The second reason for a Master being with you is the Master choosing you; the Masters choose specific people to help them in their ascension. These are the soul ray Master and the other Masters of the five rays we incarnate on. Also, we have a Master who works with us in our dimensional lives. So, we can have up to six masters working with us and for us as personal teachers. And then there are temporary Ascended Master teachers that come and go. So, it can get pretty crowded. 

Everyone incarnates on five rays and has a Core Star which links them to dimensional lives. So, everyone has up to six Masters who, if they don’t walk beside you, have you in their eye. And with 7 billion people on the planet, the Masters are doing a lot of work. 

It helps you in your ascension to know the Masters to call on just for you - your soul ray Master, your personality ray Master, your mental body Master, your emotional body Master, and your physical body Master. They are specifically there for you.

If you want to know the Masters of your five rays, click here. With a chakra reading, we tell you your Dimensional Master and confirm your soul ray Master via your soul seat colour.


2nd May 2013

We are having an interesting time of it. Physical changes to the portal are underway. The Masters want everything changed; all the plants are out except the ferns, seating is removed, pathways are gone, all the crystals are gone, and now we are nearing a blank canvas. Let’s wait and see what the instructions are. 

We are getting updates on what occurs after the 5th initiation and before the 6th initiation. We see more and more that this time period is all about Self.

Letting go of all our desires and attachments comes up for final release (we hope it’s final). 

Love of Self occurs. You know it and feel it and understand it.

The tests keep coming for Mastery - Mastery over the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. 

I also want to give a big plug for St. John the Baptist. He is the Master of balance. He will help you find balance on all levels. 

Healing yesterday was led by Kuthumi. Our chocolate Labrador came into the portal with the utmost reverence for the presentation of all those receiving healing. Kuthumi was St. Francis of Assisi in a past life. Kuthumi was supported by Jesus and the other 2nd ray Masters. 

Amen Bey has shown us the soul colour of those who have him as soul teacher. Amen Bey is a 4th ray Master, the white ray of harmony through conflict. Those who have Amen Bey as a teacher have a white soul colour, but around the edge of the white can only be described as clear space. Interesting.


5th May 2013

The physical changes in the portal continue. We have just been given four beautiful tree ferns for the portal; they are stunning. We went to dig them out yesterday and last night the Mother Earth provided beautiful rain - just what they needed. Thank you Kim, for your generosity.

We have been having some interesting teachings in regard to the astral. We are always learning. When you are hooked into the astral or visit the astral, it appears that each visit leaves dross in your astral body. The imagery that comes to mind is that of a bus ticket; each visit sees the ticket drop into the astral body. A few visits don’t matter much, but for some people, the connection to the astral is permanently open, and they come and go with ease, meaning the astral body fills with their tickets or dross. This isn't good. In terms of healing, the astral body affects the mental body, the mental body affects the emotional body, the emotional body affects the etheric body, and the etheric body affects the physical body. So, people who visit the astral plane open themselves up to mental body issues, which can, in turn, affect the mind. 

As Jesus says, "Stay off the astral." Now we have an indication of why. 

Ma'at has been making it clear to us that the 3rd ray is the ray of the Divine Mother (love), and the 6th ray is the ray of the Divine goddess (devotion). To keep it even, the first ray is the ray of the Divine god (will and power)…the Divine Father Ray? I'm not so sure. The 1st adept pointed out the part of these four aspects as an integral part of ascension. We move from the Divine mother to the Divine Father, and we balance the energies of the Divine god and goddess within ourselves.

As I said, we are always learning. 


9th May 2013

Here we are, another healing day has passed. Mary Magdalene was the lead healer today, she was supported by other 3rd ray Masters. 

Recently I was asked a series of questions; some of the broader issues I loosely share here. For those of you who are reading my diary entries for the first time, let me introduce this small part of myself. In my ascension process, the Masters have given me two crown chakras - one is mine and one belongs to them. This allows them to work through me in a clear way, unhindered by the limited person I am. Through their crown chakra, they are able to work through me in their portal. You could say I'm their foot in the physical world. I willingly share here what I learn from them and through my experiences.

Mother Mary ascended before her life as Mother Mary, so she returned by choice for another life with Jesus and St. John the Baptist, who was also an Ascended Master by the time of that life. Many feel no connection to Mother Mary, Jesus, or the Masters connected with the Christian religion. The Masters tell us, "We are not our last life." A Master is more than one of their past lives. Don't mistake the person created by religion with the Being that is a Master. Just like you will be more than the limited personality you are in this life when you ascend; you will become the higher Being you are meant to be.   

There was much work done by Mother Mary and St. John the Baptist in those lives that were unseen and unknown. When St. John baptized the people, he was awakening light within their hearts, a heart light that shone in their future lives and still shines in those people today. Compassion wasn't a common trait for many in those days, but John was ensuring a kernel of compassion was awakening in the hearts of those he baptized. Many of those people went on to become nuns, monks, and priests in the Christian religion, not because of Jesus or Mary, but because of the heart light awakening they had received from St. John. 

St. John today is one of the Masters who stands beside many. Many of the young ones being born today have St. John the Baptist as their soul ray Master. He is one of the major Masters of these ascension times.


10th May 2013

Past life healing sessions have been added to the store. We all have dross and memories of pain and suffering that we hold in our chakras from our past lives. This dross can hold us back in our ascension process and prevent the Light in our chakras from shining forth. All lightworkers strive to clear their chakras of their past lives. The Masters offer help. The four Masters giving this distant healing session from the high vibration of the Ascended Masters’ portal are Melchizedek, Jesus, Dom Ignacio, and Kuan Yin. Click here to read more and to order.


15th May 2013

Ptah was Tuesday’s meditation Master. I feel quite close to this Master because I work with him. He is part of the ‘A team’ (Waireti's nickname for Archangel Michael, Ptah, and Amen Bey). They are the Masters we call upon to perform the Protection grid healing and the House Blessing and clearing. Yesterday I bought up the topic of talking. Ascended Masters in truth rarely speak, and when they do, it is usually short and to the point. Masters are never verbose. I asked Ptah why this was when he didn't answer my question, and in that moment, a download came in with the answers. Love. With love there are no words. Everything else is part of the story. Masters work in Love, words are rarely needed. But we all have so many questions...why…how…when…

So here am I answering some of your questions.

I don't feel the Violet Flame when I use it. When we don't feel something, it doesn't mean it isn't working. Think of it like a stream that is calm on top; we know by its very nature of being a stream that there is movement beneath. We find the body becomes synchronised to the oil and moves with it rather than against it. When you feel something, it is because your bodies are reacting to the influence, rather than working with it. In time, your body becomes used to the oil and then you cease to be aware of it. A bit like living by a railway line; after a while, you cease to hear the noise.

Where are the minor chakras to use the Violet Flame oil on? There are many, but I suggest the following to use with the oils: the tip of nose and tip of the chin (faith and trust), behind knees, inner elbows, inner wrists, two under each breast, two above each breast (heart), and then the core star and soul seat. But also apply intuitively. You will know what is right for you.

St. John the Baptist and the 1st ray Masters are doing today’s distant healing sessions. The portal has a lovely blue haze through it. 


25th May 2013

Healing day was with Mary Magdalene and her 3rd ray sisters; a day of gentle healing and compassion. Those on the 3rd ray follow the path of the Divine Mother, whereas those on the 6th ray follow the path of the Divine Goddess.

This has been a week of questions. Do animals have souls? Yes, up until a certain stage they have a group soul, i.e. sheep - those animals that move as a unit and live as a unit. When an animal begins to be individualized, then they move into a single soul. Domesticated animals continue to reincarnate as domesticated animals and then move onto their last life as an animal and then their first life as a human. Animals too are ascending. 

Vows. When we make a vow, we make it with ourselves. We bind this vow, and we are the Master of the vow. If we break the vow, then it is to ourselves we must look for the karma and retribution - if any. God or the Masters don't care if you break the vow, as it was your choice to make it and it is your choice to break it. You are contained within your own reality around any vows. 

Because of this, ancient vows made in a past life may still affect your current life, even though the ancient vow has no place in this life. So be careful making vows as they can have multiple life impacts. If you find you are still bound by ancient vows, then break them in honour, respect, and love of the person you were in that life, knowing they were made for a reason, while understanding they no longer serve your highest good in this life.

Waireti has agreed to do more work with me. Up until now, she has worked with the city’s underprivileged. The Masters assure her she can do both. 

She is now offering an update on chakra readings called the Ascension Reading Update. For those of you who have previously had chakra readings, this will be an update on your initial reading.


30th May 2013

Healing day this Wednesday in the Ascended Masters’ portal was a 2nd ray healing day. The Masters were Lord Lanto (who led the session), Jesus, and Lao Tze. They rotated through the day as main healer. It was a light and bright session with lots of laughter and lightness of being.

Waireti and I have been having ongoing talks about her work with humanity via the website. As those who read my diary know, Waireti has dimensional sight. She sees all - a gift that has made her an integral part in the Masters’ work here at the portal. Up until now, she has preferred to be in the background and leave the interactions to me. As I said, we have been having talks, and she has agreed to have a higher profile via the website. The question is, how? Remembering this is a site about the Ascended Masters and your ascension, and knowing Waireti has dimensional site, how would her sight help in your ascension process? She already does ascension and 5 ray readings.  

