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11th January 2015 


Here we are once more at the start of the year, the cycle of life continues.  

Forgive me for the delay in posting the first entry of the year, personal loss kept me elsewhere.  

Death must be one of God's great teachings to us all. To witness the departure of the soul from the body allows for the knowledge to come in that there really is a greater power beyond ourselves. To wonder at the remaining shell and know it once housed a beautiful soul. The cycle repeats with the return of each soul into a new body with each birth. Creation is cyclic. 

The first weekly healings of the year were conducted by the blue first ray Masters - El Morya, Melchizedek, and St John the Baptist. God's Will and God's Power start the year - which seems fitting as all of creation occurs at the Will of God and with his Power. Perhaps now look at your own healing and see where God's Will and your will are in battle. 

Waireti and I noticed a huge change in the energy of New Zealand - the Ascended Masters have entirely cleared and blessed the land of New Zealand, Denmark, and Hawaii. All that remains is the negative energies above ground. The land feels fresh and light. 

Over the break, the Masters have been nudging Waireti and I to accept and trust in our higher knowing. Living at the Ascended Masters portal and being so much of it, much of that occurs filters into our awareness slowly until it is part of our greater knowledge. And it is only when we stop, that we realise what we believe and know today isn't the same as what we knew and believed in a year ago. The Masters aren't teaching us with great channelings of knowledge, rather it is this slow filter of knowledge that flows into our beings on the highest of levels. 

Our latest awareness is rather large and informative and goes into conflict with what nearly all those who follow the Masters are taught. When the Masters prodded me to share I had to get backup support, so I went to Waireti. When the Masters first started to build the Portal, we asked them to teach us, as so much of the information in books and on the internet that were contradictory. For 7 days a Chohan of one of the rays appeared in the portal and spoke about the ray and themselves. I now felt this information was outdated and the Chohans had changed. Big changes. I then asked Waireti who she thought was the Chohan of the first ray. I knew if my new belief was correct she would respond as I now believed. 

Her response was: St John the Baptist. Just as I thought. We then started to talk about these changes. Like me, the changes had occurred so slowly in her awareness that she knew them as a truth. We both knew who the new 7 Chohans were. But we needed to use our discernment and so asked the new Chohans to appear in the portal each morning with Waireti as she worked there. Our new knowledge was confirmed, and here they are:  

1st ray - God's Will and Power - the blue, red and silver ray: St John the Baptist (previously El Morya) 

2nd ray - Wisdom, Joy, and Lightness of Being - the yellow ray: Jesus (previously Lord Lanto) 

3rd ray - Unconditional Love and Compassion - the pink ray: Mother Mary (previously Paul the Venetian) 

4th ray - Harmony through conflict, Purity - the white ray: Serapis Bey (no change) 

5th ray - Knowledge, Healing, Truth - the green and orange ray: Hilarion (no change) 

6th ray - the Ray of the Goddess and Devotion - the purple, ruby and gold ray: Pallas Athena (previously Lady Nada). 

7th ray - the ray of Transmutation and Change - the violet ray: St Germain (no change) 

It is a big step for us to write this and go outside the published and accepted arena. It is for you to decide whether you wish to accept this new knowledge or to retain the old. I asked the Masters why this hadn't been shared and they responded, “How does this knowledge help humanity ascend?” The answer is it doesn't. It is just knowledge. 

The clearing of the entities from the land by the Ascended Masters continues. The continue clearing Texas and now include England and Australia (Sydney to be specific).


14th January 2015 

Kuthumi... Dom Ignacio... Jesus - all led this week’s free healing sessions. If you were on this list, this is the team that gathered you into the portal for a good dose of upliftment. We all need at times to rise above ourselves, to step into a higher place of interaction, not only with the world but with ourselves. These three Masters sent healing to help you step outside of the mind, to be in the heart and in that moment be in joy. That will lift you higher. 

We call the free Wednesday sessions healings, but they are not physical body healings, but they are ascension healings. Just email me a recent photo of yourself to go on the free ascension healing list.  

Many talk about ascension symptoms. A common one is tiredness.  I don't feel we can assume that everything is ascension related. If you feel your vitamin and iron levels are low and you can't find a physical cause then yes it can be part of the ascension process. In that case, tiredness is due to the body not keeping up with the rising vibration. And the fact is, it never will. The body can't become more than it is, it is bound to the 3rd dimension as the vehicle for the soul. That is its purpose. When the vibration exceeds the purpose of the vehicle, there must be repercussions. Besides tiredness, there might be diet limitations, sleep pattern disruption, headaches, random body pain, to name a few.  

I have updated the article "The difference between guides and Ascended Masters." It is at this link if you want to read the revised version.


21st January 2015 

Here we are at the 3rd diary entry of the year and we have had another passing that has left Waireti and I grieving. Our chocolate Labrador became ill in the last few weeks and despite the efforts of the Masters and the vets she had to pass over. Anyone who visited the portal will have been greeted by Iris and her wagging tail. If there was something of note in the portal that we missed she was always there to tell us. I remember her racing to me one day at the other end of the property to tell me a crystal had just manifested in the portal. She was rather special and I for one will miss her with me in the office while I worked. Waireti will miss her even more as Iris was her dog and they had a very special heart bond.  

On a brighter note though, Waireti had been shown over the last few months that this was to be Iris's last life as a dog. Her next life was to be in human form. Her ascension process slowly continues. 

One of the common questions we are asked is - what is my purpose in life? Why am I here? What am I meant to do?  

The answer is simple and applies to all - though when I say it - many of you will scoff and say... No, why am I here?  ... and the answer is still the same. We are born into each life for the same reason, life after life - to ascend - to reach the level one day where we are no longer bound to the cycle of rebirth. What is the purpose of life? - to ascend. You can probably think of many other reasons why you were born, but they all pale against the God-given purpose of all creation - to ascend. And while it will take Iris probably another 20,000 lifetimes to get to the place of leaving the cycle of rebirth, she too has only one purpose through all her past and future lifetimes - to ascend. 

The free healing this week was conducted by Jesus. In keeping with Iris’ passing, he shows me the healing was for the child in all of us. The playful child that rarely comes out to play in so many.


29th January 2015 

Waireti presented all those on the free healing list to the Ascended Masters this week. The Masters who stepped forward were St Germain (the violet 7th ray) and St John the Baptist (blue 1st ray). As previously mentioned, St John the Baptist is now Chohan of the 1st ray, replacing El Morya. The portal was a beautiful swirl of violet and pale blue. 

Waireti mentioned to me she thought St Germain and St John the Baptist were an odd team. St John is a Master of meditation and balance, whereas St Germain is the Master of transmutation and change. One energetically firm and solid (St John) and the other energetically in motion and movement (St Germain). 

What were they healing? They showed me a river. A solid single unit, when it goes slow only the top and the sides show change and movement, but when it becomes a torrent, the entire river is in change. And this is what they were doing, stirring a torrent within each person to create change on a deeper level than just the surface. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the changes amongst the Chohans of the rays. I forgot to mention the 8th ray - White Tara has stepped forward in the position of Chohan of the 8th ray replacing the Maha Chohan.

 This last week for a few days the 108 Masters who built the portal have all been dancing as one in the portal. Zumba / river / stomp / tribal - it has been controlled and yet fluid, wild and yet contained. Each movement by each master was the exact movement of the others – they all moved as one. The energy of the portal has been pumping. I asked them what it meant, why were they in motion like this - "One heart, one soul, one mind." Moving forward as one, they are synchronising to a deeper level for the work that is coming in the future. The Masters to us are always individualised by their personalities, but we could see the personas were dropping away to act as one. 


4th February 2015 

During this Wednesday’s healing day, the Ascended Masters portal glowed red - one of the 1st ray colours. The first ray colours are blue, red and silver - red being the colour of the goddess, or the divine feminine, on the first ray. The Masters who stepped forward were Sitatapatra, Melchizedek and Thomas Merton. They were giving healing to those on the healing list around the aspects of the power of the goddess within. 

Cree, one of our kittens has shown us once more her abilities to see the Masters and Archangels. The other day Archangel Michael was standing close while Waireti and I stood and talked. We watched as Cree walked over to him and sat and looked up. He then moved a few feet away, and she followed, curling up at his feet. He then moved about 50 feet away and again she followed. It looks like Archangel Michael has a friend, whether he wants her or not. 

What is a blue ray soul? I get asked this so much. 

