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Sunday, 2nd January, 2011

The energy here at the Ascended Masters’ portal is so gentle and peaceful since the new year dawned. Hopefully this energy goes out to the entire world, for the world could do with some gentle and peaceful times - on all levels. The portal is white infused with gold, giving it a cream coloured appearance with ruby around the edges. Lady Nada is working with the gold energy (one of the colour rays of the 6th ray, the goddess ray of devotion). She is joined by a male 6th (ruby) ray master. These beginning days of the new year are the days of goddess energy. The goddess energy simply goes out to the hearts of all - from the portal, heart to heart. From their heart to yours. A beautiful start to the new year.

I meditated with Lady Nada's printlast night against my heart chakra, and she took my energy spiraling up in white and gold. A beautiful experience. You might like to try it yourself.

Each day I am meditating with a different Master - 22 Master prints in 22 days. Jesus was my choice for the 1st of January. He took me down to the darkest depths of my being where I identified the dross (rubbish) within me of the vibration that could be released, and up we went, leaving behind old residual vibrations. I finished the meditation feeling so much lighter. The next master for me is Mother Mary. I must admit to feeling a little apprehensive. She is here to help us with love – love of self and others, regardless of who they are or what they have done.

The grounding oil is still in the testing stage. We have found it is so much more than just a grounding oil. It now appears to bring balance and also aligns the physical personality with the Higher Self and the Christ Light/Monad in every cell, bringing a deeper sense of connection with the Divine within and yet bringing it all to a physical cellular level. Grounding at its most profound level. It will be ready in about a month. For those of you who are reading about grounding oil for the first time, the grounding oil was made in the Ascended Masters’ portal by the 7 Chohans of the 7 rays - El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Lady Nada, and St. Germain. At the head of this team was Maha Chohan, Chohan of all the rays. (The Chohans have since changed).


Saturday, 8th January, 2011

A new year and a new portal... sort of! The Masters decided the portal wasn't big enough on a physical level, so a group of us worked for three days (and are still working) to make the changes. Physically, the portal has more than doubled in size. We have built new seating and planted more pungas and ferns to keep it cool in the summer for visitors. We've marked the direction points and added more crystals. It is looking lovely! On a dimensional level, the Masters have been working hard and the greeting hall is sparkling and bright.

These changes meant the Wednesday healing session was delayed. I arrived on Wednesday with my pile of photos for healing requests to find the healing chamber empty. So, healing occurred on Friday instead.

I received an email from a woman regarding the teachings of Love All, a teaching she found easier in principle than practice. I remembered Jesus gave me a teaching on this back in June and so I'm reprinting it here as it’s brilliant. Once it was posted, I had several emails saying how much it helped.

In the portal I received a teaching from Master Jesus. It is always a joy when one of these come. He spoke about the Christ Light (the I Am presence, the god within, the Monad). If you remember, his last teaching at Easter was also on this topic. He had me connect to my Christ Light and sit with it. He then asked me to look at the 96 Ascended Masters in the portal - all standing in quiet silence. He told me they were all one with their Christ Light and stood in devotion to this higher aspect of themselves. He then asked me to send love to the Christ Light of all the Masters. As I did, I felt the love returned and saw the unity of all these Christ Lights. Master Jesus then asked me to send love to the Christ Light of someone I wasn't particularly fond of, and it was very easy. He reminded me that every single person in creation has a Christ Light. Look not at the personality, but at the true Being behind the person in a body. Send your love not to the personality, but to the Christ Light, for then you will find you can love all very easily.

He also told me this was one of his teachings that was removed from the bible. When he said, ‘Love each other as I have loved you’ - this is what he meant. We can only guess why this teaching was removed from the bible, but what a different world it would be if we had all loved in this way for the last 2000 years.

There’s another reason I'm reprinting his teaching. Yesterday I sat on a seat in the portal, only to realize I'd sat on a Master. The rush of energy through the body is a dead giveaway. Master Jesus was sitting in devotion to his Christ Light and to those of others; he suggested I sit and do the same. It is a beautiful practice.


Sunday, 9th January 2011

Work continues on the portal. The next request from the Masters is for a slab of stone, so people can put their personal crystals on it to be energised by the Masters. In the meantime, we are using a flat rock from the Waiwawa river. The Masters have been energising crystals for those visiting the portal since the portal’s earliest days. So if you are coming to the portal, bring a crystal for them to energise specifically for you. They usually only do one per person.

In the announcements, check out the personalised oil from the Ascended Masters.

In brief, the Masters make an oil specifically for you. It is made with a knowledge of your needs on every level - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This is a support oil, not an oil to create change. I love my personal oil. It is made to change according to my freewill choices. So I can use it this week and next month and know it still applies to my life path.

We're checking out family oils too - great for couples wanting help and families needing support with family dynamics.



New beginnings to the power of 5. Wow. 

The portal is so energetically peaceful at the moment, it creates its own bliss. Shafts of Light are radiating out from it in every direction. Open your heart to the beautiful energy and feel your vibration lift. 

All 96 Masters stand in a circle with their backs to the centre, sending love to all of humanity. Here is a teaching from Dom Ignacio of Loyola. He had a very deep love of God in his last life. He would go through his day looking for God. 

A smile from a stranger is God smiling at you, the catch of light on a fading sun is God saying, ‘I provide for you.’ Be in gratitude for all the signs of God around you, and in your gratitude, your heart will expand to include all of life's experiences. For they are there to teach you to be in God, for you to be the smiling stranger, for you to lend a helping hand. How can you serve your fellow beings and help them to see God through their day? 

Dom Ignacio's portal print is to the left. Feel his energy flow into you.


14th January, 2011

The larger and stronger portal continues to delight us and our visitors. A lady was here doing a portal painting the other day, and as I sat with her in the portal, I saw the Masters so clearly. The veil has thinned even more. It is easier to hear them and get direction too. Messages are clearer.

The goddesses have been strong lately - some on the ruby aspect of the 6th ray, others on the gold or purple aspect. In connection with this, I wasn't surprised to hear that Glenn Lewis is painting the 6th ray at the moment. That will be something for sure.

Today the portal is the softest of greens with a pearlescent glow through it. A beautiful healing green.


19th January, 2011

Grounding oil is ready!

Read about why we need to be Spiritually Grounded

Buy Grounding oil

So what else has been going on? Lots! The portal is this amazing colour – it’s both deep blue and purple. There are some materials that are one colour when turned one way and become a different colour when turned another way. Well, that’s the portal at the moment.

45 people were on the list for healing today. I can see the limitations to healing aren't the Masters, but me. After I had presented 45 people, with all their ailments and issues, I could barely walk and my crown chakra was about to explode. I'm sure I'll adjust as the numbers rise. 

Archangel Michael has been present in the portal. Yesterday AA Michael worked on the earth; he sent this amazing blue energy down into the earth. He was working on removing old energy spots that no longer serve the mother earth.

Today Jesus and Mother Mary are working in the portal. Mother Mary is standing in prayer. She tells me it is for all the lost children - lost in so many ways she says. Jesus lends his support to her efforts.


22nd January, 2011

What a great full moon. The portal was this beautiful yellow and white with a blue flame. The Cosmic Masters presiding were the Twin Flame masters, Alpha and Omega. They put an energetic call out to all twin flames in embodiment at the moment; Alpha to the alpha flames and Omega to the omega flames. The call they sent out was to awaken and remind the Twins to their higher purpose together at this time, to strengthen the pull towards each other, and for each to acknowledge and initiate their role. Big stuff. 

In all twin flame relationships, they are two halves of the one whole - one person being the alpha and the other the omega, rather like yin and yang. Read more about twin flames here.


24th January, 2011

I've added a section called ‘Articles’ to the website.

Check out the latest article on Ascended Masters colours. It’s easy to call the Masters’ colors their auric colors, but that implies they have a body, and they have passed the limitations of body, so I'm just calling them colors. I'll be adding to this list over the coming months. More and more people are seeing the Masters - not as a physical being, but as a being of color and light. Then it’s hard to know which master it is, so hopefully this list helps to clarify any confusion.

There are many, many Ascended Masters. We tend to concentrate only on those we have heard of, but there are several who work closely with humanity who go unnoticed. One of these is the Ascended Master Ra-mun (Ra-mu). Ra-mun is a previous Chohan of the 7th ray (St. Germain's current position). Ra-mun in the Master of Initiation and Attunements. If you are going through a personal initiation in your ascension process, he is there. If you are undergoing a Reiki Attunement, he is there.

Many Reiki Masters find having his portal print in the room increases the power of the attunements. As a 7th ray Master, he is a supporter of the Violet flame and the process of Self Transformation with the Violet Flame. I am not aware of him having chelas.


27th January, 2011

Many people, when they learn who their Ascended Master is, ask how they can get closer to their Master. The Masters response - open your heart to your Master. The more open you are, the closer they can get. Be heart to heart with your Master. We often want words and experiences from them, but to me, nothing beats the Heart connection with your Master and the experience of unconditional love received and returned.

I continue to give healings at the portal. I'm beginning to call them multitasking healing. Because of my double crown chakra (one crown chakra is for the Masters), they can heal through me in large numbers. There were six Masters all working on one client in my last session. Each take an aspect of healing, i.e. one heals the emotional body, another ancestral healing, or whatever issues come up for healing. It is very powerful. They make sure the clients go away with water the Masters have energised to assist them through the 2-3 days ahead. Clearing continues for several weeks.


31 January, 2011

I'm away from the portal at the moment. I can tell you being away from the portal’s lovely energy and into the harsher city energy is a lesson in itself. With all the activities yesterday, I forgot to put grounding oil on. When I realized, I looked back over the day to see what I was like. I was less in my power, harsher on myself (less forgiving and loving of self), less thoughtful before I spoke, and not as clear in my thoughts and actions. So today, grounding oil went on first thing, and my second dose for the day is being applied as I write.

Yesterday I had lunch with Glenn Lewis, Ascended Master artist, and Paul Safe from Soul Journeys. When we get together, Glenn and I often find the same information from the Masters has been received by both of us. Yesterday the information we both received over the last week or two was about protection. Archangel Michael has been talking about protection.

Now I'm of the belief that if you believe you need protection, then you do, and if you don't believe you need it, then you don't. We all create our own reality, and this belief has been supported over the years as I've watched who gets attacked and who doesn't. But the Ascended Masters have made it clear to Glen and I in different ways, these are changing times. For Light Workers, there is a greater likelihood of the forces of the dark side bringing in more serious forms of attack. It is likely that our belief systems become our weak point. So, the message is protection. For me, it’s a double edge sword. I've seen those who are fearful of attack attract their fear to them. My philosophy is, just let them try! Well, I'm told they just might.

I'll be talking to the Masters more about this, so let’s see what comes of it. It’s an interesting topic.

But hear their words, "The two opposing forces are all moving to another level."

And that means Lightworkers too. How many of you know you can work at another level? Believe in yourself - trust the inner knowing.


3rd February, 2011

I'm back in the loving energy of the portal (phew), and what a welcome home present. There in the bathroom was a new crystal manifested there by the Masters. The energy is pure love. Now you might be saying, the bathroom?! Well, it makes sense to me. We have always had a print of the Deva of Love in the bathroom. Last week, in a spring cleaning fit, I moved it out as the card was covered in water splashes and was generally battered about. So, the bathroom was the perfect place to put the crystal.

It's an interesting quartz. As I sat with it, I was told to put the thumb of my receiving hand on a specific point, and the love poured into me. I tried placing my thumb elsewhere, but there was no download. Then I was told to place the thumb of my sending hand on another spot, and the love was sent out and received by those with me. What a lovely gift from the Masters; I am so in appreciation. All of you receiving healing at the moment are going to get a gift of love too. I will send it from the crystal over the next few days, working slowly through the healing list (which is about 50 of you at the moment).


5th February, 2011

The pace has surely picked up, and the Masters have much for me to do. First job of the day is to weed the portal and remove all the debris from the wind. The portal today is a soft yellow and white, so we have a 2nd ray portal at the moment. Jesus is there. He wants more ferns! I love 2nd ray days; they are the fun Masters - full of Joy, a sense of humour, and wise. An innate kindness is in them too. The Dalai Lama is a second ray master on earth, so you know the type.

A question has arisen - Are there any Maori Ascended Masters? The only one I have come across is Hine Nui te Po, the goddess of the Underworld. She is a wild one. Her hair is white and wild, like the wind is blowing through it. Her skin is dark and her eyes look intense. She is a vast being and very heart driven.


7th February, 2011

From time to time, an Ascended Master, Cosmic Master, Elohim, or Archangel will indicate they want to make a crystal portal. The crystal is to stay at the portal most of the time, but occasionally the Master makes the portal with a specific person in mind, and their energy is connected into the crystal as well.

Archangel Raphael has stepped forward and made a crystal portal. This portal is for one specific person in the entire world. The portal is connected to this one person. That one person looking at this crystal portal will likely have a physical or emotional reaction. When a Master makes a crystal, it is always because there is great work for the two to do together. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with him, Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of the 5th ray - the green ray of healing, knowledge, and truth. Archangel Raphael is closely linked to the healing aspect of the ray. 


9th February, 2011

Healing day in the portal. With over 50 people in the portal for healing, I'm a little buzzy, but with grounding oil and St. John the Baptist oil for balance (thanks St. John, you're brilliant), I can feel myself settling down within seconds.