Dom Ignacio appeared in the portal this morning and informed Waireti he is here for today’s diary writing.

For those of you who don't know of the Ascended Master Dom Ignacio, he is one of the major healing Masters of our time. He works with those of you who have physical body ailments. In his last life, Dom Ignacio was St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order. He is a third ray Master, the pink ray of unconditional love. When he appears, he is either in black or red robes. Today he is wearing red.

I sit here typing and Dom Ignacio has hold of my left wrist. I can feel his energy pumping into my hand as I type. His heart looks like it is a pink supernova as he sends his love out to all who read this and out to the wider humanity. He tells me there is a yellow ray within him too, as he is in joy too.

But much of humanity has no awareness of joy. Many of us can feel heavy like there is a weight on our shoulders. We can feel life is too much, and in that feeling, joy is far from our awareness. We fail to see the joy in a flower, we just see a flower, and while we might recognise its beauty, the feeling we had at that moment is fleeting. What to do? How to get into a permanent state of joy?

The easy answer is to ascend, which sounds a touch trite and too hard to even contemplate for many people. So why even contemplate ascension? As we ascend, we the dross we carry drops away - dross from our past lives that weigh us down, dross from our ancestral memory that weighs us down, and ancient grief that keeps us down. We carry so much within us that we don't have to. In the release of all this dross, our vibration rises, our consciousness rises, and we ascend. In our ascension, we come more into our heart and into joy. Dom Ignacio says to you, "You will stand beside me, your heart a supernova of love, your heart in joy. You will become a Master like me, and you will have others come and stand by you, they too a supernova of love and joy, and the world will change to a state of love and joy. It starts with you. This is your time."

Waireti and I can see change coming. We can see ascension being attained by so many. A world where everyone has a supernova heart - sounds like world peace to me.

But ever a practical person, the question is how? Well, explore this site. We have techniques you can use to connect to the Masters, we have teachings, we have healings, and we have products made by the Masters here at the Ascended Masters’ portal. These are the times of ascension. It is time for each individual to hear their own inner call, not the call of the Masters or the call of anyone other than their own Higher Self saying, "This is our time."

Waireti and I have passed the 5th initiation, and we know the techniques, oils, healings, etc. work. We are seeing them work successfully on clearing the dross on others, and we are seeing others raise their vibration and pass the 5th initiation. 

I had someone refer to me as a guru. Ha-ha, I'm not anyone’s guru but my own. Be in your own power and be master of your own ascension. Follow the path you choose and take the time you choose. We merely offer some support tools for your journey.

Blessings on your journey. If you spend some time with us, we will honour that brief connection and hope in time you get to stand beside the Masters, your hearts a supernova of love and joy.


6th June 2013

Healing day this week was rather special. The portal was a beautiful orange. The Master presiding was Ganesh, a 5th ray Master of healing, truth, and knowledge. I took the 150 plus photos with me to the healing temple, and before me was a lotus. As I presented each person to Ganesh, they were placed in the lotus. The lotus started to spin, and they were spun off to one of the waiting healing Masters via one of the petals. I felt it was quite a sacred healing day.

Ganesh also has a new crystal portal, as does Mary Magdalene.

I hope those of you who participated in the weekly Tuesday healing from your part of the world enjoyed Cha Ara. Cha Ara is a 5th ray Master and looks about 21. He is middle eastern in appearance for skin and hair colour. His hair is about three inches all over. He wanted me to see his nose, so he stood in profile and I saw his nose is quite wide and has a droopy tip. He is full of energy and lots of fun. He quite likes himself. He was wearing a leather jacket, but I have seen him before in red Ali Baba pants and a white shirt. There are no rules that they have to wear the same clothes all the time. Waireti tells me she has seen him in a fez hat as well. He is proving to be a wonderful Master for Ascension. 

We’ve had several requests for us to talk more about dimensional lives. We will, we are just waiting on deeper teachings from the Masters. Look for an article or blog posting in the future. Let’s just say we all have multiple lives that are lived concurrently, and for the most part, separately.

The Masters are teaching more on the 4th Ray these last few weeks. The 4th ray is the nexus of the rays.

All the rays are equal, there is none higher or lower than the other. The 4th ray (the white ray) is the ray of harmony through conflict. The 4th ray is the hardest ray to be born on, as your soul purpose is to be the nexus of conflict. People on the 4th ray often feel they attract conflict - and they do - it is their soul purpose to create harmony in the conflict and be a mirror and teacher for all the other rays. The sad part of this ray is that the 4th ray soul often goes into victim mode and also finds it hard to let go of the pain and suffering they themselves incur from the conflict. But once they know this is their purpose, they realise it isn't them, and they are merely the means of other people’s lessons. Then they can begin to find their own personal power and strength and detach themselves from the situation. 

So, if you have negative thoughts or relationships with a 4th ray soul, stop and look at what you are there to learn, and give thanks for the service they perform for humanity in this life. 

The portal is expanding again, moving further into other dimensions. The power emanating is greater, and change is occurring on every level in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Waireti and I have again been recalibrated to keep up with the changes that are occurring.


13th June 2013

St. Germain led this Wednesday’s healing session, assisted by Ra-mun, an ancient 7th ray Master, and Dom Ignacio, a 3rd ray healing Master. Waireti presented the people stepping forward for healing this week.

The Masters have been teaching more on the various rays. As many of you know, the 6th ray is the ray of the goddess (the ruby, purple, and gold ray). Those of you on the 6th ray in this life are following the teachings and path of the goddess, not an external goddess, but the goddess within. 

To balance this ray, the 1st ray (the blue and red ray) is the path of the god, God's will and power. This can mean the divine god within and the will and power of a supreme being. We will keep it small in balance with the goddess energy for now. The first ray also has a feminine aspect - the red ray. The red ray is a small aspect of the ray; we have yet to witness it as a soul ray colour and to date have only seen it as a colour with the physical body ray.

The only Master we have seen with the red aspect of the first ray is the goddess Sitatapatra. She is an ancient goddess. She walked with Gautama Buddha as his soul ray teacher. So, we can assume he had a red soul ray and walked on the goddess aspect of the first ray. All assumptions though. 

Yet we have found many of the young ones being born today are 1st ray souls on the blue masculine aspect ray of God's will and power. We see their lovely blue soul rays and know this to be true. As I say, we are always learning. 

Just to confuse everything again, the 3rd ray is the ray of the Divine Mother and unconditional love - hence many goddesses are on this 3rd ray, not on the 6th. Another article waiting to come into fruition.


21st June 2013

Another installment from the Ascended Masters’ portal. Hilarion and Jesus took this week’s healing list. 

In my entry last week, I mentioned Sitatapatra, a first ray goddess. She is on the red aspect of the 1st ray (the feminine aspect of the 1st ray). Most first ray souls are on the blue aspect. I was saying last week we have never seen a person with a red soul ray (not ruby, but red). Well, of course, the Masters had to deliver, and this week we saw our first red soul ray. As we were discussing this person's red soul ray, Sitatapatra appeared to Waireti and me in the kitchen. Sitatapatra put all conversation to a stop and claimed this person with the red soul ray as her chela (student). What fun to have a goddess with a parasol in the kitchen. All in a day’s work here at the portal. 

Waireti is taking on more healing work here at the portal. The Masters have asked her to take on astral body healings, a task she is very suited to, as she can see the astral body and what it contains. Four Masters will be doing the healing with Waireti as a facilitator. The Master's change with each person, so four Masters will come in just for you.

The Astral body is an interesting body and one we tend to ignore on our path to ascension. Our astral body is really our dumping ground; every time we have a creative thought (good or bad), it is stored in the astral. Every time we enter the astral plane, the memory of that visit is left in the astral body. All of these creations and visits to the astral are like little bits of grit that float around the astral body, some big and some small. 

So how do you know if you need an astral body healing? If you visit the astral a lot, if you are psychic, if you meditate, if you live in a part of the world where the astral plane is close (like New York), if you’ve had entities, if you are a negative thinker, if you are a dreamer, if you are an artist or a creator, if you are ungrounded - you need an astral body healing. Autistic children and adults spend a lot of time on the astral plane; they benefit from this healing. If you have had a protection grid done, I strongly suggest this healing, especially if you’ve had entities removed. 

The sessions with Waireti and the Masters can take up to an hour. So how will you feel after the session? Lighter, brighter, happier, and more joyous it seems. It's a nice healing. As a test subject, I can highly recommend it. I have more energy too. Nice, nice, nice!


27th June 2013

Healing day has come and gone again. A lone Hilarion performed this week’s healings. Thank you, Master.

I had two questions this week via email. While they weren’t related, they formed the basis for a little teaching from the Masters. 

From our place of ego, we judge. We all do it. Some of us strive not to, and others make a lifetime habit of it. Where we are on the spectrum really isn't of any importance, the end result is we judge and are judged.

We all have our own belief systems. The key is to respect these differences, respecting each person for where they are in their ascension process. On the flip side, it is a waste of time trying to validate who you are to others, for you will rarely be heard.