A blue ray soul is a common phrase at the moment and a preferred ray colour. I can only surmise this is an ongoing aspect of the indigo children.  To put it into perspective – there are 7 possible rays of incarnation. These rays are all equal, none are greater or lesser than the other.  You will incarnate with a total of 5 rays – ascension (soul) ray, life (personality) ray, mental body ray, emotional body ray, and physical body ray. Each one of these rays brings attributes and lessons. You cannot limit yourself to saying you are one ray when in effect you have 5.   

The blue, red and silver ray is the 1st ray – God’s Will and Power. The blue aspect of the ray is only a part of the ray – the masculine aspect; the red aspect is the goddess aspect and the silver is the divine aspect of the ray.

The yellow ray – 2nd ray – Wisdom and Joy.
The pink ray – 3rd ray – Unconditional Love.
The white ray – 4th ray – Harmony through Conflict.
The green and orange ray – 5th ray – Healing and Knowledge.
The ruby, purple and gold ray – 6th ray - the Goddess and Devotion.
The violet ray – 7th – Change and Transmutation. 

There is also the 8th ray – the rainbow ray, it incorporates all of the above. Some have the 8th ray as one of their rays, so they have much to achieve within themselves.  

Over the years I have talked on many topics. This time I am repeating a topic. 

The Masters here at the portal rarely talk. Let me say it once again. Ascended Masters rarely talk and when they do it is a sentence or two. Supposed ascended masters who channel and give long talks are for the most part impostors from the astral realm. Use discernment at all times, for the astral realm is a place of trickery and deception. It is from this realm that much of the spiritual community gets swept away on one fad after another, misdirected with a little fact and a lot of misinformation, each astral channel supporting the misinformation of another.... slowly, slowly moving you away from your perfect path. And of course, once you start to accept these false ascended masters, what chance do the real ones have when your belief system is set and your allegiances are given? But who exactly are you giving your allegiance to. Be discerning, please. 

The Masters know that the journey to the best teacher lies within.


11th February 2015 

St John the Baptist and Thomas Merton presided over the healing this week. Thomas was singing, giving wonderful healing through voice, breaking up some of those blockages that reside in the aura. St John was giving stability to the process.  

Two themes have emerged this week in various ways.  

The first is direction. Many ask Waireti and me: "What I am meant to be doing, what is my purpose, what is my path?". If you ask us this, we aren't going to tell you - we aren't going to deny you the joy of discovery. If we were to tell you what your path is or your purpose, then you would have lost your power. You would have given it away. If we told you, you would never feel the path is yours because you hadn't discovered it for yourself, you wouldn't feel the same push to succeed. Your path is about passion - you know your passion - follow it with your heart, and your heart will reveal the way and your path. 

And for those of you who have just pulled your hair out and are screaming at the screen - look at this practical technique - the Perfect path and see if it helps you. Your path is only ever about you. Be in your power. 

And I repeat - for those of you who ask not what is my path but "Why am I here in body?" - the answer is the same as always - to ascend. There is no other reason for existence. 

The second theme that emerged was kindness to self – well, that’s making it sound pretty. The harsh reality is we are hardest on ourselves. Over time in the ascension process, this phase will pass, and then come back again for the never-ending testing. The first step in self-kindness is moving from the head to the heart. When we have compassion and unconditional love as part of our being, the heart chakra changes from green to pink and permanently stays that colour. It is very easy for us to live in the mind and not the heart. Just check how you talk - do you say, "I think I want a ...." or "I feel I want a ...". Watch how you talk and write and watch the number of "I think..." compared to "I feel...". And start making "I feel..." a permanent part of your vocabulary. This will help you move into the heart. This leads us onto the real topic - which is mastery of the lower self. 

As we ascend, our goal is to pass the 5th initiation and not come back in to body, and to leave the cycle of rebirth. And then when that happens, the goalposts change and we want to become the perfected being. More work! Part of that process is mastery over the lower self. Not just the mind, but also the emotions and the physical body. Mastery over our desires, attachments, addictions. How many of you can say to a cold, No! Go away! And it happens. Or say no to the cravings of the body whether it be for food, alcohol, sex, cigarettes. None of these will stop you ascending, but being in control of it is part of your mastery of the lower self. 

When do you stop being the victim to your lower self and Master of it instead? When do you take control of your physical, emotional and mental bodies? Only you can do that – no-one else can do it for you.


18th February 2015 


Meaning I bow to the Higher Being within you. The concept is that we are more than our lower selves. Our lower selves are all beings of great potential. The meaning of ascension is that we strive to be more than we are, we strive to these greater heights. And so, if you are reading this, you have been attracted here, brought here by the energy of the Masters to ascend beyond your current limitations. Namaste. 

Every Wednesday (New Zealand time, so part of Tuesday in the States and Europe), the Masters have free ascension healing in the portal. We just called it healing in the beginning - but really it is ascension healing. It is about change within the lower self. It was never about your sore back or your illness. The Masters have always healed each Wednesday towards your ascension. If you want to be on the free healing list and get a taster of the greater ascension healings the Masters provide, then just send me an email with a current photo of yourself. You will stay on the healing list for about 4-5 months. 

Waireti presented those on the ascension healing list to the Masters this week. She returned from the portal to tell me the following Masters were present for healing - El Morya, Lord Lanto, Mother Mary, Serapis Bey, Ganesh, Pallas Athena, and St Germain. One Master from every ray. The Masters are healing as a single unit, so those receiving ascension healing today will have 7 Masters standing with them for about 15-20 minutes of individual attention in the Ascended Masters portal. Today El Morya tells me they are not extracting anything from each person’s aura, or healing, rather they are placing into the aura a little vortex of light for 15-20 minutes. After the personal session, the vortex will be removed again. A gift from the Masters - a flooding of light through the chakras and the bodies. So beautiful. 

Ascension symptoms can be harsh and unrelenting and can make life miserable for many. Fast gains are not made without a price. The Masters know the ascension process can be hard on the physical, emotional and mental bodies, so they have created the healing shawls to give you support, comfort and healing through these transitions. I sleep with mine, I have another on my office chair and often wear one as a scarf whenever I leave the portal. I'm getting close to the 7th initiation and I need this extra support daily. If you have passed the 3rd initiation with us and higher, then I suggest you look at the healing shawls and scarves for they will be a necessary part of your support in the years ahead. Click here to see more. 

We now have had 7 people pass the 6th initiation with the Ascended Masters healings and products, 14 pass the 5th initiation and 41 pass the 4th initiation. Through the Ascended Masters portal, the Masters are here to help with your ascension, and the numbers are showing it is working. 

The Earth clearing continues - the Masters are systematically removing entities from the land in Texas. They have cleared the land from the west to Dallas and Corpus Christi. They are now moving onto the Houston region and further east. By Wednesday next week, all of the land in Texas will be clear of entities. As previously clarified, this isn't the energy of the land, just the entities. They also continue to clear the land in the United Kingdom and the State of New South Wales in Australia. 

In the next week, we will have some new crystal portals going online - some beautiful rutilated polished quartz for the Jesus, Pallas Athena and St John the Baptist crystal portals. And a delicate ruby crystal bracelet for Mother Mary and the same in Labradorite for Serapis Bey. Following later in the week will be portals for St Germain, Hilarion, Osiris and another for Mother Mary (a gorgeous pale pink Kunzite.)


25th February 2015 

Hilarion and Ganesh resided over this week’s free ascension healing in the Ascended Masters portal. They looked at the auras of all those on the healing list and addressed those little blockages that stop a person’s light from shining. We all have them - they exist in the emotional, mental and astral bodies. This is just a tiny healing, but they removed a little something from everyone’s aura to help them shine. 

If you were on the free ascension healing list, know you shine a little brighter. 