Okay, heads up time. I've had feedback from several sources on the Grounding oil. None of these people have used any of the Masters’ products before and are not used to the effect they have. If you have used them before (especially Violet Flame), many of you will have already experienced release and clearing through dreams (a rather easy way to clear if you ask me). But those who haven’t had any Ascended Master assisted clearing before are finding the clearing dreams associated with the grounding oil a bit hard. These will pass in a week or so, just hold on. The grounding oil is grounding all your bodies, so much of the dross didn't come into awareness for clearing till now. Also remember there is dimensional grounding occurring as well, and that can throw up some strange imagery.

I really recommend Violet Flame oil to everyone. It is a very powerful oil, but it clears so much. Read more about it here.

And another query has come up - what does being grounded feel like? Good question. Most of us have gone through life ungrounded to some degree. Many expect being grounded to bring on a feeling of heaviness - not so. It’s about being present in the Now and being actively engaged in our lives and in living. We hear, we are conscious, we are aware of those around us, everything tastes and smells great, colors are brighter.

As one who has been in her body about 40% her entire life, I am loving the engagement with being grounded. Who knew being present was so great!


18th February, 2011

Everything just got turned up a notch. Full moon is tonight at 9.36pm here in New Zealand. Every dimensional cell of the portal has a mini buzz in it, as if every dimensional cell has sped up. My own cells are a slower mirror of this. So I'm interested in today’s visitor to the portal - good skills on his part.

I've said this before and I'm saying it again, I've noticed how important it is to visit the portal before the start of a mission. It’s as if the visit provides a blessing for the work ahead.

Raphael's crystal portal has found a home. Perfect and just in time for major work. All unfolds as it should. I am becoming so aware of the perfection of synchronization.


21st February, 2011

Full moon was full on. Those presiding were the gods Ganesh, Vishnu, and Ti. These are the big boys.

Vishnu (Hindu god and preserver of the universe) has made a crystal portal for someone in the world over the full moon period; I will put a photo up soon. Ganesh was present in his usual healing mode, and Ti is unknown to me. Jesus and the Ascended Masters are bowing to him in reverence. Jesus calls him the Big T, and big he is. He is the ancient supreme Chinese deity I'm told.

He is wearing a scarlet red silk robe with a mandarin collar; there is a pattern in a darker red through it. His features are fine and his eyes tilt upwards at the ends. His hair is in very very fine plaits and is pulled back off his face.

I gave an Ancestral healing workshop in Taumaranui yesterday. It was so interesting to be part of this healing process. Ancestral healing is so important for us all, and through the Masters’ imprinted canvases, the releases are quite gentle. The Masters taught me about the topic before I gave the workshop, and more came during the painting sessions. I'm about to write an article on this, as the Masters gave some very interesting insights. So, watch this space.


23rd February, 2011

New Zealand has been struck once more by a severe earthquake in Christchurch. There is loss of life, buildings collapsed, homes lost, and no water or sewerage facilities. A state of shock has hit the nation. It was a joy to see the Masters all praying and working in the portal today on this sad event. The team is led by Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael, Serapis Bey, and the god Ra. Ra is a being that is so vast, he has no body. He is a being that can only be described as a mini sun, he shines so bright. I certainly give thanks for the energy they lend to protecting the land they chose to create their portal in.


24th February, 2011

The Ascended Masters’ portal is filled with many angelic hosts led by the Elohim Hercules, his beautiful blue standing out in the portal. The angels and their work are definitely needed in New Zealand at this time.


28th February, 2011

The Masters have started to create protection pendants for Lightworkers as they begin to step into their soul purpose and work for the Light. (These are no longer available.)

I'm of the belief that if you think you need protection, you do, and if you feel you don't, you don't. We all create our own reality. But the Masters have said loud and clear - that’s okay to a point, but the dark forces are getting stronger and bigger, and the self-resources we have as Lightworkers are not going to make the grade against some of these unknowns. So, they have stepped forward to help by making these protection devices to be worn as pendants or on a charm bracelet.


3rd March, 2011

The energy in the portal went up a notch, or a 1000. Here at the Ascended Masters’ portal, we all have severe crown chakra headaches just because the energy is so much. The Masters have protected us with a wrapping around our energy fields; let’s just say we've been wrapped in silver gladwrap. This is all connected with the arrival in the portal of the next cosmic Master assisting in the creation of the foundations. For the last few days, we've had Ares here standing strong - a vision of white, or rather a V of white. As he worked in the portal, a doorway began to open within the portal in the NE quadrant. The last time this happened was when one of the flames was being made, and it took the Being five days to descend to our vibration to work on the oil. 

And now it is occurring again. The god stepping through this doorway was Brahma; he came from a long way off. Once in the portal, all I wanted to do was sit in this beautiful energy in devotion. Brahma is here for the new moon - a time of focus and devotion. I find myself automatically realigning my energy field to these new vibrations coming in from the cosmic dimensions.

Once I managed to return, I immediately put on my Grounding oil, and I was present and alert within 30 seconds. The reports are coming in from all around the world as to how much everyone is loving the Grounding oil. I concur, the Chohans have made a beautiful oil.


4th March, 2011

Over half of the 96 Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters, Elohim, Deva's, and Archangels have made crystal portals for themselves. I have many of them displayed with the portal paintings. I have taken to sitting on the couch in front of these portals each morning before I start my day to see if there is any direction the Masters choose to give me for the day. I confess, I bliss out for a bit. Today’s guidance was back to the pendants with a new slant.

These pendants have been made by the Ascended Masters for Lightworkers to protect them against dimensional attacks.

Many Lightworkers work alone, unknown, and unsung - their work is great and critical, yet their aloneness is their vulnerability against forces they have no knowledge or awareness of. One person can't fight an army, and don't put your work at risk by thinking you can. Follow your guidance and decide if you need the Ascended Masters’ help.

We put those big named authors on pedestals. We buy their books and think they have all the answers, but in reality, it is the Lightworkers out there, unknown and unsung, who are doing the greatest work alone and in small groups. You are all the real force. You are the ones who make up the force of Light. You won't get your name in lights here on earth, your reward comes later. To help you achieve your soul purpose, the Masters have created their oils, pendants, and portals (and their own portal here in New Zealand), so they can help you be all you are here to be. We seem to think we have to do it alone, and for many this is the case, but help is around us as support.


6th March, 2011

Vast Cosmic Beings continue to work in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Part of their work is to further expand the portal and to help secure and build it. Another one of the 96 Masters has stepped forward; the Elohim Cassiopeia is here. These Beings are so vast, there is no form, just colour and Light. She is the prettiest of baby blues, cream, and gold, with a clarity and brilliance that is breath taking. Her role is to assist in raising the consciousness of the planet. The portal itself has taken on her vibration and is a beautiful mid blue filled with gold sparks of light. (These colours were the energy she was working with. The Elohim Cassiopeia is on the 5th ray, and her personal aura is orange with a yellow edge.)

I can't express enough the gift these Masters are giving humanity just by creating this portal, let alone the further ongoing assistance they give humanity, both individually and collectively. And on top of this, they provide individual healing, create oils, and create portal paintings for us so their energy can flow into our homes and energy fields.

Their constant plea is for humanity to open their hearts. Open your hearts to each other, and in that opening, receive and return love unconditionally. It is time to move out of your minds and into your heart, for judgements are mind based and create limitations for ourselves. Judgement and love are mutually exclusive.

So move into your heart and open it. Open your heart to yourself, to others, to the Masters, and to the Being you deem to be the supreme creator.


13th March, 2011

I received this feedback in an email today. I very rarely share feedback, but this expressed just how I am feeling myself at the moment, so I thought I would share someone else's voice with you.

As I have interacted with the Masters through the oils and the prints and in the weekly healing, my own relationship with the Masters has deepened, and I have experienced growth, healing, and expansion on many levels...

...I can hardly believe it, but I do indeed seem to be free now of severe and debilitating hay fever. I must admit I struggled to accept that it could be so, but despite my incredulity, the Masters are indeed gracious and the healing is irrefutable. Deep gratitude!

The service of the Masters to humanity is one of those things that goes unnoticed. They work tirelessly in their service to us, their brothers and sisters who have yet to graduate as they have. A Master walks backwards, never looking where they themselves are going, but rather lovingly helping all of those still on the cycle of rebirth.


16th March, 2011

The Ascended Masters’ portal is pulsing, breathing in and out. It is green and gold, which makes sense as today is healing day for all those I present to them. Also, I have a canvas in the portal being imprinted with healing for someone’s traumatic past life. That person will come to the portal to paint and absorb the healing for that life into their chakras, and so be healed. When I presented the canvas, the Masters chose not only to heal the person, but are also imprinting healing for all those connected to that one life. As this person paints, not only will they be healing, but they will facilitate the healing of others that shared that past life.

Those of us living at the portal did our own little workshop on ‘Healing Your Ancestral Line Through Art’. The Masters imprinted into the canvas the healing for our ancestral cellular memory. Not only were we being healed, but also our ancestors in their present lives and of course future generations. We found it interesting to note what came up as ancestral memory that now resides in our cells and affects us as the people we are today. Examples were body image, keeping our children safe, fear for our children, work ethic, fears - all inherited from our ancestors. After the painting session (which took about three hours), we noticed we were very fragile and that healing continued in the cells for several days. Now the paintings emanate a balanced and harmonious lineage. What a blessing from the Masters.

The question of St. Germain and Violet Flame has risen again. When he made the St. Germain oil, and I asked what the difference was between this oil and the Violet Flame oil, he said quite firmly, “I am St. Germain, I am not the Violet Flame.” So many of us get confused with this distinction. His name is so synonymous with The Violet Flame that we think it is his. But no, he is a Master of the 7th ray and the Violet Flame is the flame of the 7th ray. There are many 7th ray Masters and all promote the Violet Flame. Many are of higher vibration than St. Germain–Ra-mun and Omri-tas for example. We are so used to hearing only a few Ascended Master names, we forget there are thousands of them. I hope by reading my website you will get to know some of them a little better. 


18th March, 2011

Sometimes things happen in the portal that come out of left field. Yesterday Judas was laid to rest. Mother Mary wrapped him in a shroud and the Masters all contributed to a ceremony. And now there is just a most powerful column of white light in the portal.

To be a Master, there is no judgment and there is no forgiving- all their forgiveness occurred before they became an Ascended Master. Yesterday Judas got to a place where he could forgive himself - 2000 years of karma, pain, and self-judgment stored in the chakras. In laying himself to rest, he contributed to his own ascension process. A big day.

So, look to yourselves - what lives do you have stored in your chakras that hold you back in your own ascension process? It is so important to clear, clear, clear the chakras of all we hold onto (unconsciously for the most part).

So where to go from here? Start with the Ascended Masters’ Violet Flame oil. I can't recommend it enough for clearing the dross from the chakras.


21 March, 2011

Another Full Moon has passed. This was a very different full moon here at the portal; the portal was silver. And the Masters were all from the hidden rays, without form for the most part except for Maha Chohan. When I say silver, I mean transparent silver with a dance of rainbow light across it. It was very beautiful.

The Masters let it be known they are starting to continue the Ascension flame series. There are five hidden flames, and they are continuing to manifest the pure flame energy into oil. The oil of the hidden flames will be available to all who have completed the seven oils in the current ascension flame series.

The silver ray is not the 8th ray, but rather the next flame in the ascension series. I don't know which of the five hidden rays belong to the silver flame, but I'm sure I will be told.

A brand new Ascended Master has stepped forth into the Ascended Masters’ portal - Lady Kristine. She passed over in 1979 from her life as Florence Miller and has achieved further ascension to be an Ascended Master. She is a 3rd ray Master, and her aura is the palest of pinks at the centre leading out to pale and mid pink. If you are called to Mother Mary’s energy, then you will like Lady Kristine. She is very gentle, very soft, and filled with compassion and love. She has great devotion for God. She was previously St. Teresa of Avila, though I have no awareness of her life as Kristine. She appears very shy, contained, and refined, with blond hair pulled back with a thin headband, eyes cast down in humility. She joins Thomas Merton, another recently ascended Master. Thomas has a beautiful aura; it’s blue with an overlay of violet at the outer edges.

It is lovely to see efforts for ascension with a result in our times. Watch for the blog I'm writing on these two beautiful souls. (2017: Thomas Merton has become one of the Masters working to help humanity and is often seen in the portal. Lady Kristine has not returned, so we can assume she has taken up a role away from this planet.)


23 March, 2011

Healing day in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Ascended Master Dom Ignacio is residing over today's session. He's in work mode, so he is very focused. In his last life, he was St. Ignatius Loyola, the head of the Jesuit order.

He stands forth in his service to humanity as a healer, especially for physical body ailments. His aura is a soft pink. Yet he is of stern countenance. When he is in work mode, he wears red. 

Dom Ignacio's portal print - his energy flows from this portal 24/7. It is a must (as a card or print) for those who need physical healing. Place the card onto a chakra and feel his energy flow directly into you. Or have a print and know his energy is in the room 24/7.

We call him the rescue remedy of Ascended Masters.

He is sending blessings to the Americas at the moment. He shows me the entire planet, and he picks up America and holds it close to his heart.


24 March, 2011

Here are some more 5th ray Masters for you to get to know. The 5th ray is the ray of healing, knowledge, and truth.

St Patrick, patron Saint of Ireland. I haven't had much to do with him but call on him for healing. His aura is forest green at the centre leading out to lighter greens at the edge. St. Patrick radiates from the heart.

St Anthony of Padua, Franciscan monk. His energy is green and violet/blue swirls. He is very focused and balanced - great for mediating with to find balance in your life. St. Anthony was part of St. Francis of Assisi's group. St. Francis is Kuthumi.