Stand in your own power. Be the Being of light you are. 

The less dross and karma you have, the lighter and brighter you are in the world. And in turn, the world you live in mirrors back to you who you are. If you have ascended to a high level of light and have little karma and dross, then the world too is a place of light and beauty, and this is reflected back to you. Beautiful and perfect. 

But for someone who has little light and much of their karma and dross still to clear, the world reflected back to them is a hard and dark place. 

So, look at others in this light, knowing they live in a world reflecting their own karma and dross and have compassion for their path. Know the spark of God resides in them, just as in you. We are all at very different places on the ascension path, but that doesn't mean any being is more or less worthy of respect, compassion, and love. 

If a person’s personality gets in the way of your respect, compassion, and love, then look beyond the personality to the spark of God that resides within them, or to their Higher Self, and bow. Bow to the god within them. 



3rd July 2013

Healing day again. It’s a nice day; the Masters have filled the portal. Of the 150 or so people receiving healing, each one had their soul ray Ascended Master teacher step forward to give the healing. Rather lovely. So, healing occurred today around soul purpose. I think a few of you got a little push.

There is a real excitement with the Masters as people actively start working toward their ascension. In the last century, about twenty people passed the 5th initiation. This decade will see so many more than that pass the 5th initiation. We have done it, and we know how to help. This whole website is geared towards helping you pass the 5th initiation.

We have added Violet Flame in a cream form to the store. Great for all those areas of stored pain and past life pain. The cream will transmute the dross from the cells. 

Waireti is seeing halos around those who passed the 5th initiation 6 to 9 months ago. The halos fluctuate between a torus-shaped gold ring at about 3rd eye level, to a translucent gold inverted fishbowl that covers the entire head to soul seat level.  


9th July 2013

I’ve just added an article about Fallen Angels to the blog. As usual, the article is original content with teachings from the Masters. 

I have a few answers to questions I want to share.

Do Masters appear in the portal as any of their past lives?

The Masters rarely appear in the portal as their past lives; if they do, it’s to stress a point, i.e. Lord Ling appearing as Moses to communicate strength, focus, etc. But then to confuse the issue, Jesus only appears as Jesus, and that wasn't his last life. Mary Magdalene only appears as Mary Magdalene, and that wasn't her last life. So, for some, it means appearing in a recognised form. They can change in that form too. Jesus can have dark hair or light brown hair, and they change clothes, etc. But their go-to is, "You will know us by our colours.” Their aura colours never change. Also, they are in the portal in their spirit form of just colour and energy for the most part.

Are curses real?

Over the last year, we have been called upon to clear curses. Yes, curses do exist. They come in several forms. There are ancestral curses where the descendants of a certain person are cursed. The curse can also be of past life origin, so the curse follows a person or a group of people through their future lives. Waireti identifies the curse by how it looks in the aura. One group had an ivy like growth over them, stunting their development. Another group had helmets, again stunting their development. In all cases, the curse affects their quality of life. The Masters do remove group and individual curses.


12th July 2013

This Wednesday, Ganesh stepped forward for Healing day. He took everyone on the list for healing, unaided by a support team. Ganesh was healing the inner scars that remain hidden from the world in all of those up for healing. 

Waireti and I travel to Auckland quite a bit, and we always pass by Angel mountain. Angel mountain is a hill that always has angelic hosts around it. This time going up, Waireti and I played a game guessing what ray the host of angels would come from. I said they would be orange (5th ray) but have a golden glow. No, I was wrong. There were about three hosts of 7th Ray (violet energy) angels and one single orange angel with a golden glow. Ha-ha, a little sign to say they heard us. Nice to know we are heard by the angels. I still smile and say thank you when I think of them. 

As you know, this site is about the Ascended Masters and how they can help us in our Ascension process. I've been asked, "I want to ascend in this lifetime. How can you help? What do I need to do?"

The path you choose to ascend by is totally up to you. The Masters have supplied some healings and oils that make the path easier for you without taking away your power in the process. 

First, Ascension is raising your vibration. By raising your vibration, you are raising your consciousness. Sounds pretty simple.

So how do you raise your vibration? We ascend through our chakras; our chakras hold the dross and karma of our past lives. We raise our vibration by clearing the dross from the chakras. As the dross is cleared, the karma is presented by the universe for payment. 

The Masters have provided a group of oils to help this occur, most importantly the Violet Flame oil. St. Germain and other 7th ray Ascended and Cosmic Masters, Devas of the Violet Flame, and Archangels of the 7th ray all got together in the Ascended Masters’ portal and created this oil. They have manifested the Violet Flame into the physical. The Violet Flame Oil will help, even if you do and use nothing else. See all the other oils here.

They also have healings. The most important healings for Ascension are the Ascension healing and recalibration (to raise your vibration), Past life Healing (all our past lives must be cleared to ascend), Protection grid (the brighter your light, the greater the chance for dimensional attack, so the Masters create a grid to protect you), and Astral body healing (the astral body gets clogged by our creative thoughts and visits to the astral). These healings will help raise the vibrancy (light) in your chakras and reduce the dross. 

We pass the 5th initiation (meaning we have left the cycle of rebirth) when our chakras are 100% light. This means there is no more dross and karma left to be cleared.


13th July 2013

We've just added to the store a "Chakra Radiance and Vibrancy update only". Many of you are at the stage where your chakras are balanced and looking very good, and now all you need is updates on the level of radiance and vibrancy to see where you are in your ascension process.

For those of you not sure what I mean, radiance is the amount of light radiating from our chakras, and vibrancy is the amount of light in our chakras. 

We pass the 3rd initiation at 60% vibrancy and radiance, the 4th initiation at 80% vibrancy and radiance, and the 5th initiation at 100% vibrancy and radiance.


19th July 2013

Healing this week was led by St. John the Baptist, along with Jesus and Hilarion. As I present each person, one of them would step forward and say mine, and everyone got divided up. 

I want to paraphrase and repeat a quote from Jesus: Men and women are just souls in different bodies.

Men can have issues with ‘women’ and women can have issues with ‘men’. A man can fall in love with a ‘man’ and a woman can fall in love with a ‘woman’. At the end of the day, we are all souls – maybe this life as a woman, next life a man, back and forward, back and forward. If we cease to see men as men and women as women, and rather look at everyone as souls, then we make way to move forward into a genderless society. A lot of our issues on many levels would then drop away.

We have also been given a word: Support. We are here to support you in your ascension process. 

And now I want to share some feedback from a lady in Singapore regarding the Ascended Master portal cards.

The Ascended Master portal cards are extremely beautiful to look at and bring me immense joy, love, support, and comfort so easily and instantly the moment I place them on my chakras. They really help me get through every day, and I do not know how I would have survived without them all these nights if not for them. I can really feel the love of the masters through the cards very deeply, and I am super grateful for them. The colours and designs feel very ethereal and are such a great joy and beauty to look at. I love having the whole pack with me, as the different masters speak to me at different times. The cards are such a brilliant creation.

Well, the Masters created the portal paintings. I have two crown chakras, one is mine and the other crown chakra belongs to the Ascended Masters. This allows them to bypass Verna and work as if in body. Waireti said when the Masters were painting these portal paintings, I left my body and the Masters took over, though to me I was still here observing. As they painted, the Masters created an energetic portal for their energy to flow through 24/7. So, having a portal card is having a doorway for the Master to come closer into this physical reality.

Great to have for healing, teaching, and meditation.


24th July 2013

Another week has flown by. As I stood in the portal today, I felt such gratitude to the Masters and the work they do.

Waireti presented those receiving free healing today to the Masters. There was an energetic symphony of colour and energy as the Masters wove their healing around today’s group receiving healing. The Masters were Jesus, Ganesh, Serapis Bey, St. John the Baptist, Kuan Yin, Isis, and St. Germain. They were also accompanied by the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel. It was a great day to be receiving healing. 

Yesterday afternoon I was in the city and witnessed a car accident at an intersection. The accident itself wasn't bad, but what surprised me was the hoard of negative entities around the scene. Waireti was with me, and we both expressed how the entity population in the world had nearly doubled in the last six months. Waireti feels it has something to do with 2012, perhaps a doorway opened for them. We then felt we had to find out more, so we called in what we call the A-team: Archangel Michael, Amen Bey, and Ptah (the protector Masters). 

A doubling in entity numbers is huge. AA Michael said nearly 80% of humanity has an entity with them, and many have more. In the past, we saw people have one or two entities, now we are seeing three and four entities with people. And these people have no idea the entities are there. This is a silent war. How can you combat the enemy when you don't even know they exist?

Let’s go back to the accident. How much of that was caused by entities? "Run the red light, you can do it!" When a person has an entity with them, they are being influenced, influenced by the dark side. They aren't being directed away from the light, it’s nothing as obvious as that, just enough influence to keep you from fulfilling your soul contracts and off your path. Just enough to disrupt the balanced flow, so connections aren't made, decisions aren't made, choices that would benefit you aren't made. All very subtle. 

And their greatest helpers are the person’s ego and fear. Lightworkers have a great ability to feel nothing like this could happen to them, like that only happens to people of a lower vibration. Not true. The brighter your light, the more entities see you and want to divert you from your path. 