I have so many emails this week from people questioning the information out there about the Masters. There is so much misinformation on the internet and in books about the Masters. Here is an attempt on my part to bring some clarity: to the fog of misinformation - 

  • Ascension is not about the kundalini rising. It is about paying your karma. If you raise the kundalini before its time you will do yourself some damage. The kundalini rises of its own accord at the 5th initiation. To raise it before it is ready and before all the karma and dross is cleared from your chakras (as it passes from the base to the crown via the chakras up the sushumna channel), then the karma and dross will misdirect the kundalini into the minor channels and nadis that definitely aren't created to take this powerful energy. The result can be mental illness and lifelong pain. If you get a sore base chakra please stop any kundalini meditations. If you feel you have a feeling like crawling within your body, or skin, this can be the damaged nadis. If you find it hard to lift anything due to pain in the head, this can be damaged nadis. Kundalini meditation was created in the dense vibration of the kali yuga, when it was difficult for humanity to raise their vibration. These are the times of ascension, and old modalities can be harmful in these times of ascension as the Mother Earth raises her vibration. Gentler modalities are sufficient now.
  • Ascension is about living a normal life. And within that normal life be the Being, pay your karma and strive to be the perfected being. It doesn't mean giving up meat or sex. You don't need to know it all. To get to the 5th initiation, all you need to do is pay all your karma through being the Being. The rest of what goes on is just window dressing.
  • There is no dispensation from the Masters regarding karma - you have to pay all your karma. There was a belief started many years ago by Claire Prophet that the Masters are giving a karmic dispensation. Sorry – no, they aren’t. Ascension isn't easy - practice kindness, respect, non-judgement, compassion and love for all and you will find your karma falling away. By being the Being, you will find you are paying your karma at a fast rate.
  • There is a belief the Masters don't care about the physical body - not true. The Masters can't heal the physical body from where they are. They can reach the energetic bodies but not the physical. To do this they would have to be in a body themselves. To reach the physical body they need healers - and there are thousands out there who are in the physical and do hands-on healing. Remember though that physical illness can be a manifestation of what is going on in the other bodies and karma. If you are a healer, call on the Masters for help, they will be there. Don't let ego take you elsewhere. Stay in humility, for ego can take you to the astral and to the pretender ascended masters. And they do exist. If you are in any doubt about the Masters with you - compare their energy to the Ascended Master portal prints we have.
  • One of our free services is to tell people their soul ray colour, and a paid service is to read your 5 rays of incarnation. People often say these colours aren't the same as those in their Kirlian aura photograph. So, let's explain, we are talking about the rays, not the aura. The rays are situated within the various bodies. They definitely can't be photographed by anything in existence today. Waireti and I don't profess to be experts on Kirlian photography but we have seen enough photos to see the rays, their placing, their colours and their shape are not in the photographs.  

The Masters continue their service of land clearing of entities and negative energies. At the moment they are giving their attention to NSW in Australia and Britain. Once the land is cleared of entities, the Masters will clear the energy of the land and then bless it. They tell me once this is done all the power energy spots around Britain will reawaken in a major way, cleared of the dross that has dulled their power over the centuries. 

Texas is now clear of entities in the land and now the Masters start the process of clearing the energy of the land followed by a blessing. 

Waireti has the following to say about the crystal portals below, I have to tell her she can't keep them and they are in the store for a reason, they are meant for someone else.... which she knows, but... 

Waireti says... The energy of these Cosmic Masters crystal portals is intense and powerful and they have magic and beauty all of their own that is unique to anything else found anywhere in the world today.   

Cosmic Master Chananda has made a portal for a group of people - meditation group, healing group, ascension group, healer - he shows me all the rays and him working with many people. He tells me he wants to work on a heart level with many - the sacred heart within all. For the Sacred Heart is the doorway to the Holy Heart which is the gateway to the Higher Self. Click here to read more. 

Cosmic Master Lord Shiva's crystal portal is p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l.  He intends it for either a first ray soul or a group to help them towards their ascension. This portal won't fully open till it is with those it is meant for. Click here to read more.


4th March 2015 

For this week’s free ascension healing, we had Mother Mary and Serapis Bey step forward. The portal was pale pink and white. They focused this week on removing some past and present anguish from the heart chakra. 

Mother Mary is one of the misunderstood Masters, her life as the Mother of Jesus came after she was an Ascended Master. You can read more of her story here

We have noticed that as many ascend with the Ascended Masters, their heart chakra starts to change from green to pink. This means the person is moving into a state of compassion and unconditional love for humanity. If you want to start towards moving into this state, we suggest Mother Mary oil "Love" oil for all the chakras, not just the heart chakra. The Masters also suggest 24-hour healings with one of the 3rd ray Masters - Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, Paul the Venetian, Dom Ignacio, Vesta, Maát or Chamuel, Archangel of the third ray.  

Many years ago, when I first started to work with the devas before the portal was built, the Masters had Waireti and I do little experiments as proof of our power and how we could work with the Masters. As we sat in a car, I was told to put Joy into the pavement and watch what happened. It wasn't a big area, about 5 shop frontages. Waireti watched and confirmed my working with the Deva of Joy, I had put Joy into the pavement. A worker in one of the shops came to the door and looked out, up and down the street, up into the sky and down at the pavement, looking, she knew something was different. Then a mother with two crying children came up the street. As the children hit the Joy, they stopped, smiled and laughed. Then a lady in her 50s or 60s came along; as she walked through the Joy she gave a skip and laughed. And so, it went on - each person absorbing some of the Joy into their system, till all the Joy was gone from the pavement. The next time I did this was in a coffee shop. It was in a busy street, and people were rushing past, but no one came into the shop. I could see the owner looking out the window at all the people passing by. I put Joy into the pavement just outside the door and bought it up to the counter. By the time we left, there was a queue out the door and the owner was smiling. I've talked about the devas before - the devas are the animating force in all of creation. Nothing comes into creation without a deva - to light a flame we need the deva of fire, the salamander.  

So, look at what changes you can make in your life and the life of others with the devas. We have deva oils and deva cards. Try putting them up in your place of work, school, office, home and see what they can do. It is also wonderful to put a glass of water onto a deva card and the energy will go into the liquid. It takes about 10 minutes depending on the size of the glass or bottle. 

We have cards for the devas of Joy - Serenity - Love - Devotion - Faith - Trust - Purpose - Courage. See more here.


11th March 2015 

A lone St John the Baptist stood in the portal for this week’s free ascension healing sessions. Balance, balance, balance was what he was addressing. 

In the last couple of weeks I have been getting input from all directions. None of it has sat well with me, though the old Verna might have agreed with what was said. So that bought me to the awareness from the Masters on the topic of unity and yet separation. 

The Masters reminded me of how they work as One. Unified in their purpose. No division, no dissension. Meaning no mind, no ego - only love for all. It is part of the human condition to have a leader - leadership and followers who are deemed to be less - part of the team but less. And yet in the Masters there is no leader - they are one. Cosmic Master Osiris works with the new Master Thomas Merton as one - they don't see a great or lesser being. Humanity wants to make them greater and lesser - but to the Masters they are One - part of a unified team. The human ego of course wants greater and lesser people. Equality might be strived for, but not one person reading this blog does not have a negative thought about someone in a day - and in that negative thought comes division. But that is part of being human. It just is. We can beat ourselves up over not being perfect, but while we are in the human form we will never be perfect, but we can try for nearly perfect. In our daily lives we can stay in the heart and not the head - when in the heart we can strive for God thoughts, God actions, God words more easily than when in the head. And when we mess up, forgive ourselves and try again.  

When we are in the heart - unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, stillness, balance come to us as part of our being.  

Look at the Torus technique - part of the technique is how to come into the Sacred heart. The Sacred Heart is a place within you, for you to manifest from and is also the gateway to the Holy Heart, another place within you and where the Higher Self will eventually anchor if you reach the 6th initiation in this life time. Here is the link.

And again Mother Mary oil, will bring you more into the heart and a state of unconditional love.


18th March 2015 

This week was a 6th ray healing day - 5 Lady Masters of the 6th ray were present: Lady Nada, Isis, Hathor, Pallas Athena and Portia. Waireti presented those on the healing list for healing. She stayed in the portal after she presented each person, just to watch and see what the Masters were doing. Each person was bought forward one by one into the Masters circle. She said it is a very intimate healing in that the Masters were working on each person's energy field, unravelling little knots and blockages.  

I was asked this week about the term ‘chela’. Chela is an old word indicating those who were students of a Master and who were getting extra attention from the Masters. This was back in the days when the Masters walked with only those who were consciously ascending.

Now the Masters walk with everyone. Every single person on the planet is linked with a Master - regardless of their level of ascension, who they are, or their amount of karma.  The Masters say they have all those they walk within their eye - they see them. Then, as they ascend and reach certain milestones, the Masters move them into groups for teaching, and so the various groups progress, until such time as individuals then move onto one-on-one teaching sessions with the Master. So, a chela is still someone who gets individual teaching with a Master. If you have passed the 3rd initiation then you will be getting individual teaching from the Master to some degree. You can give yourself the title, Chela. 

We were also asked this week - what/who are the Elohim? 

As you know, we don't go to the books - we draw from our own experiences and sight. The Elohim were part of the 108 Masters and Beings who built the Ascended Masters portal. While the portal was being built, we had a working relationship with the Elohim Cyclopea, Peace, Arcturus, Hercules and the Elohim of the 8th ray. 