25th March, 2011

Ancestral Healing through Art Workshop

Easter Sunday 24th April

10.30am - 2.30pm

North Shore, Auckland

This is a fun way to heal your ancestral cellular memory. The Masters imprint a canvas with all the healing needed to heal your ancestral memory in your cells. As you paint, the energy flows into your cells and begins a healing and release process that takes a couple of weeks to complete. By the time you have finished your painting, your vibration will already be lighter, your aura will be brighter, and your consciousness will have risen.

Once more the Masters deliver in a way that surpasses all our earthbound expectations.

Booking is essential, as the Masters take several days to prepare the canvas.


30th March, 2011

Healing Wednesday in the portal again. Jesus presides today with other 2nd ray Masters. The portal is a bright yellow, filled with light.

When we do an ancestral healing or past life painting with the canvas prepared by the Masters, we always know the canvas energy will continue to change for about a month or so. The last one I did for myself changed constantly till the energy looked like a bouquet of flowers. For a week that is what it looked like, till today. Jesus was singing, "Where have all the flowers gone". Laughing, I went to look at my painting, and sure enough, my painting is now swirling blue energy. An insight into Jesus' sense of humour.


1st April, 2011 

It’s a 7th ray day in the portal, so the portal is violet and St. Germain is presiding. We have people coming to meditate today, so we know St. Germain  will be here for them. Meditating here often brings higher connection; those seeking direction often say they receive or experience more than expected. Many find they can't stay long due to the high energies. (We now limit visitors to those who have passed the 4thinitiation due to the high energies.)


20th April, 2011 

Another full moon has passed. The Masters are working on making an oil of the flames of the 5 hidden rays. This oil will be free to all who have completed the 7 oils in the Ascension Flame series. So if you have completed Yellow Flame of the Ascension series, let me know. (This is no longer available). 

To explain, we all incarnate on one of the 7 rays and each ray has a flame. The Violet Flame is best known and is the flame of the 7th ray. There are also 5 hidden flames. We don’t incarnate on these rays, rather we ascend to their vibration. The Masters are making these flames available, but they have a safety mechanism in place - your own vibration will release the flame from the oil. So if you have not ascended to that level, there will be no connection. 

This full moon saw the 2nd hidden flame manifested into oil. The first was transparent silver with a rainbow sparkle. The 2nd is a transparent gold with rainbows upon rainbows - colours beyond our limited knowing. The Beings making the oil are gold and very tall with tall heads – beings of blissful love. 

Several people have visited the portal recently and more and more I am becoming aware that the Ascended Masters’ portal is a safe, protected place for people to come to connect with their Masters and get clear direction on their path and soul purpose. The energies here are such that the veil is very thin. 

The workshop I am giving on Easter Sunday, ‘Healing the Ancestral Line Through Art’, is full. Sorry to those who missed out. My next workshop in June will be the healing of past lives, again through art. This is a great way to be healed. The Masters imprint onto canvas all the healing we need on a various aspect (past lives in this case). As the person paints, the energy flows into their chakra system and they release. Healing continues for about a month. Send me an email if you want to pre-book for the June workshop in Auckland 


25th April, 2011 

It’s raining! The worst part about giving distant healing in the portal is when it rains. Still, the Masters are ready and waiting. Many people still don't understand that the Ascended Masters’ portal was created by the Masters here in New Zealand. It is where they work to help humanity in their Ascension process without having to manifest a body, as the veil in the portal is very thin. The energy continues to become higher in the portal as more and more Cosmic Masters join its ranks. Today the energy is white with a blue centre. 

The god Vishnu has made a crystal portal for his energies to flow through. From time to time, the Masters make a portal for someone out there in the world. This one is just beautiful. I have meditated in front of it several times, only to be taken to a place of deep bliss and love. Cosmic Master Vishnu has made this crystal portal for a group who follow him. He showed me the crystal sitting on a small altar, radiating out to all who meditate in the room. I will post photos later. 

At yesterday’s ‘Healing Through Art’ workshop, which focused on Ancestral healing, everyone who participated had a rise in their vibration and therefore a rise in their consciousness. Healing continues for the next 4-6 weeks as their painting and cellular memory release and heal. 

The next painting workshop will be on Past Life Healing. This is June 19th, Rose Centre, Auckland. 

Also, here’s a message from Jesus on this Easter weekend: 

"My Love goes out to All in the world. I feel your pain, your suffering. Know my hand is on your heart - healing you."


27th April, 2011 

A question has come in - What does it mean to have two Ascended Masters? We can have two Masters working with us at the same time. One of them will be your Teacher, and the other will be with you for a specific reason and for a specific length of time. Your Teacher/Master will be on the same ray as you. The second Master is often from a different ray. There will be an issue or lesson in your life that needs the expertise of another Master, and they will step in to be close to you as you go through this lesson. They will often come in close and make themselves known. This can cause confusion, as their teacher from their own ray often doesn't come in this close because they are with you for most of your life. Many can think the temporary Master is their Master, and they can sometimes believe they are on a different soul ray because of their experience with the temporary Master. It’s always good to get your Soul ray checked. (The Masters changed the term ‘soul ray’ to ‘ascension ray’ as it gives a clearer idea of the role of the Master. Also, we later learned that we incarnate on 5 rays – Ascension ray, life ray, mental body ray, emotional body ray, and physical body ray. We then realised each person has 5 ascended masters who ‘have them in their eye’. They might not stand by them, but they are watching over them and are aware of them. Plus, there can be temporary teachers, so it can get quite crowded these days. This is a huge change from 20 years ago, when it was rare to see a master with a person at all. Changing times. These are the times of ascension.)


28 April, 2011 

As promised a few days ago, here is the crystal portal of the Cosmic Master Vishnu. 

Master Vishnu stepped forward in the Ascended Masters’ portal to make this crystal portal and bring his energy closer to humanity. 

In the Hindu triad, he is known as the Being who preserves and sustains the Universe. From the Cosmic Master perspective, he a Being beyond form who is no longer bound to a single planet and now works with God’s creations on a cosmic level. Yet, as our times of ascension are upon us, he (like many other Beings of Light) is drawn closer to our planet to assist us in our ascension process. 

Previously, the Masters who have created a portal have made it for a single person to assist them in their soul purpose. Cosmic Master Vishnu has made it clear this portal is for a group of people. He shows me the portal sitting on an altar, his energy flowing out to them and to the world beyond. I have sat in front of this portal in meditation and gone into a deep place of bliss and love, for Vishnu's love for humanity is supreme. Feel the energy from the portal, and let his love fill you. 

If you feel you are to be the guardian of this portal and know you have the means to facilitate Vishnu's energy reaching many, then step forward. 

P.S. Sorry, the guardian has stepped forward.


4th May, 2011 

I met a new Cosmic Master yesterday. She has very kindly come to stand with me for a while, and I am filled with gratitude. She has seen me and has chosen me. Her name is Sitatapatra. She is Asian in features and wears a ruby red dress with a mandarin collar. She carries a white parasol or umbrella with her. This is her identifying feature - the goddess of the white umbrella, the protector goddess.   

One of my early teachers once said, ‘Be careful of having too many guides and masters around you, for life is about to become interesting.You know the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." I think we do. 

The portal is yellow and white today with a touch of pink. The leader of today's healing session is the Chohan of the 2nd ray, Lord Lanto. With him is the goddess Amaterasu. I'm just about to go out and present the 50 or so people who are on the Wednesday healing list. It looks like we will soon have to start a second day of healing. Healing continues for about 12 hours here in the portal. It is always a big event with many healing teams stepping forward each week. If you want to be included in this free healing session, just email us a photo of yourself. Please don't submit someone else’s photo without their permission. 


5th May, 2011 

I love being asked questions when I'm not sure of the answer because then I have to go to the Masters. They are always very obliging, and I get to visit a while. People often ask me who they saw. When they saw ‘a man with brown hair’ it can be hard as there are literally thousands of Masters. It’s great when there is some identifier like an animal, eye colour, or an object.

The short version of a recent question - Which Ascended Masters wear a ruby? 

These 5 stepped forward. Isis wears a ruby as part of her necklet, White Tara has a ruby in her headdress, St. Germain wears a ruby ring on his left hand, and Dom Ignacio wears a ruby pendant at heart level. Maha Chohan can also sometimes wear a ruby in the front of his turban, but he tells me he can change this for other gems such as a sapphire. Which can be confusing, as El Morya wears a Sapphire surrounded by black diamonds in his turban, though he has a beard and Maha is clean shaven. Keeping on the sapphire theme, Pallas Athena wears sapphire earrings. I'm starting to write an article with identifiers, just to make recognising the Ascended Masters easier. 

I have a new blog up on the website, "Connecting with your Ascended Master using the Torus Technique." This technique was given to me by Sanat Kumara many years ago. I use it daily and find it invaluable in my own ascension process, in meditation, in healing, and in group work.


 9th May, 2011 

In the last post on the 5th of May, I answered a question about which Masters wore a ruby. I have since met a goddess (as yet unnamed) who carries a sword with a sapphire in the hilt. I immediately thought, blue gem…she must be first ray. And of course, this is wrong. Of all the Masters wearing a ruby, only one of them is a 6th ray Master (ruby is a colour of the 6th ray). As the Masters say, You will know us by our colors (aura). That's the only way to know the correct ray. 

Jesus is presiding in the portal at the moment.


11th May, 2011 

It’s healing day today in the Ascended Masters’ portal here in New Zealand. Today's session is led by Hilarion, Chohan of the 5th ray, along with his vast team of healers. If you are on today's healing list and have a Hilarion portal card, place it on one of your chakras through the 12 hour healing session. This will help bring the Master’s energy and that of his healing teams in closer to you. 

This is such a blessing to have them so close. 

If you want to be on the Wednesday healing list, just email Verna Maruata.


12th May, 2011 

Today began with one of those perplexing moments. Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the 3rd ray and a painter in Venice in his last life, was nose to nose with me the moment I entered the Ascended Masters’ portal. He had a few things to say which is very unlike him. He told me that many people have blockages in relation to their teacher and Ascended Master. He has asked me to buy several canvases, as the next series of workshops is going to be clearing the blockages to receiving and connecting with your Ascended Master teachers. I didn't think I had any! Oh, I was so wrong. 

As you know, the Ascended Masters’ portal is multi-dimensional. So in another part of the portal, there were over a thousand people who are in spirit on their knees in devout and ardent prayer. This is very rare to see. Rare enough to make me step back and wonder if there is something about to occur that they want to avert.


16th May, 2011 

More Masters are asking I make them known on this blog. Ptah and Amen Bey are two Masters who are in the portal a lot, but I rarely mention them. Now it is hard to tell them apart as they look very similar. Amen Bey is taller than Ptah. 

Ptah carries a sword and wears a black, tight-fitting jacket with a long skirt. Under the jacket he shows me the wings of the solar disc – a creator god. His colours are a soft luminescent pale green with a silver sheen. His eyes are almond shaped and a light golden brown.

Nearly identical to him is Amen Bey. He is tall, thin, with a number two haircut and a thin chiselled face. He has almond shaped, aquamarine eyes with a black rim on the iris. He is holding a rapier sword and wears a black waisted coat that swings rather like a twirling dervish coat. His aura colour is clear in the centre leading to white; at the edge of his aura, the white merges into apricot and then gradually into a burnt orange. 

Of the two, Ptah has ascended higher, and his energy is more refined. Amen Bey is full of action, whereas Ptah is softer and more contemplative. 

Mother Mary has made a new portal; this is a rose quartz silver ring. As she made the portal, she told me the ring is for a woman who is a healer. She showed me the ring being worn and Mother Mary’s energy radiating out to all who passed by this woman when she was in the mall, walking down the street, etc. Mother Mary's energy was reaching many. And then she showed me, for healing the ring in turned around, and the rose quartz energy radiates directly into the client. I will post a photo in the next few days, but if you feel this ring is for you, email me a photo of yourself so I can check with Mother Mary. POA.


18th May, 2011 

As I have said previously, the Ascended Masters’ portal here in New Zealand is a constructed portal. It is not a natural vortex as found in Sedona and other parts of the world. The Ascended and Cosmic Masters have constructed this portal so it is not affected by the fluctuations of the earth and the universe. It is a safe and stable environment for them to work. 

This fact was bought home yesterday with the Full Moon. Ptah the cosmic Being was presiding. He has a beautiful soft apophilite green aura overlaid with a translucent silver. He was there to act as go between with the cosmic Beings who were visiting the portal for the making of the 3rd hidden flame oil. They were tall Beings with triangular shaped faces, and their energy was of total humility. The 3rd flame is a golden orange - a bit like a light polished copper, but then make the image brighter and luminescent and add in colours that are beyond this 3D knowing, and you start to get a glimpse of these Beings and their work. They are too vibrationally high for me, and Ptah had to stand in as an intermediary to facilitate as they began the process of imprinting the flame into the oil. The process continues. 

Today is healing day and the team presiding in the healing temple within the portal were all 2nd ray Masters - Lord Lanto, Lao Tze, Kuthumi, and Master Jesus.


20th May, 2011 

We had an event in the portal yesterday. Ascended Master St. John the Baptist requested one of the portal guardians to place a lapis pendant in the portal. She thought St. John was going to energize it for her. He had other plans though. It has gone. From time to time, the Masters ask us to put a crystal in the portal for them. They bless it and take it to give to one of their chelas. So, if a pendant similar to the photo appears for you, know it’s a gift from St. John the Baptist and is blessed by him. I got this photo of a similar pendant off the internet, so it isn't quite the same, but you get the general idea. 