I wonder how many people stopped reading this entry when they knew it was about entities. I know many lightworkers who don't want to talk about the dark side. It's like the warriors putting their fingers in their ears and humming until the conversation gets changed. And while this happens, the dark side grows stronger. The wrong people are voted into power, health programs are ignored, and the world gets darker and darker instead of getting lighter. 

There are many different types of entities, all with different purposes, hence the Master's decision to provide Protection grids.

Over the last few weeks, Waireti and I have had many people come to see us, groups and individuals. Those with the Ascended Masters’ protection grids are brighter, clearer, lighter, and more alive. They are like little suns in the darkness, and those around them are energetically dull in comparison.

If you are reading this, whether you feel you have an entity or not, I suggest the Masters’ protection grid to everyone, not only to keep entities away but to help you live the life you are meant to.

With the protection grid, the Masters remove the entities, heal any holes in the aura (if there are entities or have been entities, there are holes) and then create a grid of energy around your entire auric body that will keep you protected from negative energies. The grid is lifelong. 


25th July 2013

Today we have a group of seven women Ascended Masters and goddesses in the portal: Tatiana (goddess of the Fairy kingdom), Amaryllis (goddess of spring), Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Pallas Athena, Lady Nada, and the goddess Isis. What a diverse group, and yet they are all energetically in harmony with each other. 

They are working as a unit in the portal today. They are sending healing to all women, healing around forgiveness of self and others. The energy they are working with is like stretching the energy, and in the stretching, change occurs.

Yesterday we had Metatron come and visit. Waireti asked a sacred geometry question of Jesus the day before, and he said to wait and ask Metatron tomorrow. And sure enough, there he was. The only problem was, Waireti couldn't remember the question. 


29th July 2013

Here at the Ascended Masters’ portal, we have been receiving teachings and getting a deeper insight into dimensional lives. 

We all have dimensional lives. Regardless of who you are, you will have dimensional lives.

These are lives we are living concurrently with this one. All of these lives are in different dimensions, some of those lives on this planet, some on others.

Many of you will be aware of your dimensional lives, either from dreams or higher awareness. These dimensional lives come in groups of three. The life you are experiencing now is linked to two other lives, but you can have several groups of three lives occurring at the same time. So, if you have ten dimensional lives, then you have three groups of three and one life in which the other two lives of the trio are either yet to be born or have died. When one dimensional life dies, the other in the trio follow within a year.

You are linked to all your dimensional lives via your core star. Your core star is an energy centre between the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra just beneath the breasts. We have an Ascended Master overseeing our dimensional lives; this is noted by the colour of the core star. Everyone’s core star has a ray colour, just like the soul ray colours.

An overview.

We all have a Christ Light, our spark of God, our own personal god within. Our Christ Light then has a lower self, which is our Higher Self. The only purpose of the Christ Light is to return to its point of creation as a perfected being. To become perfect, it utilises its lower self (our Higher Self). The Higher Self, in turn, utilises the soul; it sends souls to various dimensions on many worlds to follow the cycle of rebirth and to ascend in consciousness and vibration.

All these lives followed by a single Higher Self contribute to Ascension. One of these souls will pass the 5th initiation first and will leave the cycle of rebirth first. 

This single person then has a soul responsibility to assist in clearing all the karma of all its dimensional lives, whether in body or not. Part of the process of the adept moving from the 5th to 6th initiation is to clear the karma of all the dimensional lives through the adept’s perfected chakra system. The adept’s perfected chakra system allows karma to be cleared at a greater rate. 

This is a very brief overview, and I'm sure many questions are raised. I hope to follow up in the near future with an article on this topic. 


1st August 2013

Healing day this Wednesday in the Ascended Masters’ portal was led by the goddess Isis. She was assisted by the lady Masters of the 6th ray - Lady Nada, Hathor, and Pallas Athena. Other Masters popped in and out as needed as they chose. 

We have had a week of big Masters in the portal - Metatron, Osiris, Cha Ara, Sitatapatra, Amaryllis the goddess of spring, and Amaterasu goddess of the sun. They come in for a while, worked, and left. St Germain has been his usual self, our constant Master in the portal. He has filled our days with smiles and laughter.


8th August 2013

This Wednesday’s healing was rather special. Thomas Merton led the healing session. Those of you who read this diary know that Thomas is one of the newer Ascended Masters. He was supported and helped by the 1st ray Masters - El Morya, Melchizedek, and St. John the Baptist. Thomas is my go-to here at the portal when I want to understand something that is happening. 

Thomas Merton was a mystic and an intellectual. He wrote many well-received books during his lifetime as a Trappist monk at the Abbey of Gethsemane in Kentucky, America. The best known is Seven Story Mountain. His books on spirituality and social justice drew in a wide range of supporters, one being the Dalai Lama. In his later years, he became a recluse in the monastery, giving more of his life in devotion to God. He died in 1968. 

Thomas Merton is a first ray Master, the blue ray of God’s Will and Power. His aura is a light blue centre, fading out to a mid-blue with a violet overlay on the outer blue. The power of the first ray is very evident in his energy. Thomas has taken on the role of guide and doorkeeper in the Ascended Masters’ portal. His innate inner power is needed in this position, as he mixes with some of the vast Cosmic Beings who work in the portal.


9th August 2013

A little snippet from Jesus: "Don't live in the past, you will miss the present.

Live in the now and let go of what has gone. It can't be changed. This often means letting go of the past story. The story has a hook that will keep you in the past. Let it go and see the joys and beauty around you in the now.


10th August 2013

One of the questions I get asked repeatedly is, what are the initiations I talk about?

Initiations are part of ascension; they are achievement points. While in body, there are five initiations. You might like to think of them as five mountains, each one higher than the other.

Ascended Master Thomas Merton is helping me write this segment.

Each initiation is a marker of the achievements you have made in your ascension process. They cannot be determined by terms like nice, knowledgeable, kind, cruel, rude, good - these are just personality traits and lifetime conditionings. Though the higher you go, there is a sifting of traits, and polar opposites are noted between light and dark. 

Much has been written about ascension, but the simple version of it comes down to the amount of light in the chakras and how far the light is radiating out. Light has nothing to do with personality, so don't be quick to slot some people into initiations based on criteria other than Light.

Initiations are passed when the Light in the seven major chakras reaches a certain level.

The chakras hold 20% light at the 1st initiation, 40% light at the 2nd initiation, 60% light at the 3rd initiation, 80% light at the 4th initiation, and 100% light at the 5th initiation. 

The inverse of light is karma. So those that have 20% light in their chakras have 80% of their chakras filled with karma. Of course, these figures can change according to the chakra, but all seven chakras must pass the threshold for the initiation to be passed. 100% light and the 5th initiation means the person has left the cycle of rebirth.

The 1st and 2nd initiations occur over thousands of lifetimes. Once the 3rd initiation is passed, the 4th and 5th initiation can be passed in the same life if the person applies themselves, otherwise, they oscillate up and down in karma and light

Some people are aware they have passed the 3rd, 4th, and 5th initiations and others aren’t. These milestones may slip by unnoticed.

For this reason, we have Ascension Readings in which Waireti looks at the seven chakras and sees the light in each chakra with her dimensional sight. 


12th August 2013

Mother Mary entered the Ascended Masters’ portal on Saturday 10th August and knelt in prayer. She is still there kneeling in prayer; she has not moved. I'm told she is praying for peace throughout the world. 

You might like to join her prayer vigil - pray for peace. 

Peace begins within each individual.


16th August 2013

Mother Mary continues to kneel in prayer in the portal for peace. 

Healing day on Wednesday was with Jesus and the other 2nd ray Masters. The portal was awash in their yellow auras.

We have been asked what a halo signifies. A halo presents on those who have passed the 5th initiation and have ascended to the new chakra system above the head (8th chakra and above). The halo signifies Humility – an attribute that needs to be achieved at the 5th. 

We are frequently asked about specific Masters and All the Masters. It's a bit like asking us to list a phone book. There are many, many Masters. Some choose to have a connection with humanity and their ascension (these are the ones we work with), but there are many, many more who follow other paths. 


22nd August 2013

Mother Mary spent ten days kneeling in prayer for Peace. She has now risen from prayer. She is such a beautiful Master, a Master of unconditional love.

Wednesday’s healing was led by Melchizedek. He wore an energetic dark blue cape which is unusual for him. The other healing Masters were El Morya, St. John the Baptist, and Thomas Merton.

The topic of teacher and student has come up several times over the last few weeks. As many of you know, I have two crown chakras and one is utilised by the Ascended Masters. This same topic arose last year, and the Masters had something to say. To paraphrase, we are all on the path of ascension, teacher, and pupil. In reality, we are all students, and we all have much to learn. Many of you are spiritual teachers, helping and guiding the emerging souls into their ascension. This is a beautiful service many of you perform. Don't mistake lack of knowledge for a soul’s place on the ascension ladder or feel your plethora of knowledge sets you above others, for knowledge is not of the heart. A supposed newbie may not consciously know all that a teacher knows; in reality, they are just touching base with one of their many teachers as they awaken to their full divine potential. So, if you are one of these teachers, please don't feel hurt as they move on, but give thanks that you could serve these beautiful beings of light as they race towards their true selves. Your turn will come. And those of you who are racing from teacher to teacher, give thanks to each of them for the service they perform for you and don't think less of them for the path they choose. There are many ways to ascension - love and respect all. Ascension is not a competition.