From our perspective, when we see and feel them, they are translucent, they have no substance. Each is individualised with their own colours. They are vast beings of Light, we want to say god-like, but calling them gods brings other people’s beliefs into it, and they are beyond boxed beliefs. They have more Light than the Cosmic Masters and Archangels. We would say they are of a unique stream of consciousness - different from the angelic and master lineage. To tell you the truth, they defy definition for us. They are immensely large, powerful beings of Light and Love.


25th March 2015 

Last week I sent out my first email for the year. I mentioned the free ascension healing and now we are inundated with requests. The Masters who stepped forward this week to give ascension healing were Melchizedek and St John the Baptist. Both first ray Masters. This week the Masters are going back to look at those ancient oaths you made to religions that no longer exist. Oaths that now limit your ascension and act as an anchor holding you back. The Masters are helping you release these oaths, to step outside the conditioning they created that resides in your soul seat still. 

Hilarion wrote this piece a year or more ago. Reading it again, once more I fell in love with his words. Hilarion said this to a 5th ray soul person... 

As a 5th ray soul, your journey is to move from the mind to the heart. The mind wants to “do” when the heart wants to “Be”. If with every breath the sun rises and sets, then in that moment Be.For it is the mind that wants achievement, it is the mind that wants results. And that is the illusion.In the Sacred Heart, time ceases, and you begin to live each breath as the gift it is. And as you centre yourself in the heart space, the heart opens. And as you connect with me, my love flows into your heart space and out to humanity. In time it will be your love flowing to humanity with every breath you take. 


For those of you who are struggling with your ascension and feel you aren't going anywhere - or know you aren't ascending at the rate you want to, the Masters say... "The quickest way to ascend is to be in your power." 

So true - as soon as we follow someone, put someone on a pedestal, think someone is better than us, then we are not in our power. 

Waireti and I received this feedback about the Ascended Masters portal cards - it's nice to hear from others what Waireti and I know - the Masters can work miracles through them... 

I have to say I am so thrilled and completely awestruck at the power of the portal cards. For the last five months I have suffered with a very painful frozen shoulder. On receiving the cards, I placed Hilarion’s card on my heart chakra (Friday Evening) then on Saturday morning placed it on the chakra again for two hours. Then on dressing I was completely dumbfounded, I could move my arm almost to full rotation. It was truly amazing. To me it's a miracle, (dressing was always so painful) I cannot describe the feeling, it was truly wonderful. There are no words to describe and express my gratitude. I thank you both for sharing your gifts and knowledge, and also the Ascended Masters for the guidance and support to all who wish to walk the Ascension path. 

Click here to see all of them.  And read more feedback here.


4th April 2015 

This week was rather full, I see a balloon nearly at bursting point - you know when the fear kicks in - is it going to pop? phew, it didn't. BANG.... haha - I have to laugh. It's just that picking up the pieces takes so much time and you just know you missed something. So here I am in my messy form trying to write a diary that was meant to be posted days ago... 

Waireti presented everyone for the free ascension healing this week. The Ascended Master team who stepped forward were Dom Ignacio, St Germain, White Tara, Lord Lanto. Not a common grouping, we get to know the Masters who usually work together in the portal and this isn't usual. They all show me a golden/pink/ bronze colour, add sparkles and light. They showed me 4 spirals of this bronze light, spiraling around each person on the healing list - they are addressing the ego within each person. Ego healing. 

A lovely segue to the topic for the week the masters are addressing - EGO. 

Ego is the opposite of humility.  

Ego is part of the human condition. We all have one. It survives by being fed. Humility arises when we don't feed the ego. Yesterday I bypassed a traffic jam by taking some side streets. I was pleased with myself and shared with my daughter. And in that moment, I knew I had fed the ego. Something minor but an indication to me how little the ego needs to rise up. Not feeding the ego has to be a conscious effort. Our ego can get fed quite nicely by others too. It is up to us to accept the feeding or not. "Don't feed the ego." We are all Masters of our own ego, the decision to strive for humility, or not, is over to each of us. 

Over to other matters. The Masters have finished clearing the entities from the land in Yemen and now move onto clearing the negative energy from the land and then the blessing of the land. They continue with clearing the entities from England and NSW in Australia. Part of a huge plan they are undertaking. 

We also have a Facebook page - follow us at https://www.facebook.com/ascendedmastersportal  

 The Master Jesus has been working with the devas to create Deva bracelets. At the beginning of March, I talked about working with the devas via their portal cards. Now Jesus has asked them to put a continual flow of their energy into these bracelets - so where ever you go their energy will flow out to all those around you. The devas are - Courage - Love - Joy - Devotion - Serenity.  

The tally of those passing the initiations with us continues to rise: 

9 have passed the 6th initiation.

14 have passed the 5th initiation.

43 have passed the 3rd initiation.


11th April 2015 

This week’s free ascension healing occurred in the Ascended Masters portal with Serapis Bey, Mother Mary and the Cosmic Master Eros. The portal was a translucent gold, Eros' energy encompassing everyone. The issue they looked at this week in the healing session was "loving self". We are hardest on ourselves, we battle internally with ourselves, we have internal conflict, we judge ourselves... and the Masters response is love. So, the healing was about loving self, loving the imperfect self.  

Part of ascension is clearing, we all clear through our bodies - it is just part of the ascension process. How many of you get a feeling in your body of being knifed - knifed in the back, a sharp pain somewhere in the body. It is a common theme to suppose this means you are being attacked energetically. I'm not disputing that this might be happening. But for the most part, this feeling many get, is the cellular memory of the body releasing a physical body memory from this life and past lives. The higher you ascend vibrationally, the more the body starts to release its memories, and this can often have a physical manifestation, like sudden, one-off, unexplained pain. As we ascend, we can hold onto the beliefs we have had in the past, when in reality we are ascending beyond our old beliefs, beliefs that no longer serve our highest good and instead hold us back. 


15th April 2015 

Yellow... yellow... yellow and more yellow, what a joyous colour. That's the colour of the Ascended Masters portal this healing day, every shade imaginable. Jesus, Lord Lanto, Lao Tze and Kuthumi are the healing team - the second ray Masters. "Wisdom comes from the heart, not the head." Healing this week is about moving from head to heart, moving from learnt knowledge to innate wisdom. 

Last week's posting about stopping a free Ascended Master service elicited a huge positive response. Thank you all for your support. One word kept coming again and again - gratitude. It got me to thinking about gratitude - one of those new-age words that probably got overexposed and yet the root behaviour is so important. Not just as a ritual practice at the end of the day, but rather as part of daily interactions.  Thank you is a pretty easy phrase to say to express gratitude immediately. A "thank you" said from the heart is felt by the recipient, not just heard. A heart-expressed thank you is rather beautiful.  

The other issue that arose this week is about feeling energy. I just want to put some clarification around feeling energy. A good example is the Master's oils - you can hold the bottle and feel the energy, but the oils need to be applied to the chakras to work. It can be construed that because energy from the oil in the bottle is being felt then change is occurring - not so. The same applies to healing modalities, just because you feel energy to a greater or lesser degree with a modality doesn't make one greater or lesser. It just reflects what you are feeling - not the change that is happening. It is common in the spiritual world to judge according to feelings. Please note feeling and change are not always synonymous.


22nd April 2015 

Pallas Athena and Serapis Bey are the healers today for the free ascension healing in the portal. The portal is purple and white swirls. In today's session the Masters are looking at the relationship you have with self. We all lie to ourselves in some way. There is no change and no moving forward if we lie to ourselves. Only in being truthful with self does change begin to occur. So, this week’s healing is about looking at self in truth, acknowledging both the self-lies and the self-truth - as hard as it may be.  

Which leads me onto some of the healings we have.  When having the astral, mental and emotional body healings one after the other, a lot of emotions come up for release. Each clearing allows another layer to come up for release. When all these healings have occurred, the releasing then starts to occur in a bigger way in the chakras and past lives. The clogged bodies are no longer holding everything down, suppressing all that needs to be released for ascension. We seriously recommend these three healings - all in order - astral, mental, emotional - to help clear the bodies of the dross they hold and from there facilitate the clearing from the chakras and past lives. 