The Masters do bless crystals at the portal for anyone who visits or asks. There is a special place set aside for this blessing, and they know not to take these crystals. There is no charge for this service from us here, it’s a gift from the Masters. We do ask for return postage and packaging costs though if you are sending us a crystal from overseas. Contact Verna if you are interested. (We now have a photo of the blessing stoneon the website and you can do this yourself. It does take about 8 hours instead of the minutes here at the portal.)


23rd May, 2011 

Ganesh's portal painting is finally complete and is free for you to print. Find it on the free card page. 

Ganesh is a healing Cosmic Master. He is a vast being of love and compassion. Place the card on a chakra point or onto your heart and feel his love and healing energy flow into you. 

The second item of interest is that I've posted a new blog, "Finding your perfect path - a technique from Sanat Kumara".

I use this technique weekly and more often when I have a decision to make. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


24th May, 2011 

The Masters have bought up this topic a couple of times over this last week and so I've put it into my words. 

We all have a ray of incarnation – one of the 7 soul rays. Every single person on this planet is assigned to one of these 7 rays. This ray of incarnation is one of the components that create the person you are for this life time. 

These 7 rays all have a vast team of Ascended Masters, each who are assigned to one of these rays. Some of you have an Ascended Master working beside you as teacher, some of you have two, and some of you have none. As the old saying goes, when the student is ready the Master appears. (2017: Everyone has 5 masters now.

We incarnate on a specific soul ray because of our soul purpose. The attributes and energetic vibration of the ray will assist us in this soul purpose. So it makes sense to find out which soul ray you incarnated on and to call upon and work with the Masters who are working on the same soul ray as you. 

Sadly, many forget there is a vast legion of Ascended Masters and Beings who have been ascending for thousands of years, Beings who are striving to move beyond Ascended Master to Cosmic Master. This lack of greater knowledge means the few known Masters are called upon by the many to do much of the work. Examples are St. Germain, Quan Yin, and Jesus, some of whom are young Masters. Because of this demand, these Masters take on few chelas (students) and work on a more general level of answering the calls of the many – most whom are on a different soul ray. 

Yet these other unknown Masters work vigilantly with all those on their ray, working with their chelas (students) in their sleep state and assisting them in their Ascension process. So, I ask all of you to find out your soul ray, learn who your Ascended Master teacher is (if any), learn who the Masters are on your soul ray, and begin to call on them for help. 

The Ascended Masters know every single person on their ray. While they might not stand close to all, they are watching and waiting. 

If you want to know your soul ray, email us your photo.


25th May, 2011 

It’s healing day in the Ascended Masters’ portal, a 7th ray day. St. Germain presides along with Ascended Master Ra-mun and Cosmic Master Omri-tas of the Violet Flame, plus many other Violet Ray Masters. They don't often appear to give healing, so we're feeling rather blessed.

Sometimes a question gets asked several times in one week, so I’m going to answer the broad version of the question here.

What is the difference between Guides and Ascended Masters? 

The short version answer: Guides are still on the cycle of rebirth and have not ascended. Ascended Masters are not on the cycle of rebirth and karma no longer draws the Masters back into body; they have ascended.

Guides are usually with us due to family, past life, or karmic links. 

And then there are the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters are here for one reason and one reason only - to help humanity in their ascension process. 

They have walked the path of Ascension and still do. Their service is to help humanity in their ascension.


29th May, 2011 

From time to time, I get emails about people’s personal experiences with the Ascended Masters. This recent one from the UK touched my heart. Miracles do happen. 

You talk about the Ascended Masters healing even the animals on our planet.  This led to an experience I will never forget, and which I would love to share with you.

At 5.00 this morning, my Labrador was rapidly deteriorating after an acute illness. I was exhausted and intensely sad. Only two days before she had seemed ok, but she's very old and I was mentally preparing to say goodbye. In desperation, I called on Archangel Raphael, Masters Hilarion and Kuthumi, and any others who might be willing to help. The room was filled with a beautiful, peaceful energy. I 'heard' a thought in my head: 'Rest now. We will stay with her and let you know if anything changes.' I woke up to hear a distinctly male voice talking to Jess. I couldn't make out the words, but the voice was reassuring. I rushed downstairs and Jess was fully recovered, wagging her tail and looking for food. My love and gratitude to you and the Ascended Masters." 

All I can say is, when you ask from the heart, you will receive.


31st May, 2011 

These are the days of Ascension. Change is occurring daily in our physical and spiritual bodies as our vibration and consciousness rises. Ascension is also occurring on a planetary, galactic, and universal level. It isn’t just our planet that is experiencing a rising of consciousness. Here at the portal, we have become very aware of both the universal and personal changes that are occurring. 

One of the most common symptoms of ascension I have noticed with the Wednesday healings and the distant healing session are the number of people who are receiving healing to the right frontal lobe. A few of us here at the portal are experiencing pain in this region. We are told by the Masters this is an upgrade. We know we use a small percentage of our brains; more of the brain is being turned on. This part has to do with perception beyond the 3D. This can take on many forms - you may become aware of your lives in other dimensions, and you may have greater awareness beyond the 3D hearing, seeing, knowing, and smelling. 

The Masters reveal the change in the right frontal lobe is being mirrored on the left side as well. But because the right side is dominant, the changes are felt more. If you are experiencing a headache in the right frontal lobe, or a feeling like movement or pin-pricks, it may just be another ascension symptom. (2017: We have since learned pinpricks are a sign of attack that are being caught by the protection grid.)


2nd June, 2011 

It’s exciting in the Ascended Masters’ portal at the moment. For the last few days, there have been a host of Angels (about a thousand) in the portal. It’s a bit hard to see what they are doing; all I can say to describe it is they are making silver lace - one large unit. The love is pouring from them as they work. The Elohim of the 8th ray is directing them, and if I pay careful attention, I become aware of an underlying vibration. I can't say it’s sound (though I want to) because I can't hear it, but I can feel it and see it. The vibration is going into the lace as part of its foundation. It appears to be a class on working as a unified group from the heart. ‘We are only as strong as our weakest link’ runs through my head. 

As you can see, the portal is used in so many amazing ways by the Beings of Light. 

On the 31st I spoke about the right frontal lobe and Ascension. Reports are coming in of people experiencing this in the left frontal lobe as well. 

Healing in the portal yesterday was led by the 5th ray Masters Hilarion, Ganesh, Amaterasu, and their 5th ray healing teams. They were supported by the 2nd ray Masters Lord Lanto, Lao Tze, Kuthumi, and Jesus to name a few.


7th June, 2011 

There is a lot of goddess activity in the portal. First, Amaterasu (Japanese goddess of the sun), then White Tara, and then Pallas Athena. They are bringing in more of the goddess vibration into this physical dimension. 

The goddess vibration was continued on the weekend when several of us took a hike up to the Maungatautari kiwi and bird sanctuary. Here the pristine native bush and wild life is protected by a fence around the entire reserve to keep the rats and stoats out. Once inside it’s like stepping into another world. There is a massive rock with a plaque on it. I sat on the rock and was immediately surrounded by the energy of an ancient Being. There was a recognition of the sacred element of the mountain. At one point we came across an ancient woman's area. Sacred women’s initiations had occurred there, and a beautiful sacred birthing stone was the second place of recognition. I was drawn across the stream through the dense bush to a third rock; a trilogy of connections. The air sparkled with the higher vibration of this sacred spot. 

So many of us have had lives in New Zealand when it was part of Lemuria. These sacred spots of recognition appear at the least expected times to awaken another part of our multi-dimensional selves and bring us back into greater awareness of the Beings we are beyond the limitations of our physical world. 

To change the subject, the Masters have made several personalized oils for people over the last week, each made specifically for the person’s current needs and needs in the weeks and months ahead. Just to demonstrate how the oils change: I have a personalised oil, and I used it quite a bit to begin with and then only when I noticed the bottle. Now there is about a cm of oil left in the bottle. The oil used to have blue energy, now it’s blue with orange sparks. The Masters have changed the oil to adapt to the place I'm at in my life now. So, no matter when you use the oil, it will always be perfectly correct for the moment you are in. Just brilliant. Read more about the personalised oils here.


8th June, 2011 

I usually write up something here in the diary two or three times a week (if I get to it) from various sources. This time I had to stop and meditate as to whether I need write about this topic. The answer was yes from the Masters. 

Many who visit the website copy the Ascended Master portal graphics for personal use instead of buying them. I know it’s done and is just one of those things, but several of the people who have done it have emailed me in surprise after an order arrived to express their surprise and awe at the actual cards. They couldn't believe how much stronger and powerful the actual cards and prints are. 

Well, the reason is easy. The cards are printed at 300dpi and the website runs on 72dpi, so immediately there is a reduction in power. And then a print is 3500 x 3500 pixels whereas a graphic is 180 x180 pixels. So again, you are getting a tiny percentage of the Masters’ power coming through on the website, whereas the prints and cards are a greater portal for the Masters’ energy to flow through. The Masters’ energy is obviously greater from a print than a card, but the cards are designed to be used directly on the chakras. 

Also, the energy flow increases from the prints and cards when the Master is working; the same is true here on the site. If you are looking at the Masters’ portal prints and feel more at various times, note who the Master is because they are connecting with you. 

Also note the free cards to print are all 300 dpi, so they are at full strength when printed. 

Today is healing day in the Ascended Masters’ portal, and the Masters of the 1st ray are presiding. They are El Morya, Melchizedek, St. John the Baptist, Thomas Merton, and Metatron, plus the angels of the ray, Archangel Michael, and the Archaeia Faith. So be prepared for some healing on issues of personal free will over God's will, self-faith, self-trust, personal power, etc.


13th June, 2011

Jesus appeared in a loin cloth yesterday - a not so subtle hint to me. I have felt impelled to watch Passion of the Christ. Last week Jesus appeared in PJs with popcorn as a hint to watch it last week. So, I duly got it out of the video store to watch. I confess, I got as far as the whipping in the movie and that was enough for me. So yesterday morning I returned the video, only to have Jesus appear to tell me that wasn't ok and I need to watch it all. I know he is with me as I watch it. Jesus feels it is important to know what really happened and he was making corrections. One of his corrections was that Judas didn't hang himself at the beginning, he waited till he saw Jesus on the cross, but he did die before Jesus. He also wanted me to see how many people had a hand in how the events unfolded; there were many instances when events could have turned another way and didn't. He also said that if events hadn't transpired as they did, the world of today wouldn't know him, and Christianity wouldn't exist. He would be an unknown Ascended Master. 

Which reminds me, we had an unknown Ascended Master appear in the portal on Saturday to work with a young lady who was getting her soul crystal attuned. None of us here at the portal have seen or heard of her before. Her name is Kee Wan Lee. She wears an apricot Chinese style dress and has long silky black hair plaited. Her feet were tiny and bound. There are many Ascended Masters, and not all of them have history conspire to make them memorable and known.


14th June, 2011 

Twin flames. One very common question I get is: Who is the twin flame of Ascended Master…? I have asked a few times and the common response from the Ascended Masters is silence and a clear impression of ‘none of your business’. As humans we are curious. We have a question; therefore, we expect it is our right to know the answer. Some things are just not our business. The Archangels don't mind us knowing who their twin flames are, nor the Elohim, but the Ascended Masters are a bit protective of that aspect of their privacy. 

Privacy - it’s something the Ascended Masters are very aware of. I get many requests daily from people wanting to know who their Ascended Master is, and I'm happy to tell them, but the Masters have instilled into me that this is very private and personal information. I must be sure any supplementary requests included for friends, partners, and parents come at the person’s own request and not from the curiosity of the emailer who asks with the kindest of intentions. But as you can see, in requesting without their friend’s permission, they have followed their own will and disregarded the personal freewill of their friend. 

The same applies to the free healing. When submitting for others, the Masters ask you to respect their freewill and ask their permission first.


15th June, 2011 

Today the Ascended Masters’ portal healing temple is green and white. The 4th Ray Masters are presiding: Serapis Bey, Amen Bey, the goddess Aphrodite, as well as the angels of the white ray. 

I have been asked a question about the article on "The difference between Guides and Ascended Masters".  The question relates to our loved ones who have passed over - If we call on our loved ones, does it hinder their progress? This question was a result of a reference I made that some of our guides can be family members. 

Yes, if you call on your loved ones who have passed over who are not guides, it does pull them back closer to this dimension, and it can hinder their progress. But a Guide is a person who has passed over and has voluntarily taken on the role of Guide, so we are really talking about the topic of Will. When we call on our loved ones (who have passed over and who are not guides) for help, we are exercising our own Will and need. Guides are exerting their Will, in that they offer themselves freely in service as a guide.


16th June, 2011 

The LOVE pouring from the portal today is just beautiful. The feeling is glorious. 

Full Moon again. For those of you who follow the diary, you will know that on each Full Moon the Ascended and Cosmic Masters have been making an oil of the hidden flames. There are 5 hidden flames as opposed to the 7 in creation, Violet Flame being the most well known. 

The 5 hidden flames are of a much higher vibration than the known 7. The Beings who come to make the oil each month are so far above the vibration of those of us who work in the portal with the Masters, the Masters have to intervene to act as conduits for energy transfer. Today St. Germain, Mother Mary, and the Elohim Arcturus resided along with the dimensional beings of the 4th hidden flame. 

The portal is a beautiful blue/violet. The beings of the 4th hidden flame are also this colour, but in a softer more translucent version. They are non-human; they float and had no appendages. Yet the love they send has us all crying. It showed those of us present that God’s sentient Beings are so varied in form, and yet the one constant is Love. 

The last of the hidden flames will be made next full moon and then the oil will be available free to all who have completed the 7 Flame Ascension series. 