28th August 2013

Today is healing day again. It was a day when a Master representative of each ray was part of the healing team. Today’s healers are Melchizedek (1st ray), Jesus (2nd ray), Kuan Yin (3rd ray), Serapis Bey (4th ray), Ganesh (5th ray) Isis (6th ray), St. Germain (7th ray), and White Tara (8th ray).

As I write this, Archangel Michael (a 1st ray Archangel) and Archangel Charity (a 3rd ray Archangel) are singing in two-part harmony in the Ascended Masters’ portal. They are singing as part of someone's Astral body healing with Waireti. Just beautiful. The sound is assisting in breaking apart the dross residing in the astral body.

Waireti is working on a Sleep spray. So many of us have difficulty sleeping, myself included. She asks for five volunteers to try her spray and give her feedback. 

The Masters Lady Nada and St. Germain have made new crystal portals. 


2nd September 2013

Waireti asked me to put a note to the last entry in the diary - she has enough people for her sleep spray trials. Sleep is an important part of ascension. Sleep for many lightworkers is the time in which we are taught, when we work as healers and teachers, and when we work through our life issues. When we don't sleep, we miss out on much.


6th September 2013

This week saw Serapis Bey and St. John the Baptist divide those seeking healing between them. You were either in the white healing temple for Harmony or the blue healing temple for Balance. Too nice for words!

We have had big visitors in the temple - Metatron on one occasion and Sitatapatra on another. Now we have a feminine Being. She has no form, just millions of teardrop shapes in a white silver not of this world, filled with light and luminescence. The teardrops radiate from a centre. So beautiful. Her energy just fills the entire portal. Her name is Inanna. She is an ancient goddess and is a 4th ray goddess (the white ray of Harmony).


12th September 2013

Here we are, another healing day has been and gone. This week was a 5th ray day. The healing was led by Ascended Master Hilarion, and he was supported by the Cosmic Master Ganesh. 

Did you get a chance to meditate with Pallas Athena on Tuesday? She was wonderful. Many find Pallas Athena too strong for them. She is the 6th ray goddess of truth. Many erroneously assume that because she is a goddess of truth, she must be a 5th ray Master, but she is on the 6th ray. Her aura colours of gold, purple, and ruby place her firmly on the 6th ray. We also know she is a 6th ray Master because all those she walks with have the same purple or ruby soul ray. 

Pallas Athena is a Master of balance. She says truth is not about knowledge (5th ray), but rather about living your own inner truth. When you live your own truth, you are in balance on every level. 


20th September 2013

We are having a big week in New Zealand. Team New Zealand is racing the American Oracle boat for the Americas Cup in San Francisco (yachting). No big deal for the rest of the world, but for a country of four million people, this is our team and we are getting behind them once more. Team NZ has won eight races to Oracles 2, and only one more race to go. We've won the cup before and we want it back!

As many of you know, Waireti has dimensional sight. She sees all. We were watching a race earlier in the week when the NZ catamaran tipped and looked like she would go over, but thankfully she righted and sailing continued. Waireti said she could see all of New Zealand lean to the right in their collective consciousness, willing the boat to tip back. And of course, it did. The power of collective consciousness. If, let's say two million people in NZ could aid a boat thousands of miles away, what else could a massive collective consciousness achieve? A powerful demonstration.

Which keeps me on the theme of news. The news here in New Zealand and around the world is always horrific. I often turn it off or don't watch. My emotional body feels pain and suffering. Which led me to realise that the Ascended Masters walk with you all, and they don't get to turn their viewing off. They witness the horror that occurs every day and the atrocious actions that never get to the news. I realised ascension is also about learning to cope with the dark side of humanity and loving all regardless. Because we know the Masters are not judging, they are witnessing and sending their love and support to all. 

The healing Masters this week were Jesus and St. Germain. 

The meditation Masters for Tuesday’s worldwide meditation has been posted on the Home page. They are Archangel Michael, Ganesh, Vishnu, Melchizedek, and Amaryllis the goddess of spring. 

Previously I wrote that in the Ascension process towards the 5th initiation, we have found eating meat, having sex, and drinking alcohol have no effect on the ascension process. This is contrary to a much-touted belief that abstinence is needed to ascend, as these three things lower the vibration. 

Having passed the 5th initiation and knowing others who have passed the 5th, we have discussed this at length and looked on many levels to see what occurs in the chakras and vibrations overall.

Many who have passed the 5th drink alcohol socially, and it does lower the physical vibration, but it does nothing to alter the light in the chakras. Does it attract entities? Well, if you are drinking lightly, no. Entities are attracted to someone they can feed off, so large quantities would have to be consumed on a regular basis for the entities to get their fix. This applies to gambling, drugs, etc.

With diet, I personally don't eat meat, but many others I know of who have passed the 5th and who are nearing the 5th do eat meat. Again, it does nothing to the light in the chakras but does lower the physical vibration. Ascension to the 5th is about having 100% light in the chakras. 

Sex can alter the vibration both ways. Making love with a person will create a different vibration than chance sexual gratification.

Everything in moderation and balance. Excess in anything is a reason to stop and observe why the excess exists.

From my observances and readings, I feel much of what is taught has been read and passed on without too much investigation into its veracity. Waireti and I are the world’s greatest disbelievers. We have to test and observe for ourselves before we believe. Hence, we have had a wild ride, but it's been our ascension process, and it worked.

You are the Master of your own ascension process. Do what feels right for you. 

And this is true, it is your ascension. We can only tell you what worked for us. Your ascension path is yours and we respect everyone's path. 


25th September 2013

We have a goddess day for healing. Amaterasu, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Pallas Athena, and Lady Nada have all stepped forward for today’s free healing in the Ascended Masters’ portal. 

The Masters have asked me to write about who they are in a clearer way. 

On the first level, Ascended Masters are those Beings who have left the cycle of rebirth and have ascended past the 6th initiation into total union with their higher selves. They then continue to ascend to their Christ Light.

You all incarnate into a body on five rays of incarnation – soul ray, personality body ray, mental body ray, emotional body ray, and physical body ray. There is a Master with each of these rays watching over you, so in effect, you have a team of five Ascended Masters with you. Not all are walking with you, but they have you in their eye.

The Ascended Masters are omnipresent. Waireti and I were at the hospital yesterday, and she was talking to a doctor. The doctor had Jesus standing beside him, and Jesus had his hand on his shoulder. Waireti also had Jesus with her, Jesus’ hand on her shoulder. Two Jesus - you can see it now - Jesus gave Jesus the nod of recognition. Ha-ha. And that is what it's like. You can see how they are omnipresent - everywhere at the same time.

Over the years, we get the odd person not happy with their Soul ray Master (teacher), mostly for the reasons of religion. Jews don't want to hear they have Jesus or Mother Mary with them, Christians don't want to hear they have Ganesh with them. Know the Masters are beyond the limitations created by religion. They see you in your entirety - this life, past lives, and dimensional lives - and walk with you for the greater lessons you have to learn.

The Masters are not their past lives. The persona they present to you, i.e. Kuan Yin or Jesus, is to give us a point of recognition, but in effect, they are the greater being who has had many lives, in this dimension and others. Their Higher Self has a name, and it is sacred. So, Jesus, the being, has a different name, just as many of you are seeking your sacred name.


27th September 2013

To further my entry on the 25th

I have an article on the colours of the Ascended Masters’ auras. Click here to see it. When we talk of aura colours of the Masters, we are talking about the aura colours of the Divine Master or the Higher Self of the Master, not of the persona they appear as. For example, the image of the aura of Jesus (not the persona of Jesus in that life) is of the Higher self of Jesus whom he ascended to and who now continues his ascension as an ascended Being. It is the sum of all his past lives in this dimension and others.


28th September 2013

We have many Ascended Masters working through the Ascended Masters’ portal here in New Zealand. They did a house blessing last night. The usual team appears - Archangel Michael, Ptah and Amen Bey, and they were then joined by White Tara, Ganesh, and Hilarion. They removed an entity from an apartment, cleared the energy of the apartment to a cellular level, and White Tara blessed the apartment. Ganesh and Hilarion also made a safe room in the apartment, one in which external energies couldn't get in. Perfect for meditation and just retreating from the outside world.

While working with the Masters and their portal cards this morning, I once more acknowledged the beauty of these portal cards. Waireti uses Dom Ignacio's portal card for any physical injury. She says it should be in every first aid box. My personal must for anyone seriously working on their ascension is Ra-mun. He is a Master initiator. When you pass any spiritual initiation, whether it is a Reiki attunement or one of the five ascension initiations, Ra-mun is there. He is a 7th ray Master and has previously held the position of Chohan of the 7th ray. (St. Germain is the current Chohan of the ray, but he has indicated change is coming). The 7th ray is about change, big changes. So, if you are in the middle of change, want to change your life, want to move forward, or just want to work on your ascension process, then I suggest Ra-mun and his portal card. Place the card on any of your chakra points and feel his energy flow into you. These portal cards are like holding the hand of the Master, the Master’s energy flows through these cards 24/7. 