There is always interest from those on the spiritual path about origins. We aren't talking about lives on other planets, but the base origin. For those living on this planet, the base origins are either Angelic, Reptilian or Faerie. From these 3 lines of origin, a Fall occurs, which then leads to lives in countless solar systems. You can read my article on Fallen Angels for more information. I will be writing another article to include more information. But until then, interest has been shown as to which Ascended Masters are of angelic, reptilian or faerie origin. Below we list them accordingly. It is interesting how we determine this. Waireti and I took the list of 41 Ascended Masters who walk with people as teachers, from there we both separately looked to see and marked them accordingly. Waireti sees wings for angels and a shimmer in the aura for reptilian. My awareness is different: for the angelic origin, I see and also get the motion of the wings rising up, for the reptilians I see and sense a column of strength rising up, and for faerie I see lots of little wings and get a fluttering of energy. You will be happy to know we agreed on all the Masters. 

There is a lot of incorrect information on the internet about fallen angels and reptilians. There is no good or bad, there is merely a point of origin. Of the 6 billion people on the planet - roughly half are of angelic origin and half are reptilian. The faerie origin is rare. So please don't hold onto old-energy beliefs about fallen angels and reptilians when you read these lists, and don't think more or less of a Master for their origin, for you too are on one of these lists. And don't mistakenly think because your Master is of one origin then you are too - the Masters mix it up. As El Morya tells me now - we are all One. 

Here are the Masters of Angelic origin –  

Dom Ignacio
Lady Nada
Mary Magdalene
Mother Mary
Pallas Athena
Saint Anthony of Padua
Saint John the Baptist
Serapis Bey
Thomas Merton

The Masters of Reptilian origin are 

Amen Bey
El Morya
Kuan Yin
Lord Lanto
Maha Chohan
Paul the Venetian
Sanat Kumara
St Germain
White Tara 

Of all the Masters we looked at only one was of Faerie origin - Lao Tze. No surprise as he is a Master of pure joy. 


29th April 2015 

Dom Ignacio and St Germain are today’s healers in the portal for the free ascension healing. The Portal is pink and violet - very pretty. They are healing separately - each Master is taking half the people stepping forward. St Germain is healing in the area of love and Dom Ignacio is healing in the area of change, which is hilarious as St Germain is the Master of change and Dom Ignacio is a Master of the 3rd ray and unconditional love. So why are they working in this way? "Because we can..." laughing. They are more than the limitation of a single ray - of course St Germain can work with the area of unconditional love to self and others, and of course, Dom Ignacio can work with the concept of change within ourselves to become more of the Being we are meant to be.  

A few topics have come up this week.  

Some people have an innate knowledge of a spiritual topic and others have to learn what others just know. One of those topics is a spiritual warrior.  I have noticed spiritual warriors understand exactly what "battle" means - they know the fight, they know the opponent, they innately know what to do. The Masters are the same - they too have different fields of expertise. We all shine in some ways, no one is greater or lesser for their innate knowledge, just focused in a specific direction. I receive emails about entities, reptilians and attacks, a lot of them confuse the issues. So here I want to make some clarifications to help ease the fear that pervades many. 

Entities, demons, any name you want to give the myriad of negative forms that try to limit a person’s light, have no soul. There is no cycle of rebirth for them. Their only purpose is to limit Light. They limit the light within individuals, foster fear, and feed on these fears and other negative energies. It is these energies the Ascended Masters and spiritual warriors battle.  Now this is completely different from the light and dark battle within self, within humanity - this is the yin and yang of our creation and our journey on the path of ascension. We all have karma, we all create karma, that is the battle within self and within humanity. And this light and dark that resides in us also resides in all life forms with souls - even perceived dark forces. The Masters do not battle any life form with a soul. And that came with a resounding confirmation from all the Masters. 

The Masters ask you to apply compassion, forgiveness, respect and unconditional love to forms of life with a soul.


6th May 2015 

Osiris is today's ascension healer. The Ascended Masters portal is silver and blue. These are first ray colours, and Osiris is a first ray cosmic Master. He is healing today on the silver vibration of the ray. The 1st ray is the blue, red and silver ray. It is the ray of the masculine god as opposed to the 6th ray goddess ray. Within the ray the blue aspect is the masculine, the red aspect is the feminine and the silver aspect is the divinity. Today’s healing on the silver aspect is around areas of the divine masculine within all.  

I was asked this question a couple of times this week...Why is ascension hard on the physical, emotional and mental bodies? Ascension is hard on all the bodies, as the vibration rises so does the consciousness, but we still live lives in the 3d world - the rise in consciousness demands an existence we can't give it, as we are by nature living in a dense form in a dense world. Compounded by this, most people’s bodies have blockages and so the energy doesn't flow as it should. Add to this scenario, humanity eats foods that are dense in vibration. By nature, humanity is human in form - though their soul and consciousness are divine. So as the consciousness rises, the body suffers as it struggles to keep up with a divinity that is beyond form. 

Ascension is hardest on the physical body and it is in this body that people feel and struggle with ascension most. Ascension symptoms in the physical range from headaches, pain, nausea, sleep issues to anger, irritability, mental health issues - just to name a few.  

The Masters provide respite in the form of clearing the bodies - astral, mental, emotional and etheric healing. They create protection grids, remove entities, repair the aura - all to assist with coping with ascension.  

And specifically for ascension symptoms and physical, emotional and mental health they have created the healing shawls. A must for anyone consciously ascending. 


15th May 2015 

This week's free ascension healing was performed by Thomas Merton, the newbie of Ascended Masters. He is a first ray Master. Please don't confuse the last life of Thomas Merton with the Ascended Master - it is the Higher Self that becomes the Ascended Master, not the lower self.

He presents as Thomas Merton to give a point of reference, but the Ascended Master is so much more than the mortal man who once walked amongst us. This week, Thomas Merton’s healing in the portal was on the pineal gland, specifically around higher intuition. Higher intuition is part of a greater connection to our Higher Self guiding us through our ascension and service. 

There has been a huge upswing in curiosity about the rays of incarnation. We publish original content here as the Masters teach us more and more about the rays and the Masters with each ray. With this in mind, as the portal is blue today, we will talk a little on the first ray. 

The first ray is the blue, red and silver ray. All shades and hues of blue, not mundane blues, but blues filled with light and luminescence, blues that defy description. If you are a blue ray soul then you will have a specific blue, your blue will be aligned to the Master who walks with you. So, all those who have El Morya as ascension/soul teacher have a deep blue. Though he has different aura colours. The red and silver don't seem to have too much variation. The first ray brings with it attributes of will, power, focus and trust. The blue aspect embodies the divine masculine energy, the god energy. The red aspect is the goddess aspect within the masculine ray. And the silver aspect is the divinity within the ray of the divine masculine.  

If you are a first ray soul, your soul ray colour is either a specific blue, red or silver. And your soul colour will be linked to a specific Ascended Master. Some of the other 1st ray Masters are Melchizedek, St John the Baptist (new Chohan of the ray), Thomas Merton, Osiris and Sitatapatra. St John the Baptist as the new Chohan (replacing El Morya) has the task of concentrating the Christ Consciousness of the ray onto humanity and into creation. 

No ray is greater or lesser than the other. All the rays are equal. 


20th May 2015 

Today for our free ascension healing in the Ascended Masters portal we have a trio - Lady Nada, Kuthumi and Aphrodite. Aphrodite's energy is big. In the process this week, Kuthumi and Lady Nada are taking a group each and from there they both work with Aphrodite. Today's sessions are around harmony - those with Kuthumi will be having healing around harmony of thoughts, harmony of the mind. And those with Lady Nada will be finding harmony with a heart level torment they struggle with. Aphrodite will help bring Harmony to the situation. Aphrodite is a 4th ray Master. Her aura is shades of white with fluted energy at the edges. She is a Master of Harmony. 

The Masters walk with you through life, it used to be only those nearing the 3rd initiation and higher had the Masters walk with them, but now in these days of Ascension, everyone has multiple Masters with them as part of their 5 ray system. Open your heart to your Master team, this allows them to come in close and work with you in a much deeper way. You will be surprised how much your life changes just doing this simple act. 

If you want to know your 5 Ascended Master team we have this service, just click here to read more.  

The same system applies when working with the Masters portal cards, open your heart and place a portal card on a chakra and the Master’s energy will flow through their mini portal cards.      

To another topic... Many of you reading this will pass the 5th initiation in your lifetime. This is the initiation when we leave the cycle of rebirth. There will be no more lives in a physical body unless we choose to for service to humanity. For those of you consciously ascending and who will pass the 5th initiation, remember you will not pass this way again on this beautiful earth. This is your last life. We can get so serious about ascension, we forget there is a beautiful world to be enjoyed and embraced. So, knowing this is your last life, enjoy every moment of your life, live it knowing it is your last. Don't be so worried about what people will think, instead think of how you will feel if you don't live every last moment in the best way possible. 