These 7 Ascension Flame oils have all been made by the Ascended Masters in their portal. Those of us who live at the Portal get a bit blasé about what the Masters produce, as we see them working in the portal, we see crystals manifest and leave, we watch them heal every Wednesday, etc. So we get a bit surprised when people are skeptical that the Masters actually made the oils themselves. They expect a list of herbs or crystal energy, or for them to be made in any of the common ways. So, when I say I prepare the base oil via my double crown chakra in the way the Masters have taught me, and then pass the oil to them to work on, it just sounds so off the planet. Yet it is such a part of our truth that it’s normal here. 

Yesterday’s entry on guides and our loved ones who have passed over bought in a query on forgiveness and those who have passed over. 

Forgiveness is so important for all concerned to move forward in their ascension. Forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self is so important for ascension. In the act of forgiveness, letting go occurs. And it is in the letting go that liberation is obtained from the ties that bind all concerned together (that’s from El Morya).

Forgiveness comes from a place of truth, not from a place of want. Wanting to forgive isn't the same as being in the place where forgiveness occurs. Above is the portal for the Deva of Forgiveness. Place the card on your heart chakra daily. It helps to come into that place of forgiveness - not just the words, but the actual event. This is a free card to print.


20th June, 2011 

The Ascended Masters’ portal is buzzing. We have five little groups of very tall Arcturians working here. They are beings of the most brilliant luminescent white, so much so that my eyes hurt to look upon them. I asked the purpose of their work (not expecting an answer) and was kindly told they are here sending healing to the droughts around the world. To assist in my understanding, I was shown rich, fertile land with green crops. Then with a turn of my head I was shown dry arid land. I was shown down into the soil and was told there was no life, and the organisms of the soil were dead and dying. Nothing would grow. I suggested they make it rain but was told this was of the Mother Earth and the people. He placed his hand on my heart and said, ‘when there is no love in the land, there is dead soil.’ So, he drew me into the portal to help. The Arcturians connected and focused their love through me. I placed my hands on the Mother Earth, and they directed the energy around the planet to where it was needed. Then I stood up, and they continued to use my chakras to send the energy out around the world utilising my double crown chakra. At this point the portal was filled with an influx of Beings adding their energy to send to the world. Please include your love and send it to the drought stricken areas around the planet.


23rd June, 2011 

For those of you interested in healing day teams, yesterday’s Ascended Masters healing day was presided over by the 5th ray and the 3rd ray Ascended Masters, so it was a green and pink day in the portal. 

And now some customer feedback from the United Kingdom.

“I received the Ascended Master cards in record time! Thank you. WOW! They are truly amazing. At first it felt like I had been plugged into the mains. All I could feel was intense energy. Next day the energy still felt strong, but more gentle and very loving, as though the Masters (and lady Master) were in the room (an almost tangible presence). At the time, I was sending distant healing, but was too 'blissed out' to focus. Instead, I decided to put a photo of the person concerned on my heart chakra on top of the card. I wasn't sure whether this would work, but had the feeling the Masters' healing was going exactly where it was meant to go.

This is a great way to send and receive healing with the Masters. Place the Master’s card on your heart chakra and let the energy flow into you. To send healing to others with the Master’s help, place the person you want to heal in your awareness and place the card between both of your hands (sending and receiving), then ask the Masters to help in sending healing to that person. 

The Ascended Master card is a direct portal for the Master’s energy to flow through. The Ascended Masters are here to help.


June 28th, 2011 

I'd like to share an email I sent recently to one of Ascended Master Hilarion’s chelas (I might add that I sent it, but Hilarion wrote it). I hope many of you connect with the truth and the beauty of his words. 

As a 5th ray soul, your journey is to move from the mind to the heart.  

The mind wants to ‘do’, when the heart wants to ‘Be’. 
If with every breath the sun rises and sets, then in that moment Be.
For it is the mind that wants achievement, it is the mind that wants results. And that is the illusion.

In the heart, time ceases, and you begin to live each breath as the gift it is. 

And as you centre yourself in the heart space, the heart opens. And as you connect with God or your Master, his love flows into your heart space and out to humanity. And in time, it is your love flowing to humanity with every breath you take.



July 13th, 2011 

Another healing Wednesday in the Ascended Masters’ portal is upon us. Today the Arcturians are part of the healing group, along with Dom Ignacio, Lao Tze, and Hilarion. 

Each week we get a clearer picture of how the Masters are healing. 

Imagine a dome encompassing you. Imagine it has a surface of convex diamond shapes, like the exterior of a pineapple. Now fill the diamonds with a myriad of different colours. The Masters bring those who are on the healing list into the dome, one by one. When the person enters the dome, the Masters draw certain colours from the dome and construct healing energies which they entwine around the person, at the same time extracting other lower energies from the person to be transmuted. Now take the image you have in your head and brighten it - make the colours luminescent and you begin to get a fraction of the event as it unfolds. 

I've been away from the portal in New York for the last two weeks but work still continued here. And they had me working in NY. I had a Dom Ignacio crystal portal with me and daily he worked on those I met - on the train, in the street, or wherever I was. Mostly those with physical afflictions. St. Germain, El Morya, Mother Mary, and Jesus to name a few worked in other ways. 

It’s good to back in the tranquil energies of the portal though.


July 17th, 2011

This full moon just passed saw the completion of the 5th Hidden ray flame manifested into oil by the Ascended Masters. This flame was the colour of a detergent bubble, a blue with all colours through it and yet transparent. That’s the closest I can get to explaining. The 5th hidden flame is for fluidity - to flow with all and yet be grounded. 

To recap for those of you who are new to the blog, the Masters manifested into oil 7 Ascension flames - Violet, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Ruby, and Yellow Flame. For those who complete this series, the 5 hidden flames connected to the 5 hidden rays are available for free. The 5 hidden flames are all in one bottle, and each flame is within every cell of the oil. It is your own level of Ascension which releases the flame from the oil. 

It is such a blessing and a gift to receive this oil as part of the Ascension process. 

If you have completed the yellow ascension flame oil, contact the agent you bought it from for your free hidden flame oil.


July 18th, 2011 

We ascend through our chakras - major and minor. 

Ascension is the raising of our vibration and thereby our consciousness. 

To Ascend we need to work on clearing our chakras. As an example, I used the new 5 Hidden Flame oil on my chakras (see 17th July entry). With this new oil, the vibration of the chakra releases the flame from the oil, so the flames stay hidden if your chakras haven't ascended to the level of one of the 5 hidden flames. I tried the oil on my throat chakra first (my weakest chakra), and silver flames appeared on that dimension. Next, I put the oil on my 3rd eye chakra - nothing! 

I thought my 3rd eye was pretty okay so I hadn't paid too much attention to it. It just shows that care and attention need to be paid to all the chakras. So now I go back to basics. I'm using the 7 ascension flames over the next seven weeks along with 3rd eye Perfected Chakra oil . So let’s see in seven weeks if my 3rd eye Chakra has ascended to the level of the Hidden Flames. 

The 7 Ascension Flame oils and the 7 perfected chakra oils were made by the Ascended Masters in the Ascended Masters’ portal to help us in our ascension process. These oils are very powerful. For those with dimensional sight, they will see they are the real deal. For others, they feel the oil and know.


20th July, 2011 

Pallas Athena resides as Master Healer today in the portal. She brings with her the 6th ray energy of the Goddess (the purple aspect). She herself represents Truth - self truth. 

It is interesting to note, Lady Nada, Chohan of the 6th ray, is moving more to the 4th ray at the moment. As Chohan of the ray, she focuses the Christ Consciousness of the ray. It appears she is gradually moving out of her position of Chohan of the 6th ray and back to her natural position on the 4th ray (the white ray). Her aura colours are mainly white with some gold. Lady Nada has been walking with from the 4th ray, and this too indicates a move on her part. 

The question then arises who will step forward to become Chohan of the 6th ray. We will have to wait and see, but my guess would be Pallas Athena. Pallas Athena has over 50% of all the students on the 6th ray, and she certainly has the power to focus the ray. 

So, we will watch and wait. These changes don't happen in a blink of an eye; there is a long handover period as the energies are transferred and maintained. 

On May 5th I mentioned a Lapis pendant placed in the portal had been taken by the Masters. Well, while I was away in New York, it was returned to the portal and its energy changed. I'm told it looked and felt very gentle, with an energy rarely felt in crystals. Unfortunately, it was left in the portal instead of being removed, and within hours it was gone again. I would have liked a photo. Oh well, perhaps they will send it back for a wee while.


22nd July, 2011 

The Ascended Masters’ portal today is sparkling. Every cell within it is alive and sparkling to such a degree that it’s hard to look at on any level. I feel the faerie dimension has come to visit. White Tara is present also, sparkling as well. It is all rather beautiful. 

The White Tara's words: "We all create our own reality, so create from the heart, not from the mind." 

If you are in New Zealand, I have three Healing Through Art’ workshops coming up. 

Ancestral Healing through Art - Auckland, September 3rd  

Past Life Healing through Art - Auckland, October 1st - Either White Tara or Hilarion will work with you in this workshop.  

Connecting with an Ascended Master through Art - Auckland, November 5th  

Places are limited.


25th July, 2011 

Kuan Yin has been very much to the fore in the last few weeks. She is a 3rd ray Master, the pink ray of Unconditional Love. As many of you know, one of my services is to tell those who ask who their Ascended Master Teacher is and what ray they are on. Of the hundreds of requests I’ve responded to, I can say Kuan Yin walks with 80% of the people of the 3rd ray. 

This makes her a very important and hard working Ascended Master for humanity. 

Ascended Master Kuan Yin is the goddess of compassion. 

In her compassion for humanity, she has manifested an oil in the Ascended Masters’ portal she calls "Inner Peace". This is a healing oil for those who need emotional body healing and seek Inner Peace. This oil helps us with those internal battles we fight within ourselves that keep peace away. 

She sees within our hearts and minds and knows and feels our emotional pain. This oil is her response to crossing the barrier between her dimension and ours. This oil is her manifestation of her help and love for humanity into the physical. 

If you have emotional turmoil, emotional pain, self-recriminations, self-judgment, or if you just seek inner peace, then this oil is for you. If she is your Ascended Master or you work with her, then this Kuan Yin oil is for you.


27th July, 2011 

Healing day in the portal. Today we observed a changing of the Masters working every 15 to 20 minutes, which indicated how long they worked on each person. We couldn't see who they were working on, but an example of the teams are: Hilarion and Mother Mary, Dom Ignacio and three of his healing assistants, a Master with a Merlin type hat, and Kuan Yin and Dom Ignacio. As they work, the energy we feel is one of total love and compassion for the recipients. 

Many of those being healed write to tell us about the changes that are occurring for them, and how these changes are being observed by others as well. This truly is a beautiful service they are performing. 

I was asked to explain the term ‘Chela’. It is a term the Masters use to identify those they have taken into their inner circle. The Master is their teacher. So, if you ask me who your Ascended Master is, and I say he/she is your teacher as well, then you are a chela. Many are in the Ascended Master’s larger group and are taught as a group, but a chela is taught in smaller, more intimate groups. 

So what makes the difference? Ascension. Raise your vibration and therefore your consciousness, and you hasten the ascension process and so are drawn closer to the Master. And how do you hasten the ascension process? Clear the chakras as we ascend via our chakras - major and minor. The easiest way to clear the chakras is with Violet Flame oil. 

The Masters made this oil as the first step in assisting us in our ascension process. I can't recommend this enough. I have seen and felt people’s vibration rise dramatically just through using this oil. Read more about it here.


29th July, 2011 

Yesterday St. John the Baptist was very present in the portal. He was working hard to bring balance into the world. Not an easy task. 

I'm sure many of you experience that early morning awake time before sleep claims you again. Last night Paul the Venetian claimed this time for some conscious teaching. St. John was present as he is the Master of Meditation, but it was Paul who gave the teaching. 

This is an aspect of it. 

He took me to a grey place, but it was light. It looked like deep space. Within this vast space was a drop of water suspended. It was very peaceful there and silent. I wasn't aware of even my heartbeat, it was like a null place. It was only afterwards I realised I was observing, and yet there was no thought. 

He said, "Silence is a place... it’s that place where a drop of water is suspended before it falls, like that drop of water you see. It’s the place between the in breath and the out breath. And in this silence, there is no thought, no sound. That is the place you strive to achieve in meditation." 

Concentrate on the breath at that point when your lungs are full and before you exhale. Feel and experience the place between breaths. Now hold that place as you exhale - hold that place between breaths, and inhale still holding the place. Keep holding the place between breaths as you slowly breath in and out, renewing your place in the silence. 

How long did it take before a thought came in? Embrace the place of silence in meditation, for there you achieve great balance, and in the balance, Oneness. 

Paul the Venetian is the Chohan of the 3rd ray of Unconditional Love. He focuses the Christ consciousness of the ray. He was a painter in Venice in his last life, hence the name. He has very few students, choosing to work with spiritual artists.


2nd August, 2011 

It is Lady Master time in the portal. Mary Magdalene is at the centre wearing 1940's/1950's clothes and a hat with net over the eyes. She is surrounded my Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and Lady Nada. I am reminded that Mary Magdalene did not take her ascension till the 20th century, and she is being identified by us all from a life she held 2000 years ago. The name and the energy this brings with her is old and no longer relevant to the being she has now become. Time will reveal what she wants to be called. Many Masters choose a name without any connections to a past life, just as many of you are choosing to release the name you were born with and take on a new name and a new vibration.