The other joy is to lay with 7 different portal cards on each chakra. The Masters give excellent healing this way. 

So, which 7 Masters to choose?

Healing - Dom Ignacio, Serapis Bey, Kuan Yin, Jesus, Hilarion, Mother Mary, and Melchizedek

Ascension - Your 5 ray Masters, Ra-mun, and White Tara

Cosmic Connection - White Tara, Ra-mun, Maha Chohan, Isis, Serapis Bey, Sanat Kumara, and your Soul ray Master

Goddess - Kuan Yin, Pallas Athena, Lady Nada, Isis, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene

Or just pick the ones that call to you.


30th September 2013

I work closely with the Ascended Masters at their portal here in New Zealand. One of the gifts they have given me is to know/see the soul ray of a person and their Master and teacher. 

There are many, many Ascended Masters who stand with people. 

This is sacred information of a sacred relationship, and I don’t impart it lightly. 

We all have several Ascended Masters with us, as we incarnate on 5 rays (soul ray, personality ray, mental body ray, emotional body ray, and physical body ray).

This free service is for your soul ray and the Ascended Master with your soul ray, the Master who walks with you as a teacher.

I freely share this sacred information of this sacred relationship.

Email us a photo, preferably with space above the head.

The Ascended Masters are coming closer at this time; they are revealing themselves and becoming more present. Part of the soul purpose of Waireti and myself is to bring awareness of this sacred relationship with the Masters to the fore by sharing which Master stands with each person as soul ray teacher. We all have at 5-6 Masters with us - the 5 ray Masters and the dimensional Master. Many are aware of one of these potential 6 Masters but not of their entire team. Knowing your personal Ascended Master team will greatly assist in your ascension process, for in the knowing, your heart will open to the Masters. And with your heart open, the Masters can come in closer.

To know your 5 Ray Master team - click here.  


3rd October 2013

Spring has arrived. I was standing outside yesterday looking over to the portal, the air was still, and the energy all around was just so soft and gentle. Ganesh and Hilarion were in the healing aspect of the portal; Shiva and Osiris were waiting for me to enter. It was just gorgeous energy. The energy is different every day.

Yesterday was also one of those days in the portal when I disappeared. Shiva and Osiris surrounded me, and Waireti said I disappeared. The Masters acknowledge the work Waireti, AmayahGrace, and I do here. They know we are trying our best to get a greater awareness of the Masters out there and to assist in ascension. They know we all work in integrity and honour, and we respect them and you. The Masters were showing me the doors are opening wide.

This confirms what Waireti has been telling me - change is coming. And then Sanat Kumara has appeared again as one of my teachers. He was one of my early teachers. He introduced me to the torus many years ago and gave me the techniques I use today when working with the Masters. So, to have him back, I know change is coming. Of course, with the Masters, nothing is ever revealed in entirety. Step by step, need to know basis is their motto. Of course, if we knew it all, we would sit down in shock and never move. The small picture is always easier to cope with than the big one.

Here are some questions that came in this week and my answers.

Why are there no black Ascended Masters? There are black Masters of course. Afra ascended in Africa and Cha Ara in the Middle East. But ethnicity, like religion, means nothing to the Masters. When they ascend, they became a Being of light, not a person of any colour. They don't have a physical form. They only show themselves in form to make us feel more comfortable and to create a point of connection and familiarity.

Who is the Archangel with black hair and blue wings? We aren't familiar with this one, but there are angels with blue wings, so maybe this is who you saw.

Who is the Archangel with black hair? Contrary to popular paintings, Archangel Michael has black hair.

Why do the Ascended Masters stay silent? You know you are with a Master if there is very little said. Entities and those pretending to be Ascended Masters are verbose, Masters are not. A true Ascended Master will say very little - a short phrase, a sentence. And in those few words, much is revealed. An example from Isis: "Things happen for you, not to you."


5th October 2013

Lot's happening here at the portal. The Masters have made a directive. Sounds very official. 

As you know, one of our free services is to tell those who ask who their Soul Ray Master is and what soul ray they incarnated on. As a paid service, we can tell you the 5 rays of incarnation and the Masters with each ray. The Masters have indicated Soul ray Master and Personality ray Master are old terms that don't fully imply their meaning and can lead to misunderstanding in today's changing terminology. 

So, to be current, the Masters have asked I make the following changes.

Your Soul ray Master will now be called your Ascension Master. So, you now immediately understand the higher purpose and connection with this Master. 

Your Personality ray Master will now be called your Life Master, the Master who is there to help you with your lessons for this life.

The Mental body ray Master, emotional body ray Master, and physical body ray Master support the Life Master. These names remain unchanged as of yet.

The name of the Dimensional
Life Master remains unchanged.

The Dimensional Life Master works with you and your dimensional lives. This Master is linked to an incarnation ray. So, you can potentially have six Masters working with you.


7th October 2013

What an amazing and Holy day this Sunday! We had the first passing of the 6th initiation at the portal. 

What a power day. The recipient received instructions to be here before dawn. 

The dawn came with the Seraphim (first time in the portal) singing in the dawn and laying the vibrational energy for the initiation. Then came Metatron, Osiris, Omri-tas, and Arcturus - a nice little power group. But they were all encompassed in the energy of Omega. 

It was a great honour to be present and witness the ascension. We now know what happens, and I will share it with you. We all are learning together.

As you know, when the fifth initiation is upon you, Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) cuts the cord of the Earth Star, and the Father energy creates a celestial star to replace the earth star. This allows the person who has left the cycle of rebirth to remain in body. At the 6th, the Celestial star leaves the body of the Mother Earth completely and moves to above the 12th chakra. It then becomes like a capstone on the chakras. This is to keep the person in body, otherwise, he would leave his body. 

The union with the Higher Self begins, and while the lower self still exists, the Higher Self is now coming into the body.

The 5 rays of incarnation cease to exist, as the person has no more life lessons. The Ray of the lower self changes to the ray of the Higher Self. These 5 rays (soul, personality, mental, emotional, and physical) all become the colour of the Higher Self’s ray. 

All the dimensional lives are gone. They have worked through all of their karma and lessons and have been absorbed into the Higher Self.

The lower self is given a new protective layer around the etheric body. This keeps the cells of the body in place. 

Ascension is possible. It isn't a myth.


10th October 2013

Wednesday’s healer in the portal was Melchizedek. He is a 1st ray Master. His aura colours are to the left. 

The Sleep spray from the Masters will be coming soon, we are just getting labels printed. We have had lots of positive feedback, especially about it breaking the cycle of not sleeping. I personally am sleeping well. Thank you, Masters.

A quote from Serapis Bey: "Don't desire, Be and Do."   

Does that sound like a challenge to you? He is saying, Be the Being you are and get out there and make it happen, instead of hoping the universe will provide. Be and Do. One of those steps towards being the Master of our own reality. 


17th October 2013

This week’s healing was led by Kuan Yin. It was a pink and ruby day in the portal; the colours swirled and blended as healing proceeded through the day. Kuan Yin was assisted by Hathor, Lady Nada, Mary Magdalene, Pallas Athena, and Isis.

Ascension is the one reason the Masters are coming closer at this time. They built and brought this portal through to this dimension for the purpose of helping humanity in their ascension process. They have made their ascension oils and give their ascension healings for the sole purpose of your ascension.

So, I'm thrilled to say we have had another 5th initiation as a result of the Ascended Masters help via their crystal portals, oils, and healings. This lovely 2nd ray lady has now left the cycle of rebirth. Phew! What a wonderful feeling to say no more lives and no more karma.

The initiation occurred away from the portal. We have had it confirmed; you don't need to visit the portal to pass the 5th initiation. A relief for those who live out of New Zealand and who know they are getting close to the 5th initiation ascension.

We now can say we have had five 5th initiations and one 6th initiation thanks to the Ascended Masters’ healings, crystal portals, paintings, and oils. We know these are early days. Before the portal leaves, there will be many, many more who achieve this same goal.


Courage is an essential element of ascension. You will be challenged to face your fears the closer you get to the 5th initiation. We don't ascend without courage. Look at all the Masters, they didn't hold back in fear. Courage is an aspect of all of their paths. Fear can firmly anchor us, preventing us from ascending.

Here is the portal painting of the Deva of Courage. The colours of purpose and serenity are merging into one. Courage beings with it a sense of peace and calmness. The Devas are the animating force behind every action.


21st October 2013

We have the Ascended Masters’ sleep spray "Good Night" available in the store. 

Good Night is a sleep spray created by Ascended Masters St. John the Baptist, St. Germain, and Lady Nada in the Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand. The spray is to help you get to sleep and break the patterns of not sleeping. Sleeping is an essential part of the Ascension process.

After trials around the world, these are some of the comments made: 

... it stills the mind, so it is easier to fall asleep

... calmly supports and strengthens my energy field

... it has remarkably improved my sleep patterns

... it gives a feeling of safety, and then calm and tranquility

... it makes me feel very relaxed and I'm in a deep sleep quickly

... I wake up smiling

... my body relaxes

... it's like it takes away what's on my mind


27th October 2013

Waireti presented all those who asked for healing to the Masters on Wednesday this week. She tells me Jesus and St. John were the healers of the day.