The Masters continue their Earth clearing service. Today they started clearing the land in Italy. They are using Pisa as the centre and are radiating from there in segments of clearing.  

Also, I want to clarify the topic of origin. We all have origins - angelic, reptilian or faery. From these streams of consciousness, we then move or fall to the humanity path of ascension. From the fall we then have past lives on this planet and various other planetary systems across various star systems. So those of you who feel drawn to a planetary system, this is because you have had past lives there. Your origin goes further back again than your past lives.


27th May 2015 

We had Omri-Tas, Shiva and Mother Mary step forward for this week's free ascension healing in the Ascended Masters portal. Omri-Tas is a 7th ray Cosmic Master, a Master of the Violet Flame. He is quite ethereal in appearance. Shiva is a Cosmic Master, known as the Hindu destroyer deity. Mother Mary is 3rd ray Ascended Master - the ray of unconditional love. In this week's healings, the Masters were clearing the darker energies that reside within us all. Clearing, clearing and clearing... the process of ascension. 

The Masters have been mentioning authenticity this week, showing me examples of authenticity within myself and others. Being the authentic you is not easy for many. Those ascending in this world have to wear many hats and be many versions of themselves. So much so, that the authentic You gets lost amongst all the different personas you feel you have to be. I watched the Bruce Jenner interview. It took him 65 years to be the authentic person, to live his truth. Being authentic often takes courage. To stand in your power and say "This is me". For those on the spiritual path, being the person they truly are often only comes out at meditation nights, or workshops. Their partner and children don't see all of them, just a part of them. That is so sad. Be all of who you are, be authentic, stand in your power and be the truth that resides in you. 

Symbols have been coming up a lot this week. The Masters have put a new symbol into my aura as I approach the 7th initiation. This new symbol is an Ankh - the symbol of eternal life. Though with the Masters I know the meaning we attribute to a symbol has nothing to do with the reason the Masters insert a symbol into the aura. This symbol is to help ease the transition through the initiation. The shape has some influence but the energy imbued in the symbol by the Masters has the greatest impact. This week we have seen the Masters put symbols on a baby’s feet in a blessing and we have seen them put symbols into the protection grids they make. They tell me the symbol is the vehicle for the energy they are sending, like a slow release mechanism, or when it’s reversed, the symbol can reflect energy away from the person to help protect, or the energy can be released in sharp bursts when needed. The Masters have all the bases covered when it comes to helping us ascend. 

The Love of the Masters goes out to you.


5th June 2015                      

It was a powerful ascension healing session this week, in the free ascension sessions. Shiva and Osiris stepped forward as the healers of the day. Many of you have no idea of your Higher Self, this week was a ‘meet the Higher Self session’. They helped you Higher Selves come in a little closer during the healing session, clearing the channels and assisting in a deeper connection. 

Who is your Higher Self? There are three tiers to the Being - you are the lower self, you are immersed in your humanity - essentially you have karma. The Higher Self is the next step up, it is the Higher Self you are ascending into. If you are the humanity part of the group, then Higher Self is the Divinity part of the group. The third aspect is the Christ Light, it is this personal godhead that your Higher Self strives to ascend to. Lower self to Higher Self to Christ Light. So, when we call the Ascended Masters by name i.e. St Germain, it isn't the past life of St Germain, we are referring to, but the Higher Self who had St Germain as his lower self. You won't be an Ascended Master, that is your Higher Self, you and I are merely a construct of the Higher Self. Just like Jesus was a construct of his Higher Self, so when Shiva and Osiris work to bring your Higher Self closer, they are giving you a look at your divinity, for it is that you will ascend to. 

Part of the ascension process is finding your Sacred Heart - we talk about it in an article and how to find the Sacred Heart. Click here. It is in the Sacred Heart you will find your personal crystal. This is your own ascension crystal and is part of the ascension process from the 4th, 5th and 6th initiations. When you have found your Sacred Heart, you might like to try this next technique as an alternative to sending love. I personally find sending love can hurt my heart chakra, and I like an easy life, so my Higher Self suggested instead of sending love, bring the person I want to send love to into my Sacred Heart, then they can reside in the Source of my love. There is no limit; you can fit endless people, planets, species in your Sacred Heart. Try it and see how it works for you.


17th June 2015 

Apologies for not getting a diary entry up last week... laptop issues. But here we are back in action. 

Last week’s Ascension healing Master was St John the Baptist. He was healing around the concept of balance and acceptance. Balance comes from seeing the big picture and in this greater knowing, balance comes within. Healing was also for being open to change, less rigid in thoughts and beliefs and from there back to the topic of acceptance. 

Today's ascension healer is Eros, the god of love. His cream and gold energy spirals through the portal, just as it is spiraling through those on today's healing list. A few weeks back we introduced the technique of bringing people into our Sacred Heart, the temple of our love. Far easier than sending love, which implies a limited amount and limited time. So today Eros is asking you to look at all the people you don't like, those people that annoy you and get under your skin, those who push your buttons, and take them into your Sacred Heart and let your love seep into them. Today’s theme is also acceptance, acceptance of those we don't like, those who annoy us, those we have issues with. Loving all is a great concept but the practice isn't easy. By taking those we have an issue with into our Sacred Hearts, we are starting to heal the disharmony. 

We have a closed Facebook group for those passing the 4th, 5th and 6th initiations by using the Ascended Masters products and healings. It is a beautiful group filled with love, giving support to each other as we go through the ascension process and ascension symptoms, as diverse as they are. Just talking about it can make us feel less alone, less crazy and more part of a bigger picture. The love and support of the group is helping those within the group to ascend at a faster rate. The last two to pass an initiation went from one initiation to another in 6 months. There is a lot to be said for a collective energy. The group can be hard for there is nowhere to hide, ego and negative issues are reflected back, but in a loving and supportive way. At the moment, the group is comprised of one-third of those who have passed the 4th initiation, one third have passed the 5th initiation and one third have passed the 6th initiation with the Ascended Masters. If you have passed the 4th with us and aren't in the group, but want to be, then let me know. 

We have some new cashmere and wool healing shawls ready to go online. And some cotton and wool throws, a nice alternative to a shawl. Watch for these coming to the store in the next week or so. If you are ascending with the Ascended Masters, then your ascension will be going at a fast rate, so these shawls are so essential. Through them, the Masters are giving healing support to the physical, emotional and mental bodies, very necessary support as these bodies are greatly affected by ascension as most of you know firsthand.


24th June 2015 

Waireti presented those wanting free ascension healing to the Masters in the portal today. Ganesh, Dom Ignacio and Jesus stepped forward. She remarked to me they were an unusual grouping. I was interested to talk to them and see what issues they would be working with today. They are working with the concept of isolation and groups. It is very common for those on the spiritual path to work in isolation, they have their own path and their own work and this rarely gets spoken of to many people, perhaps only a trusted few. And then there are the vocal ones, they have groups, they have a voice, they are heard. Ganesh is working with those who work in groups and have a voice, and Dom Ignacio and Jesus are working with those who work alone and have little or no voice in the spiritual community. These are individual healings, so they can't comment further, other than each person will be receiving the healing that is perfect for them.  

I was asked recently how did I learn to love self. Let's just say it is a process - am I even there? yes and no! 

Negative feelings about self are common. We can be hardest on self, with our self-judgment and self-criticism. Love and compassion for self can be fleeting moments. So, let’s look at it in a logical way. Every person on this planet is a construct, all previous lives have been constructs. What do I mean by a construct? You are a creation of your Higher Self, nothing in your creation was left to chance, from your parents to the egg and sperm that held the exact DNA for your physical creation, to your incarnation rays that contribute to your personality and life, to your astrological influences, your time and date of birth, to your environmental influences, your learned patterns of behavior, your parents, siblings, ancestral memory, karma and much more - all contribute to who you are today - an imperfect being, who makes mistakes, has ego, has judgments, has beliefs, and has karma and fate all rolled up into YOU. And then as part of our ascension we are asked to love the imperfect self.  

So how is it done I'm asked? Well, I still berate myself, a pattern of behavior I have yet to overcome. But sitting in my Sacred Heart is me, my lower self. And sitting in my Holy Heart is my Higher Self as he comes more into body and I feel his love for me the lower self, his creation and construct. And his compassion and kindness filters down through my being, it is through him any semblance of inner peace rises up. And it is from his energy that I move into self-kindness, compassion for self and self-love. I'm not fully there, but then I am my lower self, I am not my Higher Self, and these imperfections of behavior are part of my very being. So, forgive yourself for not being perfect, forgive yourself for your humanity. We can never escape our humanity, just because of the very form we inhabit. Take the moments of self-compassion and self-love as a sign you are getting there. Meditate with your Higher Self, find your Sacred Heart, move into your Sacred Heart and set up shop. Make it the centre of your lower being. Then set a time each day to be in Devotion to your Higher Self from your Sacred Heart and from there see what filters back to you. Over time, you will find devotion to your Higher Self is on-going and the love you feel coming back to you never ends. 