4th August 

Yesterday’s healing was interesting in that there was so much going on. On one dimension we had Sanat Kumara working with the Universal energy. On another, Dom Ignacio was working on a Prussian blue monk’s habit; he was embroidering delicate line after line of a pattern in an apple green thread (as shown). It will be interesting to note who this is for - perhaps a new Master. 

On another dimension in the healing temple, the Masters worked on an increasingly long queue of people. Healings are lasting about 15-20 minutes per person. Healings in the portal are lasting nearly 24 hours. When it’s your turn, you may feel tired and want to sleep or feel light headed. Some of you may feel the energy.


11th August, 2011 

There is much going on at the moment. 

I have an Ascended Master workshop in Auckland on September 3rd. It’s called ‘Ancestral Healing with the Ascended Masters’ and is a painting workshop. Ancestral Healing is healing the ancestral memory we hold in our cells. This cellular memory places limitations on our lives and our ascension. No painting experience is needed.  

The free healing sessions with the Ascended Masters in their portal took over 24 hours to complete with nearly 70 people receiving healing. Each person gets about 15-20 minutes of healing. I asked Dom Ignacio what level they were healing; he showed me on a client they were working on that they heal the cause. Once the cause is healed, everything else drops away. 

If you scroll down to August the 4th, you will read about Dom Ignacio making a priest’s gown. I now know he was making it for Thomas Merton, one of the new Ascended Masters. Thomas really is a new Ascended Master, only passing in 1968. Many of you might recognise his name. He was a Trappist monk in the Abbey of Gethsemane in Kentucky, USA and wrote the acclaimed Seven Story Mountain. Thomas is now moving to the stage of teaching. He is a first ray Master, hence the blue robe. His aura is blue with a violet edge. 

We have also had Buddhist monks in the portal recently. They performed many dance formations as if practicing martial arts. The joy of the imagery was their hands making symbols of energy in the air as they danced, which gradually faded and were replaced by others.


13th August, 2011 

I had a question recently about the Elohim and thought I would share the response. 

The Elohim are vast beings of light. They stand with the higher powers to do the will of God. They are vast beyond our comprehension, and yet compassionate and connected to all of creation that they can make themselves known. I want to say they are god’s right hand – a bridge between creation and God. I see them as beings of light. Others might say they are above the archangels, which is true. Have they gone through lives and rebirth? No, that was not their path. What do they look like? I feel they take on form at will - angelic on one hand, human on another, and who knows what else. I believe their true form is beyond us, as we like to create structure and form to help our understanding and so place limitations. Yet remember, they (like us) are of God’s creation.

The painting to the right is a portal for Aloha, Elohim of the 6th ray.


18th August, 2011 

Yesterday’s healing started in the portal at 9am and it still continues. 77 people were submitted to the Masters for healing. So know that just because the healing numbers rise each week, your healing time in the portal is not diminished. The healing teams were coordinated into rays. In this week’s healing, they were healing according to your soul ray colour. Each week is different. I see Hilarion (5th ray), Serapis Bey (4th ray), Lao Tze (2nd ray), and Dom Ignacio (3rd ray) heading the healing teams. 

The god Krishna stands in the centre of the portal sending his powerful love out to humanity. When I look at him, it’s as if he holds the universe in his heart.


15th August, 2011 

One of my free services is to tell people which Ascended Master is with them. I love it when an Ascended Master I don't know stands beside a person; I see it as a chance to contribute to everyone’s knowledge of the Masters. 

The latest is the Sumerian goddess Inanna.

She is a 4th ray Master. Her aura is pure white with silver edges. It’s great to add another Master to the 4th ray. She joins Serapis Bey, Amen Bey, and Lady Nada (who works between the 6th and the 4th)

Inanna has long, dark hair and her skin is olive. Her eyes are a stunning green. She wears a gold band around her forehead with a gold vesica piscis over the third eye. Around her neck is a gold torque necklace. She is wearing a long white dress with no sleeves, though the neckline covers the torque somewhat. 

Her energy is lovely, very maternal and loving. Rather like Vesta, the goddess of the home. 

If you want to know who your Ascension Master is, just email Verna.


19th August, 2011 

Thomas Merton (one of the new Ascended Masters) asked me to paint his aura for everyone to see, so his new students will know him when they see him. Thomas is a first ray Master, as you can tell by his blue aura.

Thomas has been mentioned several times in this diary - August 4th and 11th, 2011 and the 21st of March.


25th August, 2011 

Healing day yesterday was interesting. A friend asked to go on the free Ascended Master healing list and by chance she was here yesterday when it was her healing time in the portal. The Masters asked me to send her outside to the portal, and they worked on her while she was here. A beautiful gift for her from the Masters. 

The healing teams increase in numbers as the healing list grows weekly. If you are on the list, pay attention on a Wednesday so you start to recognise when they are with you and working on you. 

A question came in - Who are the Ascended Masters in body? Well, this is interesting. First, there is an un-ascended Master (such as Babaji) who holds off on leaving his body. He has vowed to stay in body till all have ascended. Then there are those like the Dalai Lama who have attained ascension in this life but haven't ascended out of form yet. Then there are the Masters who have Ascended and yet chose at this time to come back into form as an overshadow (such as Maha Chohan who at this time is overshadowing a catholic priest). And then of course there are the Masters who choose to manifest a physical body for a short period and then leave. So, it is quite a complex question. But I don't know of any Masters who have Ascended and then chose to go through the birth process again to come back into form.


30th August, 2011 

The portal continues to buzz away with activity. I continue to be amazed by the wonderful work the Masters are doing at the portal. It truly is a doorway for them, which makes all communications so much easier. 

They are erecting protection fields around those who are under psychic attack and are attacked by entities. Not a nice thing to have happen. The fields they are creating are different for each person and hold the symbols (energetic signatures grids) of the Ascended Master protection team. My part is huge in this, as the 7 Masters work through me to create the protection grid. At the last session, the Light was so bright that the observers at the portal couldn't look. Read more here. 

I was asked recently what ‘Bey’ meant, as in Serapis Bey and Amen Bey. The Masters tell me it is similar in meaning to the Hindu title of Sri and can be translated as Lord. 

Melchizedek has been talking about his symbol the Maltese cross (also the symbol of St. Germain). 

All of the Masters are Masters of Ascension. Melchizedek reminds me that the four arms of the cross depict ascension through the four planes of the physical world - the physical plane, the etheric plane, the emotional plane, and the mental plane. The physical and etheric plane are really sub-planes of one plane. And so these three planes are also aligned to the first three chakras. For not only do we ascend through the planes of the physical world, but also up the chakras. 

Melchizedek said to imagine the Maltese cross arms as the steps on a spiral staircase. As you ascend the planes, you are walking up the ascension staircase, and all that is being released from these planes is being burnt in the central column fire of your own Christ Light. 

And in seeing this view of a spiral staircase (for those of you who are into sacred geometry), we begin to see the bigger picture unfolding. A picture really can say a thousand words. 

Now to Jesus. As many of you know, I offer a free service of telling you who your Ascended Master is and what ray of incarnation you are on. In the last few days, I've had a few people with Jewish names ask me, and in both cases, their Master was Jesus. I reverted to old thinking and wondered why, only to be told quite clearly that Jesus was a Jew, and a devout Jew. He didn't create Christianity; the beginnings of Christianity didn't start till at least 50-80 years after his death. 

It just goes to show that even now, after all my work with the Masters, I still put them in a box. 

So I remind myself, Jesus wasn't his last life, he is an Ascended Master and transcends man's religions, just as Mother Mary can be the Master of a Hindu, and Lao Tze can be the Master of a Muslim. We can't box the Masters into human beliefs and behaviours.


31st August, 2011 

Continuing on from yesterday, Melchizedek reminded me of ascension and healers. 

Healers can only heal to the level of their own ascension. Therefore, a healer works actively on their ascension process to be a better healer. Most illnesses have their cause in the etheric or emotional bodies. Therefore, to heal effectively, a healer must heal the cause, not the symptom, and needs to have mastered these planes of reality. Hence an active ascension program is needed by all healers. 

The other issue that has arisen is the rise in the need for earth healing. 

Homes and areas which were considered energetically okay are now suddenly in need of serious clearing. The reason? Well, as Mother Earth also ascends, she has dross stored within her cellular memory that arises for clearing. As humanity lives on Mother Earth civilisation after civilisation (here in New Zealand we were part of Lemuria), energies get submerged by newer energies. But as she ascends, these ancient energies are rising up for release, and we are living in her rising dross. It is rising in people’s homes, schools, parks, under office blocks, etc. There are often spirits attached to this energy who have not passed over but are still bound to the events and energies of ancient times. To this effect, I offer a distant house and land clearing and blessing service which I do with the Ascended Masters in their portal. I also offer a house and land entity removal service. 

These certainly are changing times.


1st September, 2011 

There were nearly 80 people being healed yesterday by the Ascended Master healing teams over 24 hours. It is so beautiful to see the love and honoring the Masters show each person as they remove their dross and weave coloured healing threads into their auras. What a blessing they are to humanity. 

I want to give everyone a heads up on the Kuan Yin oil. I've been using it every morning for about six weeks to help with my Inner Peace. With Kuan Yin's help, I've managed to come to a place where I worry less and am more at peace with myself throughout the day. The calmness within has allowed a greater sense of joy to rise up as well. 

This is what is written about her oil:

Ascended Master Kuan Yin is the goddess of compassion. 

In her compassion for humanity, she has manifested an oil in the Ascended Masters’ portal she calls ‘Inner Peace’. 

This is a healing oil for those who need emotional body healing and for those who seek Peace on any level. This oil helps us with those internal battles we fight within ourselves that keep peace away. 

She sees within our hearts and minds and knows and feels our emotional pain. This oil is her response to crossing the barrier between her dimension and ours; it is her help and her love for humanity manifested into the physical.

If you have emotional turmoil, emotional pain, self recriminations, self judgement that weighs you down, or if you just seek inner peace, then this oil is for you. If she is your Ascended Master or you work with her, then this oil is for you. 

This oil will work across all dimensions, bodies, time, planes, and realities.


2nd September, 2011 

It is with great joy that I present to you the Ascended Masters’ Blessing rock. It is a place where those visiting the portal have placed their crystals for the Masters to bless. Now the Ascended Masters Kuan Yin, Dom Ignacio, and Melchizedek have worked with the blessing stone to make it available to all away from the portal. 

Just copy and print off the photo. Place a crystal on the photo of the Blessing stone. With love, ask your Ascended Master (or any of the Masters here at the portal) to Bless your crystal. The process takes about eight hours. Here at the portal, the Blessing takes the time of your visit (about an hour). This is a great gift from the Masters to humanity. 

Once the crystal is blessed, wear it or keep it close, as its special energy will radiate out just for you. 

If you want to know some of the Ascended Masters working with the portal, here is a link to 45 of them. Click here 

Now to change the subject. 

The Ascended Masters’ portal has been constructed by the Ascended Masters for the Ascended Masters for their work with humanity. As word spreads and the Ascended Masters’ portal is becoming known around the world, the Masters understand many of you want to travel here in your meditations to be with your Master, to experience the energies, to get answers, etc.

The Masters tell me they have set up a temple at the edge of the portal to not interfere with their work and to keep the vibrations at the level they want them to be. This temple receives the portal energies but in no way lets the energies of those visiting the temple enter the portal. The Masters call it the Ascension Temple. So, if you want to visit the portal in your meditations, ask to be taken to the Ascension Temple. The energies are just beautiful. I could sit there all day in the Love.


6th September, 2011 

I gave the ‘Ancestral Healing with the Ascended Masters’ painting workshop last Saturday. I don't usually talk about the workshops, but I do want you to know that each workshop is never the same. I've given this particular workshop three times, and each time it has been different. This time it was spectacular. For several weeks I had been getting insights into the goddess line. This is our ancestral, unbroken female line right back to the first woman. So if you are a woman, it’s you, your mum, your mother’s mother, your mother’s mother’s mother, and so on...thousands and thousands of years and many thousands of women, from you all the way back to the first woman. For men it would be the god line - you (a man), your father, his father, his father’s father, and so on, back to the first man in your lineage. 

It was a powerful session. Not only that, Kuan Yin presided over the day. I received from Ascended Master Paul the Venetian that everyone present had an ancestral link to Kuan Yin on this goddess line in one of her past lives. Not the life she ascended in, but one of her past lives. 

So, let’s see what unfolds for the next workshop in October. This one is ‘Past life Healing with the Ascended Masters: A Painting Workshop’. I am already getting an idea of the additional purpose. So, if you are called to come, know there is a higher reason. The Masters never do the mundane, there is always a higher purpose.  

I've had some feedback from a lady in the United States about her experience with the Ascended Masters’ Blessing Stone (see yesterday’s entry). It’s lovely to get feedback and hear about experiences with the Masters. 

“I saw this (the Blessings Stone photo) on your site and downloaded it yesterday. I put two necklaces on it. Last night when I went to bed, I had stayed up late and was very tired. I put on one of the necklaces. Wow! The energy that came off it was beautiful, I even did a full meditation. This morning, I feel wonderful. Much love to you and the Masters for all the never ending, wonderful work to mankind.” - USA


7th September, 2011 

A change in Masters for the ‘Past Life Healing with the Ascended Masters: A Painting Workshop’. The Masters working with those attending will now be Mother Mary and Jesus.


8th September, 2011 

Another Wednesday healing session complete. The numbers continue to rise. I've been getting emails asking how they can improve their healing experience. Open your heart to the Masters. The more open your heart, the closer they can get to you. Also surrender to the healing process. We all have specifics we want healed, but the specifics are often there for lessons, so surrender to the process and let go of the outcome. Change is occurring on some level. 