The Masters teach us, and we can see ourselves. The Higher Self can be (and usually is) on a different ray to the Ascension or soul ray. So here I am, a first ray soul with a mainly blue aura, but my Higher Self is on the 2nd ray (yellow). You might like to meditate with your Higher Self and ask to see the colour of your Higher Self's ray. 

This little piece of knowledge helps us see the Higher Self in a more connected way.


31st October 2013

This Wednesday’s healing was given by St. John the Baptist and the 1st ray Masters El Morya, Melchizedek, and Thomas Merton.

The goddess Cassiopeia has been here recently. Her teaching is:

"See the light (not the darkness) in everyone you meet. When you do this, all interactions will come from the heart, there will be no judgement."

Try it. When you do this, you will find there is only the now and present moment with each person. Don't be selective, see the light in everyone. It exists. This is how the Masters act. They see everyone as Beings of Light.


7th November 2013

Waireti presented all those wanting healing in the Ascended Masters’ portal yesterday. She tells me the Masters were waiting for her, St. Germain with his arm around the shoulders of Serapis Bey. Both conducted the healing on those being presented. So, everyone got a double dose of healing from the Masters!

It is lovely to see the service they perform. 

Part of ascension is service. The Masters never look to see where they are going, rather they walk backward on their path, helping all of those that come behind them. Service comes from the heart, it is not a head/mind activity. 

We had Osiris, Amaterasu, and Sanam (not Sanat) Kumara in the portal over the weekend. They worked together doing their own thing. It is times like this we are reminded that the Masters built the portal for themselves so they could work more closely with humanity. 


13th November 2013

Today's healing in the Ascended Masters’ portal was led by the Ascended Master Hilarion. He was joined by the Cosmic Masters Ganesh and Ptah.

Waireti was in the portal garden the other day and saw an army of ancient Mongolian soldiers marching towards the portal, five abreast. They marched into the portal and passed over. They had been earthbound for hundreds of years. This gives you an idea of the many services the Ascended Masters are performing around the world for humanity.

Dom Ignacio has created a new crystal portal. Dom Ignacio’s last life was as a priest, better known as St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order. Dom Ignacio is a powerful physical and etheric body healer. He has made this crystal portal for a working healer. Through this portal, he will be working with both the healer and the client to bring about change. He will help with physical, etheric, emotional, and mental body healing. He will introduce the healer to the joy of healing. He will open the healer to healing from the heart to a greater level of healing than what they experience now. He will teach them it is possible to ascend through healing. This is a gorgeous amethyst crystal. The photo in no way does it any justice.


17th November 2013

I was asked an interesting question about chakra spin direction. It was suggested others might want this clarification too.

Which way is clockwise for my chakra to spin? My left? Or your left? 

My solution is to imagine a clock on a chakra so the face of the clock is looking out to the world. Then you can determine which way is actually clockwise.

The following are observations about the spin direction from doing chakra readings with Waireti. Remember she has dimensional vision and sees all. 

• Most people have clockwise as their healthy spin direction. Of course, there are exceptions to most rules. 

• When a chakra spins opposite to the healthy direction (anti-clockwise for most), the chakra will be out of alignment, either to the left or right of the body’s spine or central line for the higher chakras. If a chakra is spinning anti-clockwise and is aligned, then it is just about to go out of alignment or is just returning to alignment.

• Chakras usually go out of alignment in pairs - one to the left and one to the right for balance. For example, if the sacral chakra (relationships) is out of alignment first (therefore anti-clockwise), then another supporting chakra will commonly go out of alignment and give it balance - solar plexus (self), heart (love), or throat (communication).

• We want to see all the chakras aligned and spinning in a healthy direction. Then we know the chakras are clearing their dross and karma in a relatively easy way. Anticlockwise and out of alignment means there are struggles occurring.

By the way, the spin direction and alignment are a very small aspect of the chakra reading Waireti and I provide.

The Masters are very aware that we offer few healings for those who are physically, emotionally, and mentally in need of healing. Most of our healings are for ascension. Ascension is the main reason the Masters have created their portal here in New Zealand. 

And they know Waireti and I are only able to do so much in a day. For a week or so, I had been getting that the Masters wanted to create healing shawls. Then Waireti saw Dom Ignacio put a healing shawl around my son when I was sending him healing one day (the flu). We then knew Dom Ignacio was leading the call for these shawls. He was joined by Mother Mary to add love and St. Germain for change.

These shawls have physical, emotional, and mental body healing imprinted into them, along with love from Mother Mary and change from St. Germain. After trialing these shawls and seeing how they work, we can see that the more the shawl is used, the more healing energy is built into it. These shawls can be used by anyone and are for anyone.

We are trialing different suppliers from New Zealand, India, Nepal, and China, so there will be lots of different shawls appearing until we decide on one or two types. Have a look at what is in the store.

Ascended Masters Jesus, Pallas Athena, Mary Magdalene, St. Germain, and Serapis Bey have all indicated they want shawls of their own. How these will work we aren't too sure but know they are coming.


18th November 2013

The Ascended Master Thomas Merton is leading today’s healings. He is a new Ascended Master, and this is his first time to lead the healing sessions. I woke in the middle of the night and was aware of him in the portal. Waireti saw him sitting on a blanket, obviously preparing. So, all of you on today’s free healing list open your heart to him today so he can connect in a deeper way. Send him your love and support. Even Masters have a first time for doing things. Here is a photo of his colours.

We had an email question. When healing, channeling energy or receiving energy, a person’s physical body can twitch, jerk, or spasm. This is quite common. This occurs when the pranic channels (the channels through which energy flows) are blocked. We may have 7 major chakras, but we have 72,000 nadis in the body. A nadi is a point where these channels cross. The major chakras are major intersection points, so when there is a blockage in any of these channels, a physical effect can occur when energy is flowing into the body.

We suggest Violet Flame oil from the Masters to clear the blockages. It can be applied to energy centres other than the major 7. Some of these minor chakras are both inner wrists, inner elbows, behind the knees, tip of nose, tip of chin, in front of each ear, outer edge of the eyebrows, top of the spine at the back of the head, palm of hands, fingertips, soles of feet, above and below each breast, spleen, core star, and soul seat to name a few. 

A few more healing shawls have been added to the store. These are so soft and light, and the colours are delicate. Just beautiful.


27th November 2013

Hilarion and Serapis Bey are the healers today in the free healing sessions in the Ascended Masters’ portal. 

Waireti has started to write an article on auras and colour for our next newsletter. As always, our articles are completely original. For this article, we all get the benefit of learning from what she sees with her dimensional sight. 

Ha-ha, don't waste your time lying to her. Lying instantly appears as maroon in the aura when you lie. As I said, she sees all. Depression also has this same maroon colour, but at the edge of the aura. Colours have different meanings in different parts of the aura. As she says, the colours can be quite mystifying in their meaning. And confusing. She says Sight doesn't come with a guidebook. 

Recently, as I was emailing those requesting to know their Ascension teachers, the Masters commented on how the Masters are now much closer than they were 20 years ago. Everyone now has a Master who walks beside them, mostly their life Masters. And everyone has 5 Masters who watch over them - Soul/Ascension Master, Life/personality Master, mental body Master, emotional body Master, and physical body Master. This is amazing. The old saying was when the pupil is ready, the Master appears. Now the Masters are appearing for all. Too beautiful.


30th November 2013

We have a new blog post up on the aura - click here to read it.


3rd December 2013

We have had another person pass the 5th initiation. This person is in the States, so yes you can ascend away from the portal. There are a few of you working hard to be next. 

The Masters want me to talk on the topic of working towards your ascension. 

The Masters want me to address the issue of ‘thinking’ you are working to your ascension and actually doing it.

Ascension is the clearing of your chakras of dross and karma, so you can raise your vibration and therefore your consciousness. We pass the 5th initiation and no longer must come back for any more lives when our chakras are at 100% light. We do this by clearing the dross from our chakras. As we do this, karma rises up for release and facilitates the increase in light in the chakras. It sounds pretty simple, and it is. What it requires is a constant conscious effort to clear the chakras.

There is a large contingent who go to workshops, acquire knowledge about the spiritual world and all its branches, belong to lots of spiritual groups, listen to talks, and are pretty much out there in the spiritual world. They are being seen; they talk the talk. And this is all perfectly fine and normal. We all do it. But some get caught up in the illusion and ‘think’ they are working towards their ascension by participating, acquiring knowledge, and knowing what is happening in the wider universal sense, when in fact they are doing absolutely nothing about clearing the dross from their chakras. So, from one year to the next, they don’t take one step closer to their ascension. 

This is a world of illusion. Big talk and promises. But no one can ascend for you. It is your responsibility alone to take charge of your ascension process. 

We are here to offer support, encouragement, and tools to help you ascend and understand the process, but the conscious choice is yours.