For those of you who picked up that I address my Higher Self as "he", this is because my Higher Self has a masculine persona. Having a last life in male or female human form does not mean your Higher Self is the same as you. You all have had many past lives as both male or female. In a twin flame relationship, two halves of the one whole, one person is the alpha twin (god / masculine energy) and the other the omega (goddess/female energy). Balance in all things. Therefore, our Higher Self is either the alpha (god/masculine) or omega (goddess/feminine) aspect of the twin relationship.  

The land clearing continues. The land in California in the USA has been cleared of entities, negative energies, and has been blessed by the Masters. Today they moved onto Singapore. They have started the process by clearing the land of entities in Singapore. For the full list look at the Home page. 

Blessings on your week ahead.


1st July 2015 

This week’s free ascension healing was led by El Morya, a first ray Master. The Master of my heart. It was so lovely to work with him one-on-one as I presented each person. He said this week’s healing was to give focus to the ascension process. To leave the cycle of rebirth requires dedication and focus to making it happen. It requires a lot of work on your part, often the 3d world can get in the way of progress. And so, this week’s healing is to help you have focus on your ascension process.  

PROTECTION GRIDS - Waireti and I were watching Dancing with the Stars and Waireti said if people knew just how many awful entities they carried on them, they would die of fright. It is entities that are fueling the Isis terrorism that is taking hold around the world. The gunman in Tunisia was crawling with entities. I suggested the Ascended Masters protection grid is what is needed by everyone. To which she responded...  it is the entities that tell the person a protection grid is not a good idea. How many of you who read my blog each week, have thought about getting a protection grid and then thought, No? It's more than likely an entity influencing your actions. For in the process of erecting the protection grid the Masters remove the entities. If you haven't got a protection grid, seriously consider it. You can read more here. 

CHAKRAS - We ascend through our chakras. Sometimes our chakras aren't working as they need to be and can slow down our ascension. Here are some pointers -   

Chakra size - can create greater or lesser sensitivity. An over-sized chakra can open a person up to being more sensitive to energy. And a small chakra (closed) can prevent sensitivity. 

Chakra rotation - everyone has clockwise as their healthy spin direction. If your chakra is spinning anti-clockwise then it will be out of alignment.

Chakra speed - this is about the amount of energy entering the system - a fast chakra means excess energy is entering the system and a slow or stopped chakra means little or no energy is entering the system.

In all cases a normal or average is always best for chakra health.

A MASTER TEAM - I had to undergo an ordeal last week out in the public world, away from the portal. Of course, I called in the Masters for help. I realised I was selecting the Masters to help according to my need at the time. St John the Baptist for balance, to stay calm, centred and in my power. Dom Ignacio for healing through trauma and Jesus for support. Jesus, Dom Ignacio and St John the Baptist are a good team to call on in any emergency.


9th July 2015 

St John the Baptist, Thomas Merton and Mother Mary were this week’s Ascended Master healers for the Wednesday free ascension healing. Each week the Masters have a focus for the session. This week they looked at the links between lower self, Higher Self and Christ Light and did some clearing around these for each person. 

The exchange rate is great at the moment for those living in the States - NZ$1 is about US0.68c - a good time to be buying healing shawls for Xmas presents. 

Waireti and I are going through the process of the 7th initiation at the moment. It is a vastly different initiation than previous initiations. There will be a write-up after the initiation is over. I can tell you to date, the 7 major chakras have gone from the system and the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras have moved into the body. So, we are coping with a change in system as well as the initiation.  

Sorry for the short diary entry. Love to you.


15th July 2015

This Wednesday's free ascension healing saw the portal a mix of gold and deep blue/purple. Rather beautiful. Hathor and Thomas Merton joined forces for this week’s session. We all go through times when things just aren't right. Some of you may feel your world just isn't right, or something has happened and you feel tense and upset. Sometimes it would just be nice to hand it over to the Masters to take care of and make it all better. Well they aren't going to do that, but today's ascension healing was around taking your issues to your Higher Self. If your world isn't right, ask your Higher Self for help. Hathor gave today’s healing around issues of devotion, because it is through devotion to the Higher Self that a deeper connection is made. And Thomas Merton gave healing around emotional and mental turmoil in connection to self-worth, personal power etc. and the difference between giving your power to your Higher Self or to someone else. For in reality, you are of your Higher Self.  

Many feel an essential part of ascension is meditation. And this is true to a degree, though I have seen people pass the 5th who do not meditate that much. Though in the ascension process there comes a time for the need and desire for stillness. There are many techniques to choose from. The Ascended Master to call on to assist in your meditation technique is St John the Baptist. He has an oil called "Meditation." It will help to deepen your meditations, regardless of the level. 

We have some new shawls online - all in Cashmere. So great for this cold winter we are having in the Southern Hemisphere - or great to put away for the Northern Hemisphere winter. Though I use mine all year round. 

Waireti and I continue with the 7th Initiation. Thank you all for your support.


22nd July 2015 

Another ascension healing day in the portal - St Germain (7th ray and violet) Dom Ignacio (3rd ray and pink). A pink and violet swirling healing temple in the portal. This session was about the rubbish, the dross, the ‘yuck’ energies we hold onto - the Masters were helping to release these. We hold onto these energies most easily when we are stuck in the story. The story of events, of feelings, of pain, of suffering anchors us in negative energy, and makes it hard to let go. The story, retold, relived, remembered, retold, relived, remembered... of events, of feelings, of pain, of suffering, of wrongs, anchors us in energy that binds us to a specific place on the path. Every time you relive and repeat the story, you are strengthening the anchor of your own creation. It is only in the letting go, the forgiveness and the choice to relinquish the story that we start to move beyond and to clear the dross that resides within our chakras. The Masters gave those on the free ascension healing list a hand this week. 

The Masters also have oils that will help in the release of the story. 

Violet flame oil - to clear the dross from the chakras 

Deva of Forgiveness oil - the deva of Forgiveness will help you move into this essential act needed for ascension. 

Deva of Letting go oil - the deva will help you to release the anchors and ties that bind you in the past and in the story.


29th July 2015 

Eros returns for this week’s free ascension healing in the Ascended Masters portal. Love, love, love. Today the session is around unconditional love of others. 

Unconditional - meaning no judgments, no maybes - warts and all love. Love for those who have caused you harm on any level, love for a stranger. Love needs an open heart, love needs the head/mind to be turned off, so the love can be unconditional. There is a common saying - "move from your head to heart." The mind doesn't love and often prevents love from occurring. But when we are in a heart space, the love flows automatically. In the beginning it doesn't happen all the time. But when that moment happens, when you feel love for all for the first time, it is a moment to remember. And when it has happened once, you know the direction to head in. you know you want to feel it all the time. It just feels so wonderful. That is the moment when the head and heart start to really battle for supremacy. That is the moment when the scales tip towards the Light. 

We have just had the 50th person pass the 4th initiation with the Masters and the 21st person pass the 5th initiation and the 11th person pass the 6th initiation. Waireti and I are on the cusp of the 7th initiation. It feels great to see the work the Masters do, manifest within the initiations. The Masters are creating a fast track with their oils and healings. It feels like one big group standing up and saying I'm here to help humanity, but first I have to get to the place where I can make a huge difference. At the 7th initiation, the Higher Self is 100% in form. I can see the Higher Selves have a purpose. A group purpose.  

Big hugs of love to you.


6th August 2015 

St John the Baptist was this week’s healer. His soft blue energy enveloped all who received yesterday’s free ascension healing. Balance. Balance in thoughts, balance in emotions, mental balance, balance of the god/goddess energies within on all levels, dietary balance, balance in relationships, balance within self, financial balance. Whichever aspect of balance is most restricting your ascension was addressed by the Master. 

This is a short diary entry. On healing day, Waireti and I began the 7th initiation. Our busiest day of the week. We alternated ascension ceremonies with the Masters, working, healings, appointments, visitors. We had to laugh: in our minds, we had given the following weekend over to this initiation, knowing it was close. We planned to be quiet, free and alone for this sacred event. Instead we ascended through the busy day.  