Yesterday in the healing process, each person was presented for healing. My part was complete other than holding space for the next 24 hours for everyone in the portal, but yesterday I had a guide and was taken into the healing temple and shown the process. It was a long corridor with alcoves off all the way along. There were four activities: some were waiting to be healed, one person at a time was being healed, there was a recovery area, and then release. There were Masters and helpers everywhere. 


12th September, 2011 

If you go to a channeling and aren’t sure if it’s really a Master or an entity, here are a few guidelines. 

Ascended Masters don't put people down. They honour and love all. They treat everyone they meet with respect. So, if you hear the channel being rude, demeaning someone, and not treating all with the love and respect, then you know it’s a charlatan. Discernment in all things.


13th September, 2011 

One of my free services is to tell a person what soul ray they are on and which Ascended Master stands with them. Over the months I've noted the distribution of humanity on the rays, in a very minor way of course. Hopefully I will start to get a proper idea of distribution with greater numbers over the years. So here are some of my findings about Masters and rays, time will tell if it’s a true reflection of humanity. 

The most common ray to incarnate on is the 2nd ray - the yellow ray of wisdom, humility, joy, and lightness of Being. The Masters of the 2nd ray that appear to take the most as followers are Jesus, Lord Lanto, and Kuthumi. 

The ray that has the least people incarnate on it is the 7th ray. For every three 2nd ray incarnations there is only one 7th ray incarnation. 

Serapis Bey (4th ray) and Hilarion (5th ray) appear to have the most students. 

For the first ray, St. John the Baptist has the most students followed by Melchizedek. 

Quan Yin has the most students for the 3rd ray, and Pallas Athena has the most students for the 6th ray. 

Of the Chohans, Paul the Venetian (3rd ray) and El Morya (1st ray) have the least chelas (students).


14th September, 2011 

Amen Bey presides over today's healing in the Ascended Masters’ portal. The portal reflects his aura colours. His aura is white (as expected of a 4th ray Master), but the edges go from soft apricot to a burnt orange. 

He is a warrior Master, and he carries a sword at his side. He often works with two other swordsman - Ptah and Archangel Michael. So, I expect today's healing to follow the theme of cutting away connections which no longer serve the higher good of the individual and much which prevents harmony within the inner Being. But of course, there are many other Masters standing forward for today’s healing under Amen Bey's direction – St. Germain, Ganesh, and Ptah to name a few.


19th September, 2011 

Phew, what a few days in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Jesus and St. John the Baptist did us the honor of witnessing their continued ascension. Don't mistakenly believe once you ascend, that's it. Oh no. The Masters continue to work on their ascension and initiations. They too experience ascension symptoms; theirs was to be incredibly off balance but totally in the heart as their vibratory rate increased. Towards the end they were glowing balls of gold Light. 

There is a tight relationship between Jesus and St. John, not only because of their life together with those names, but also because they were together as Elijah (St. John) and his disciple Elisha (Jesus). 

We had a group with children visit the portal on Saturday. It came through very clearly from the Masters the benefit of children having their Ascended Master teacher’s portal print on the wall in their room. The portal print made by each Master is a portal for their energy to flow through 24/7. 

There are several reasons the Masters said for the prints to hang in a child's room. The first is that the child learns to recognize the energy of their Ascended Master teacher. Second, the child opens their heart to the teacher, so the Master can come in closer. Third, this bonding from the heart allows for a greater depth of guidance and teaching from the Master in adulthood, and so the life path chosen is close to their perfect path. 

Many of the young ones today have a Master walking with them from birth. 

As always, I recommend everyone (adult or child) have the portal print of the Masters in their room, so they receive the Master’s energy flowing 24/7 from the print. The portal prints above are of Jesus and St. John the Baptist. 

If you want to know your child's Ascended Master, send me a photo. This is okay up to the age of about 14, after that they must decide for themselves if they want to know this sacred information.


 24th September, 2011 

Today the Ascended Masters’ portal is deep blue with silver coils through it, rather like a caduceus. Osiris, El Morya, and St. John the Baptist are present, along with Dom Ignacio and St. Germain, though they appear to be working on their own agenda. There are so many dimensions to the portal, so many rooms and temples. Above all it is a place of devotion - a fact we often forget as we see the Masters working so much. Part of ascension, Jesus tells us, is devotion. Devotion to the Christ within and its inclusion in the all and the One. 

Recently the topic of angels has come up; a few are mentioned on this site but not in great detail. For the most part, everyone knows the difference between an Ascended Master and Archangel/angels, but I want to remind everyone of a few differences. Angels have never had a physical life on earth; their life path is different. They have never experienced the suffering and pain which is part of life on earth. In that, we are their teachers, for they learn through observation, not experience. The Ascended Masters are like us in that they have walked the same life paths we now walk, and because of this, they can come closer to us.


28th September, 2011 

Today is healing day in the portal. 99 people were presented for healing. The Masters giving healing are St. Germain, El Morya, Dom Ignacio, Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Hilarion, and Cha Ara.  

Cha Ara is a 5th ray Master. He made his ascension from the physical in Persia, and he appears in red Persian pants and a brilliant white shirt. 

Yesterday the Masters performed a clearing and blessing on a farmlet here in New Zealand. Unexpectedly, the Maori goddess of the underworld appeared to clear and bless the land, along with many other Masters. The land was cleared of very ancient energy stored within its memory and blessed with new clear vibrant energy. What a blessing to have this goddess of our lands appear. 

If you see her, you can recognise her by her wild, long white hair, which seems to go with her nature.  


29th September, 2011 

Today Jesus and Cha Ara are working in the portal together. They create a lovely energy together. There is a sense of playfulness and humor in their connection. 

As you know, I freely tell people the name of their Ascended Master/Teacher. Sometimes my response is queried because the Master I tell them isn't the one they feel connected to, and that's okay. We all have heart connections with Masters. 

But your Ascended Master teacher is always on the same soul ray as you, for they are there to teach you the lessons of the ray.

We can have other Ascended Masters with us for a set time; they are there to teach and support us in our ascension process, and they are often from a different Ray. It is very common to feel drawn to other Masters other than our teacher, Masters that bring up heart responses.

We incarnate life after life and have Ascended Masters walk with us in those lifetimes. We incarnate on different rays in each of those lives, so it makes sense that those deep heart connections are remembered in other lives. And it makes sense to maintain these connections. I personally have many Masters I feel close to and work with other than my teacher, but I know when my Master appears, it’s time to get serious.

Enjoy all the Masters. There is no need for limitations.


3rd October, 2011 

I couldn't sleep in those pre-dawn hours last night, so I just lay with the portal card of El Morya on my heart chakra. I connected with him via the torus method and just let his energy flow into me. In the quietness, he reminded me of several things I needed to focus on, but most of all I felt his love around me. Without knowing it, 90 minutes passed. Today I feel more alive and focused; Purpose is the feeling of the day. 

A common question has arisen again, and while I've addressed it in this diary before, I feel it needs to be answered again.  

What is the difference between St. Germain and the Violet Flame? Aren't they the same? 

Well, no. There are seven rays of incarnation and we are all born with one of these soul rays. Each ray has a flame and each flame has a purpose. The purpose of the Violet Flame is to transmute; it is the flame of the 7th ray. St. Germain is the Chohan of the 7th ray, and he focuses the Christ Consciousnesses of the ray onto the planet. As Chohan, he also promotes the use of the Violet Flame as an ascension tool. The Violet Flame is the first flame on the path of Ascension, which is why it's the most well known, but there are seven flames. 

The next flame in the Ascension series is the Blue Flame. Having transmuted our dross with the Violet Flame, we are then ready to proceed to the Blue Flame. This is the flame of the 1st ray, the blue ray of God's Power and Will. With the blue ray, we build our own personal power and strength. The blue flame is best known to us via Archangel Michael.  

It is a big leap to move from Violet Flame to Blue Flame, as it is much easier to destroy than create. And it’s an even bigger leap to the Green Flame (personal truth). But having laid the foundation of personal power and strength, it is believed the truths that appear are ones we can cope with. 

Read about the 7 flames here 


6th October, 2011 

Yesterday was healing day in the portal, and it was a 6th ray healing day. The Masters who presided were all on the ray of the goddess. The Masters on this ray are Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Isis, and Hathor to name a few. Also present were Hilarion and Jesus.


13th October, 2011 

This healing day was a pink and white ray healing portal. The Masters present were from the 3rd and 4th ray - unconditional love and harmony. The ones you might recognize are Quan Yin, Dom Ignacio, Mary Magdalene, Serapis Bey, and Amen Bey. It was a very powerful session. 

The Masters have been talking lately about forgiveness - forgiveness of ourselves and others in this life and past lives. Forgiveness will release you from some of the chains that bind you to the cycle of rebirth. 

Part of the process of ascension is to really forgive all those in this life and past lives we feel we need to forgive. For many of us, our past lives are literally thousands of lives. How many of us have died life after life having never forgiven those who were with us, those who in some way hurt us? How many lives have we lived where we have done something and never forgiven ourselves? All of this dross and pain still resides in our chakras. 

So how are we going to achieve this huge process in order to ascend? Many of you will already be working in meditation on past lives you are aware of, but what about the lives that don't appear in meditation? 

The Deva of Forgiveness has worked with the Masters to produce a Forgiveness oil. 

The Masters teach that forgiveness originates in the heart chakra and is expressed from the throat chakra. The Deva of forgiveness awakens forgiveness in the heart chakra. The Deva is the animating force of forgiveness, so she awakens and animates forgiveness within us. Forgiveness is then expressed through the throat chakra; as its expression has originated in the heart chakra, the chakras are then cleared of the pain. 

So we have a four stage process to forgiveness: awaken, animate, express, and release. 

This process works time and time again - for multiple lives, multiple people, and multiple circumstances. 

The Masters also suggest the use of Violet Flame oil to clear the dross from the chakras that remains connected to each situation


7th October, 2011 

A new series of Crystal Portals are being made by the Masters. One group is to stay here at the Ascended Masters’ portal for those coming to visit, just so they can experience the Masters’ energy via a crystal portal. These are mostly Cosmic Masters - Anubis, Vesta, Vishnu, and Freya to name a few. The second group is to be sold; St. Germain, Kuthumi, Isis, and Jesus spring to mind at the moment. The third group is a beautiful group of crystals set aside to be made into portals for people on their request; one is for a healer. The fourth group are crystals for meditation, and the fifth is a manifested amethyst orb that has arrived in the Ascended Masters’ portal to be given to a 6th ray soul. When a crystal manifests in the portal, it appears with light, colour, and sound. So, it is rather special for that soul. 

Here is the first crystal portal available - Master Jesus. 

The Masters suggested some of you might like to read about others’ experiences.


27th October, 2011 

Yesterday was healing day. The numbers being healed continue to grow. I was a little late to the portal yesterday and found the Masters started without me. Of course, they know who is on the list! So, I did my part of creating the heart connection with each person. I can't tell you the colors as they just kept changing and changing. Lots of activity. Thanks for the feedback from those who are really feeling the Masters work with them. 

I gave a workshop with Paul the Venetian last week. As I watched the beautiful colors unfold on the canvas, one of the beautiful things that came through was him saying, ‘When we see art and color, we see beauty. It is that beauty which opens the heart to love. Many find their way to love via art." If you are an artist, call on the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian. He will help you with the esoteric aspects of color and art.


31st October, 2011 

The Ascended Master Thomas Merton came to me the other day to remind me quite insistently that he wanted to make a crystal portal - not for a person, but for use in the Ascended Masters’ portal and for those visiting the portal. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with Thomas, he is one of the newer Ascended Masters having passed in 1968. He was a Trappist monk.  

Thomas showed me quite clearly how close he still was to the physical and how he remembered his physical life quite clearly. I seem to have this fantastical idea of ascension, but he showed me it is a process even after leaving the physical body. He showed me how far ahead of him many of the Masters are. He was humbled by the company he kept as they gathered around to assist him in making his first portal ever. He was learning, and they were teaching. This was a big step for him and the feeling was like a child on Christmas morning opening their presents. A big day of delight for him.


2nd November 2011 

If you are receiving healing today in the portal, remember to open your hearts to the Ascended Masters. This simple act improves the connection and allows the healing to have greater effect. I connect to you via the heart when I present you for healing, and the Masters take the connection at a heart level, so you opening your heart to the Masters completes the circuit. Those who open their hearts to the Masters on a Wednesday are saying they are aware of the healing and are noticing change. Perfect.


3rd November 2011 

Yesterday’s healing in the Ascended Masters’ portal was unusual in that there were thousands of Jewish priests praying in the portal. The aura color that imbued every cell was a dusky pink. The portal was very peaceful.  

Lots of things are happening for me at the moment - anger rising up about old unresolved issues. So I went to the Masters to ask what oil to use for anger and Kuan Yin oil was the clear response. 


8th November, 2011  

St. Anthony of Padua has been in the portal over the last few days, mainly working around the blessing stone. If you see him, he wears a brown monk’s cassock. He has curly red/copper hair, which in that type of haircut never sits well. He looks a bit disheveled, but he says he wasn't interested in how he looked, so it didn't matter to him. His colours are blue, violet, and green swirls. From my experience, it appears those he is with are those who have shared a past life with him. He is a 5th ray Master, the green ray of healing.