So, what is the first conscious step? Find out who your Ascension Ascended Master is (this is a free service from us, just send us your photo). Everyone has one of the Ascended Masters walking with them to help them in this process, it no longer just for the favoured few. The Ascended Masters have stepped up; everyone has an Ascension Master. Your Ascension Master is there to hold your hand and help you towards the goal of not having to come back into body for yet another life.


4th December 2013

There are eight Ascended Masters healing today in the Ascended Masters’ portal. White Tara leads a rainbow day, or rather a ray-day. The seven rays are represented by St. John the Baptist (1st ray - blue), Jesus (2nd ray - yellow), Dom Ignacio (3rd ray - pink), Serapis Bey (4th ray -white), Ganesh (5th ray - green and orange) Pallas Athena (6th ray - purple, ruby, and gold), St. Germain (7th ray - violet), and White Tara (8th ray - rainbow).

As many of you know, one of our free services is to tell people who their Ascension Master is (this is the Master with their soul ray). In these changing times of ascension, the Masters are coming closer. We now can have a master assigned to each of our five rays - soul ray (Ascension Master), personality ray (Life Master), mental body ray, emotional body ray, and physical body ray. Add into that a dimensional life Master, and we can get quite a team around us.

Of course, people have their own heart connections with Masters regardless if the person is in their ‘team’ or not. That's perfectly fine. Jesus isn't in my team, but I love it when he is around all the same, and I have a heart connection with him.

So, it isn't uncommon for people to think I get it wrong. And sometimes I do. I am happy to ask Waireti to check if you feel your Ascension Master isn't part of your team, but today I was asked to explain for a different reason. And yes, I got it wrong!

In my article on Mary Magdalene, I wrote Mary Magdalene was a new Master, having ascended in the last 20 years. So wrong! That’s what happens when I write from my knowledge base before the portal. These days I only write what comes from the Masters. Thank goodness this was bought to my attention. 

What bought this to my attention was the question: How can new Masters stand with people when the pupils were born before the Master ascended? This especially applies to Thomas Merton, our newbie Master. This is my response guided by the Masters:

So here is what I know from my experience here at the portal and what I have received via my 2nd crown chakra from the Masters.

The last Master to Ascend who now stands with people was Thomas Merton. He died in 1968 but didn't emerge as a Master till 40 years later when he came to the portal as gatekeeper. Over the last few years, we have watched him grow in his abilities and responsibilities as a Master, supported and guided by the other Masters. He is just learning. He has pupils and is slowly getting more. So, this would suggest his current pupils had another Master before him, though their soul ray would have stayed the same, just changed in the shade of blue. 

Melchizedek supplies the answer that Thomas Merton's pupils are passed to him at this time due to their soul lessons being more vibrationally attuned to Thomas Merton the Master he is today, not the person he was in his last life. All of Thomas Merton's pupils were previously with Melchizedek. 

Historically I have heard Mary Magdalene had her last life and ascended in the 20th century, and this is what I believed. So up until this moment, I would say what I have just written about Thomas Merton would apply to Mary Magdalene. In the article I wrote about her, I relied on my old knowledge taken from elsewhere, not as I do now. I now rely only on the Masters themselves as a source of information. I am being quite loudly corrected, so thank you for emailing so I would sit still long enough for the Masters to correct me on this. From what I am receiving, she had her last life sometime in the 14th century. What further confirms this to me is the amount of work Mary Magdalene does in the portal compared to Thomas Merton and the vast number of pupils she has compared to him.

We have had the first 6th initiation ascension at the portal and six 5th initiations in the last year. So, it makes sense to believe there will be many new Masters Ascending over the lifetime of the portal. They will all start to take on pupils. Those pupils may very well be alive now. 

We are all learning. We need to be fluid in our understanding in these times of ascension, for that is why the Masters are so close at this time - to help humanity ascend. 


13th December 2013

Healing this Wednesday was led by Serapis Bey. He was assisted by Inanna and Amen Bey. They are all Ascended Masters on the white ray, the 4th ray of Harmony through conflict.

As you know, we are an Ascension site and most of our healings are for Ascension, but one of the side effects of ascension is ill health. As we ascend, the higher vibration of our cells comes into conflict with the dross we carry, and of course, this dross must be released. Hence for many, the release manifests on the physical.

You may erroneously think that as you ascend your body will become healthier and lighter in vibration. Your body exists in the vibration of the physical world; regardless of anything else, that is where we live. The physical world is the food we eat and what we put into our body - all have a vibration consistent with the physical world. Therefore, any rising in vibration will occur in the chakras and the other bodies, and any release or conflict will very likely for most play out in the lowest vibration, that being the physical body.

Don't think when you pass the 5th initiation this will stop - you will still be in a body. In fact, after the 5th initiation, you will go through a period of being very sick. Your chakras are 100% light, but your physical body isn't, so vast clearing will occur - not from what is in your chakras, but from what you carry in your other bodies. You will also begin to clear the karma of your dimensional lives and assist in the clearing of the karma of those around you. 

We have had a sad week here at the portal. Those of you who have visited will have seen our two ginger cats, one short hair and one long hair. Sadly, both passed away within three days of each other. They were old (16 years), and it was their time, but we still feel the holes they have left in our lives. Our chocolate Labrador Iris misses them too; she is walking around looking very sad and lost and whimpers where the cats’ bed was. Too sad. We put a healing scarf around Iris’ neck to help her at this time, and we have been wearing our healing shawls too. We pray they go to a loving family in their next lives. Kuthumi (St. Francis of Assisi) helped greatly with all the animals via his portal card. Blessings to the Masters for their loving work with the animals and us.


17th December 2013

AmayahGrace was asked a question for her webcast - how do we create abundance? She gave some good suggestions around the blockages and ways to address lack. The Masters suggested I add this here:

"When you cease to desire abundance, when you forget about it, when you live in the moment, and when you truly trust and have faith that all your needs will be met - then the abundance will arrive." 

This is heart knowledge, not head fear.

Waireti tells me the healing shawl the Masters made for Iris is of a different vibration to the other healing shawls. Healing mats for animals are next perhaps. Iris is loving hers, she fell asleep instantly last night when Waireti laid it on her.


19th December 2013

Waireti and I are now taking turns presenting those wanting healing to the Masters on a Wednesday. Yesterday was a yellow day, a 2nd ray day. The Masters Jesus, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, and Lao Tze all stood in a diamond pattern healing each of you on the healing list in turn. Waireti called them ‘The Awesome Foursome’.

I had a question about the Blessing Stone. For those of you who don't know, the Masters have created a blessing stone here at the Ascended Masters’ portal. Click here to see it and read more about it. Essentially the stone was created by the Masters to bless a crystal for you. They will imbue into it what you need, usually, it is Deva related, so it may be courage, joy, trust, etc. You can do this from home. Just print off the photo and place your crystals on it. It will take about eight hours for them to do it, whereas if you were here at the portal, it would take about ten minutes. Waireti says she often sees the Blessing stone flair and knows someone somewhere in the world has asked the Masters to bless their crystal. 

They will also bless water and imbue it with your needs for the day, providing assistance for your day.

Check out the latest lot of healing shawls. These are all either pure Merino wool, real Cashmere, or Merino and silk blend. They are all so soft, but the softest of all is the Cashmere. 

A question just came in about past lives and karma regarding ascension. Here is my response, amended a bit for general reading:

Anyone who ascends (passes the 5th initiation) must clear all their past lives - everyone. It isn't as difficult as looking at each life or knowing who we were or what we did, but the negative energy of every life resides in our chakras and our soul seat. As we near ascension, we clear them in our dreams via our chakras and via our meditations. Many have thousands of past lives, and it can seem insurmountable when we think of clearing them all. The Masters help to clear these Past lives to assist you in your ascension.

And yes, all karma must be paid to pass the 5th initiation. The karma resides in the chakras; it must be cleared, and it must be paid. 

One piece of karma left, one past life not cleared, one lesson not learned, and back you come for another life. 

Ascension is about perfecting the person to become The Being. Ascension is clearing, clearing, clearing. No one passes the 5th initiation and comes off the wheel of rebirth without being 100% light in all their chakras. 

And another question on karma came right after it.

Karma - we need to pay all of our karma to pass the 5th initiation and get off the cycle of rebirth. The chakras need to be 100% light. The karma is the darkness in the light of our chakras. It must be paid. There are no easy ways. 

I know there are lots of theories and information on the net. It is all about discernment and trusting your own inner knowing. 

I get a lot of ‘so and so’ wrote this or said this, but I can only present my knowledge from our empirical studies and Master’s teachings. Much of what is written on the internet has been taken from the works of Alice Baily, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Leadbeater, Blavatsky, etc. All contradictory. Hence, we tossed it all out and asked the Masters to teach us directly. My 2nd crown chakra makes sure Verna is out of the picture and everything received is clear. The 2nd crown chakra ensures that I am a clear channel. Here at the portal, we work with the Ascended Masters daily. We have many questions, and the Masters answer them when we get to the place where we can understand the answer. We share freely what we get as articles, blogs, and diary entries. As I say, we are all learning.

But in saying that, knowledge is all a head thing. Knowing information doesn't assist in the ascension process. We can only ascend through our Holy Heart, the place beyond the Sacred Heart.  



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