On the 20th of May I wrote of a Lapis pendant. The pendant is owned by one of the guardians of the portal. St. John the Baptist asked her to give the pendant to me to place in the portal. We thought he meant to bless the crystal, but instead it was dematerialised. In other words, he took it! The pendant was returned in July, but I was away from the portal and no one removed it, so it dematerialised again. Yesterday I found it on one of the stones in the portal and now we can't remember if it’s the same one or not. It looks bigger and brighter. It feels beautiful. Thank you, St. John. It gives us all such a lift when something arrives. 

Everyone is gearing up for 11.11. Here at the portal, the Masters have not indicated the need for any gathering. So for all of you asking, I'm happy for you to come and meditate on the day and time, but nothing formal. Email first.  


9th November, 2011 

Healing day again and Jesus presides. The portal is feeling very peaceful and serene. Looking at it, there is an emerald green lotus flower filling the entire portal; encasing the outer petals is a huge, clear bubble and within this is today's healing temple. As I enter the portal to submit everyone for healing, I am aware of a yellow energy and see the inside of the green lotus petals are yellow. So, a 2nd ray healing day today. Jesus has a team of 2nd ray healers with him. 

I have just added to our Deva oils ‘Letting Go‘. This oil has been available for about 18 months with wonderful results. It is one of our steady sellers. Letting Go is perfect for all who are in a place in their lives when an ending is near, but they are having trouble bringing it about. This oil is animated by the Deva of release. When you use this oil, she ignites the energy of letting go within you.

I had a query today. A known authority in the spiritual world says Pallas Athena is a 5th ray Master, whereas I say she is a 6th ray Master. The goddess Pallas Athena definitely isn’t a 5th ray Master. Her aura colours tell the story – purple and gold. Purple, gold, and ruby are the colors of the 6th ray. The confusion is probably around the concept of truth. She is historically known as the goddess of truth, and the 5th ray is known as the ray of healing, knowledge, and truth. So without the full picture, it’s easy to slot her into that category. 

Our Ascended Master teacher must be on the same rays as us. I’ve had literally hundreds of people ask for their Master and those who have Pallas Athena with them are all 6th ray souls. The auras tell the story. I have never seen a 5th green soul ray person have Pallas as their teacher.


12th November, 2011 

Full moon yesterday. The Masters always appear for a little ceremony each full moon right on the minute of the full moon here at the portal. Yesterday Moses (aka Lord Ling) appeared and Sarasvati. Moses is a big man with a barrel chest; his beard is wirey. He wore silver, which is most unusual for him. Sarasvati was her petite, elegant self. Their message was "All life is sacred." A mantra we have repeated several times when the mosquitos buzzed. We had expected a few Masters to be in the portal for 11.11am, but they were a no show.  

Kuthumi has made a crystal portal in the Ascended Masters’ portal. It’s rather lovely and emanates his loving, soft energy. He is one of my heart Masters. 

This portal will be perfect for one of his chelas or someone who has a heart connection with him. The portal emanates his energy out into the world 24/7. The portal is a white quartz, which is rather unusual. 


15th November, 2011 

Here is some feedback from someone about their experience during the free healing in the portal from the Ascended Masters each Wednesday. 

"I just want to tell you about my incredible experience with the healing Masters this week. After a busy day at work, I looked forward to the time to meditate in the privacy of my room at night. A couple of minutes into the meditation, as I opened my heart to the Ascended Masters as you suggested, my third eye opened up and showed me plumes of violet, black, and white and pulsated on top of my forehead. This vision swirled and changed shapes as the heat/energy moved through my chakras, then moved around my body. The vision and feeling was beyond description and I felt so grateful since this is the most vivid vision I've ever seen through my third eye. I believe it lasted for about five minutes and this feeling left me with awe and a sense of comfort and love. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to get this close to the Ascended Masters’ presence and I am so grateful to the Ascended Masters for this experience and I hope and pray that this divine connection gets better and better." - USA 

From NZ to USA with love from the Ascended Masters. There are no limits to their love. Open your heart to them.  

If you want to be part of the free healing each Wednesday, email us a photo.


17th November, 2011 

The Masters are flowing in and out of the portalRa, Sarasvati, Moses, Isis, and Dom Ignacio here to name a few. Yesterday’s healing day was a blue ray day. The portal swirled in blues and greens as the healing progressed well into the early hours of the morning. The blue ray (the 1st ray) is about focus, so hopefully today many of you are feeling like some of the fog has dropped away, and you are seeing things more clearly.


1st December, 2011 

Healing day yesterday was a blue ray day. The main Masters presenting were El Morya, St. John the Baptist, Thomas Merton, and Jesus. The portal was filled with the blues and greens of a paua shell (abalone). And now that healing is complete for the week, the swirls are changing to pink and silver. 

Sorry for the lack of writing. I have been in hospital for the last week for an operation. I'm a healthy person, I eat food grown in the portal, and I don't take drugs except for a headache pill a few times a year. Suddenly while in the hospital, my body was pumped full of drugs. It went into shock, poor vessel. I truly learnt the lesson of what occurs when putting vibrations into my body that are lower than the rate it vibrates to. I could sense the low vibration of each of the drugs, and my body did its utmost to repel them from my system. Valiant fighter it is.  

It was such a joy to come home to the portal, and while my healing team was with me in the hospital, the energy of the portal was a balm to my soul. Over the next 24 hours, the energy was poured into me, healing and balancing me again.  

And now I am listening to my body even more about what it needs, for it knows best and tells me quite clearly.  

While I'm abed over the next few weeks, I'll be loading some new crystal portals to the store for the Ascended Masters. Kuan Yin, Osiris, and AA Michael will join those already there (Jesus and Kuthumi).These crystal portals anchor the Master’s energy into this dimension and allow the Masters to work more effectively with humanity.


4th December, 2011 

Some of the Masters teach in question form, knowing the answers reside within us. 

Here is a teaching question Ascended Master Hilarion put to one of us here at the portal: 

Is it possible to achieve perfection alone?

I leave you to ponder in your heart on this.  


5th December, 2011 

Take a look at the new crystal portal from Archangel Michael. It is just stunning. (Sorry, he found a new home.) 

This portal made by Archangel Michael in the Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand first anchors his energy into this dimension. 

The portal also brings a wonderful sense of protection, peace, and order on all levels – to self and home to those who own it. But that is only a small aspect of Archangels Michael's purpose with this portal - there is much more to unfold.


7th December, 2011 

An amazing healing day here at the portal. We are honored to have the Cosmic Masters Krishna, Osiris, and the Elohim Hercules step forward as today's healers. What a blessing. I can't recall cosmic Masters stepping forward to heal before. I can certainly feel them working on the healing list in every cell of my Being. So if you are on the healing list, open your hearts to the Masters to bring them in closer and improve the connection. 

The portal is blue, white, yellow, orange, and red as they weave their healing energies into the bodies of those on the list. 

If you want to be on the free healing list, just email a photo to us. 

Archangel Michael's portal found a new home in minutes. Perfect. And now I feel the push to get the other portals online for everyone to see and feel. 

Here is the next crystal portal. This portal is made by Kuan Yin. Like all the rest, she made it in the Ascended Masters’ portal. It took about a week for her to construct. This portal anchors her energy in this dimension, making it easier for her to work with humanity. She made this particular portal for a group or couple. It is definitely meant for more than one. 


8th December, 2011 

To the left you see the newest crystal portal made by Osiris in the Ascended Masters’ portal. This is a most complex portal, for not only is he here to work with humanity, but he is also giving much to the individual who holds this portal. First there is the sense of power that comes through, then the deep sense of devotion and peace, then the awareness of one’s own Christ Light, and then an awareness of the cosmos, knowledge, past lives, and healing. Frankly, I want it. But I know it isn't for me, and so I put it up in the store. How do you know it’s for you? You might get a heart connection, you might get emotional, you might have a deep sense of knowing. There are many forms of reaction.  


10th December, 2011 

The full moon here in New Zealand is the 11th of December at 3.36 am. Less than twelve hours away. We are all watching the portal in anticipation. It is dimensionally shifting like a giant Rubik’s cube. The energy is making us all a little sick, a bit like dimensional sea sickness. The colors are mainly metallic, gold, silver, bronze, with every other color thrown in. We watch and wait to see what is happening.  

I'd also like to direct you to our home page. The Masters have announced they are making Tuesdays their united meditation day in the portal, with a different Master presiding each Tuesday. 


11th December, 2011 

This full moon we had five Cosmic Masters arrive - the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and then two Beings of pure white light without too much form (more vibration and light than form). They appear to be dimensional cosmic travelers. And while all five were present for us to see, we know they didn't all work together, but rather worked in their two groups. The trinity appeared to be assisting by anchoring the energies of the Light Beings into this dimension. Today the portal feels stronger, more grounded, and more solid.


16th December, 2011

We have had many Cosmic visitors to the portal since full moon - Arcturians, Sitatpatra, Amaryllis the goddess of spring (one of my favourites), the Elohim Hercules, and Arcturus to name a few. It is as if a door was opened.

The healing day on Wednesday was a 5th ray day with the Ascended Master Hilarion presiding. For the first time, we saw all of you having healing queuing for your turn with the Masters. Next Tuesday Serapis Bey leads the portal meditation. 

I hope many of your enjoyed your meditation with Melchizedek on Tuesday using the Torus connection technique.You will find it gets easier with time. 

I am also reminded by the Masters that for those of you who are choosing to meditate in the portal energy, the Masters have created a temple at the edge of the portal that receives the portal energies, but in no way lets the energies of those visiting the temple enter the portal. The Masters call it the Ascension Temple. The Masters created the Ascension Temple so as to not interfere with their highly calibrated work and to keep the vibrations in the Ascended Masters’ portal at the level they want them to be.

So, if you want to visit the portal in your meditations, ask to be taken to the Ascension Temple. The energies are just beautiful. I could sit there all day in the Love. And for those trying to enter the Portal (as many do), you will be redirected to the Ascension Temple.


19th December, 2011 

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is meditation day again here in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Serapis Bey will be joining with any of you who choose to meditate using the torus connection technique with him. The joy of this is that so many of you from around the world can use this technique and join with him and he with you. The Masters have proposed that one of them will step forward each Tuesday for the day to be available for close communication and for united meditation. They want us to get to know each of them in a closer way.  

I’ve had several people buy the meditation pack in anticipation of connecting with the 22 Masters in the pack over the next 22 weeks.  


20th December, 2011 

Today is mediation day in the Ascended Masters’ portal with Serapis Bey, Chohan of the 4th ray. I hope you are joining us. See the entry for the 19th below if you haven't. 

I first woke at 2am for my first meditation and then again at 6am, each time having a different experience with the Master. But my latest connection was beautiful in that the Master was in the deepest meditation and around him were about 50 people in a group torus. The Master sat in front of each one and at his own place on the torus. As I linked in to everyone on the torus (divine mind, sacred heart, soul), I fell into this deep union on three levels - one divine mind, one sacred heart, one soul. It was very beautiful. The Master had everyone in harmony. A beautiful experience.  

The Master will continue to meditate like this all of Tuesday in all time zones. 


22 December, 2011 

Yesterday’s healing in the Ascended Masters’ portal was very interesting. St. Germain and the 7th ray Masters resided, assisted by Ascended Master Hilarion and some of the 5th ray Master Healers. 

The 7th ray is about change – transmutation and transformation.  

St. Germain showed me seven concentric circles, or rather torus. They were layered vertically so they looked like a funnel. 

Every person submitted for healing on Wednesday entered the top torus and was then moved by the Ascended Master healers up and down the seven tori. 

St. Germain showed me the tori were dimensional; each had their own notes and variations of each note.  

He told me every person has their own soul song, but these songs are buried in the dross of past lives and are barely audible. 

This healing was about uncovering and tuning the soul song of each person, so that each of you who received healing now have a clearer, brighter, and louder soul song. This will help you in your daily life and attract to you all that assists you in your life path. In all the denseness of humanity, your song can now be heard. 

St. Germain reminded me healing is part of ascension. The prime mission of the Ascended Masters is to help humanity in their ascension.  

If you want to be included in Wednesday’s free healing, email a recent photo to us.


23rd December, 2011 

Oops, I put the wrong date yesterday - I had the 2nd, instead of the 22nd. Apologies to regular visitors. 

The Masters have asked me to add to my article on ‘Connecting to the Ascended Masters using the Torus Technique’  regarding meditation on a Tuesdays and participating in a united group meditation. Just scroll to the bottom of the article for the additional information. 

It is an interesting technique to learn also for your own meditation groups, as it focuses the power of the group as a single unit. 

I came to the end of my fourth bottle of Grounding oil today. Since my operation a month ago, Grounding oil and Violet Flame oil have been my main oils, along with my Dom Ignacio portal card and crystal portal.  

I realized the Grounding oil has made me more present to this entire healing experience, and because of this has made me even more aware of the needs of my physical body and its healing process.  

Some people are of the belief that after one bottle of Grounding oil, you are grounded for life. Sorry to disappoint you. Grounding oil is something that has to be applied daily, preferably twice a day, as it lasts in the system for about six hours. Click here to read why we need to be grounded.


30th December, 2011

Archangels’ auras are all the brightest of white. At the edge of the aura, they have a line of colour which is subtle and translucent.

Michael – turquoise blue
Jophiel – yellow
Chamuel – baby pink
Gabriel – white
Raphael – mid green
Uriel – gold
Zadkiel – violet
Archangel of the 8th ray – translucent rainbow 

I hope you all enjoyed the meditation day with Hilarion and healing day led by Dom Ignacio and the 3rd ray Masters of unconditional love.  

It’s been a ladies week in the portal with the trio of Lady Nada, Mother Mary, and Kuan Yin working together, putting their arms around humanity, sending love, and speaking their love. 



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