I will write up the process in an article, but for us the highlights were many. Waireti and I are of angelic origin like half the planet. We have only one wing and one nub where a wing was removed in the fall. At the start of the process, our last wing and nub were removed. We spent several hours in shock, before each being called back into the portal by the angels to have a new set of wings melded into our energy system. We are angelic once more. Waireti said the angelic singing was just beautiful. 

Other aspects were: the soul seat has been removed and returned to my Higher Self. Higher Self has come fully into my Holy Heart and has been sealed in form. The entire aura is just one colour now. A soft pale yellow. This is the soul ray of the Higher Self. All the bodies, all the rays are one colour. The 7 chakras are gone and are replaced by the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras. So now only 3 chakras in the body. A new vortex has appeared between where the solar plexus and core star once were. No idea what it is. The initiation process continues, so more on that next week. 

The initiation process is not for the few. Everyone can ascend like this; the Masters are here to help us.


12th August 2015 

Thomas Merton leads today's healing session. Standing behind him and letting me know she was

in a support role today was Mother Mary. The basic colours of today’s portal are the blue of Thomas Merton’s chela’s soul ray (not his own colours) and Mother Mary pink. For those of you on today’s free ascension healing list, Thomas Merton showed me a tiny surface covered in hundreds of pieces of tinsel. Each piece of tinsel represents issues unresolved in your life, connections still held onto, old beliefs, old stories and limitations to ascension. Today Thomas Merton and Mother Mary will be addressing some of these threads of tinsel each of you have. 

You will have to work on some of them yourself of course, but this is a helping hand. 

Which segues into a topic that Waireti and I comment on from time to time. Some people with abilities are placed higher in people's estimation than those who don't. And those who see auras, spirit, Masters, are placed highest of all. We find this rather funny. We can see those ascending and passing the 4th, 5th and 6th with the Masters differ in abilities from zero to off the chart, and we can see none of this matters in the ascension process. So, don't be deterred if you feel you don't have any or only slight gifts; on the ascension path it won't help you ascend. So, lose the pedestal for those who have gifts. Ascension is a level playing field when it comes to abilities. Everyone can achieve ascension. 


20th August 2015 

El Morya (1st ray - blue), Hilarion (5th ray- green) and St Germain (7th ray - violet) were this week’s healing team. They stood in a triangle in the portal, and each person who is on the free healing list was placed in the centre of the triangle to receive a threefold healing approach. They took a single issue that manifests in the mental body and healed it through the mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Nicely done. 

Waireti and I have completed the initiation process for the 7th initiation. I will be writing an article on the process for all of you who are actively working on your ascension. Waireti can see there are 6 other people in the world who have passed the 7th initiation.  

I am often asked what a person can do themselves to assist in their ascension. One of the most important aspects is devotion. Devotion to your own Higher Self and your own Christ Light. Not devotion to an external being but your own inner being. Some are not even sure what devotion is. Devotion is a combination of surrender, supplication and love to a higher being. It is the acceptance that the Higher Self is greater than the lower self. Devotion is also a state of being. When we can get to the place of devotion as a state of being within the Sacred Heart then ascension will be faster. When you have passed the 4th initiation, it is a good time to start moving into devotion as part of your meditations or quiet time routine. If you have trouble moving into a state of devotion then you can start the Deva of Devotion oil. The Devas are the animating force behind all. The oil will help manifest devotion within you.


26th August 2015 

Free ascension healing day in the Ascended Masters portal. Jesus stepped forward as the sole Master for today's session - and then behind him I see hundreds of yellow ray angels. All bathed in the softest of yellow glows.  Today's healing session was around light and dark. Not a topic we all enjoy, but negative energy resides in all of us. We create karma daily with our words, thoughts and actions. We all have negative thoughts, say negative things. Negativity or darkness resides within us regardless of whether we want to address it or not. Most of this negativity is supported by our patterns of behaviour. So today Jesus and his angelic team were working to lessen the dark and increase the light. They did this by bringing in joy, infusing joy into each person. Joy is a unique form of light. When you are in joy, all your world is in joy too. Your thoughts, words and actions stem from that moment of joy. So, work at bringing joy into your life each day. 

This duality never leaves us while we are in form. We might get to the stage when we have paid all our karma, and pass successive initiations, ever increasing the light, but the nature of duality remains. It is a daily battle not to have a negative thought. Vigilance to remain in loving thoughts, loving words and loving actions is needed. 

I am reminded that, if you are ever under a psychic attack, bring Joy into your moment. Sing and dance something fun and happy. This will raise the vibrations within you and do a wonderful job of ignoring the attacks. When we face an attack in fear, we create a partnership between attacker and victim. But if you laugh, dance and sing then a bond can't be formed. Bring Joy into your daily life in whichever form you want to create it and by whichever source speaks to you.

If you find it hard to come into Joy yourself, we have the Deva of Joy oil and card. These will help to manifest Joy within you. 

I am re-posting here an extract from August 27th 2012 from Waireti about Jesus. 

Is there something Jesus wants to say here?

The message is Love.

He teaches through singing, he loves to sing. He’ll sing any song. We sing together. The messages from the Masters aren’t from the voice (like a channel). It isn’t what they say; it’s in what’s around them, like a song on the radio. This morning Jesus was singing “You can’t be a beacon if your Light don’t shine” ... He has a sense of humour. There is a lot of Joy in him. 

We have had a new Master appear in the portal. New to us at the portal, though not to many in the world. She is a woman, very dark skin, African. Her hair is tight wiry curls. She has huge pendulous breasts. She wears an apron. Silver ball earrings dangle from her ears. She is a 4th ray Master, her aura is white. She appears to be a Master of the home, fertility, love, divine mother. We feel this is Yemayah. 

We had Sanat Kumara and White Tara singing in the portal the other day. They were part of our initiation, so it was lovely to see them working together in the portal as a team for humanity's ascension.


3rd September 2015 

St Germain stepped forward to do this week’s free ascension healing. This week he worked with each person individually. He was addressing the throat chakra and the karma that resides within it. He took a single past life for each person and did what healing he could concerning the karma that resides in the throat chakra from that past life. We create karma daily with our thoughts, words and actions, adding to the considerable amount most people already carry in their chakras. As we consciously ascend it is hoped more karma is paid daily than is made. 

Lat week, reading some of my Diary entries from 2011 to 2013, I became aware of my changing relationship with the Masters and their portal. Now we seem to be in work mode most of the time and the Masters have become familiar and life routine. But I do want to get back to the time when meeting the Masters was a time of revelation and wonder and their little quips giving delight. Like St Germain smoking a cheroot in the portal. His comment "Well it isn't going to kill me!" had us laughing and still does. The Masters wanted us to know they weren't about to get up on any pedestal we wanted to put them on. But as the years have passed by, and Waireti and I have ascended through some major initiations ourselves, we have come to realise what makes our relationship with the Masters work is respect. We have respect for them, we don't order, we ask. A prime example came to me a few weeks ago with a healing. Someone had ordered an anger healing the Masters had told me this person didn't need. I had previously passed this on, but the healing was ordered anyway. I duly went into the portal at the pre-arranged healing time only to be stonewalled by the Masters. "We told you No, go away." Respect for the Masters and what they do must be paramount in our relationship with them.  

So, look at your relationship with the Masters: do you order or do you ask? Do you show your respect to them? Do you give thanks to them? Or has your familiarity seen your reverence slip away?


9th September 2015 

It's an M ascension healing day in the portal - Mother Mary, Melchizedek and Metatron. Wow, what a team! Waireti presented those on the free ascension healing list this week to the Masters. Metatron turns the power level up. The area they are working on this week is of course God's power and your own personal power. Power must always be tempered by love; power activated by the mind is just power, power tempered by the heart is God's Will in action. Today’s healing is around expressing your own personal power, but expressing it with love. Then it isn't power over someone, but personal power to help and support. 

I was asked this week what were Melchizedek's qualities that he brings to healing. One of my personal favourites for a 24-hour session, and his crystal portals are always magic, so it is a good question to ask. And one I was about to ponder on when my fingers just started to fly over the keyboard. This is what was written. 

Melchizedek is a first ray Master, he smooths off the harsh edges that come with those still in a body and focuses them away from the lower self/ego/free will towards the higher aspirations of God's Will. He is one of the few Masters who stand as an ascension teacher.  

I learn something new each day. He smooths off the rough edges... Wow, I know what that means. The higher Waireti and I ascend, the discordant notes of those in body become more apparent. He smooths these away. I never knew this. 

It isn't surprising to see Mother Mary in the healing team as the love component of the healing session. She is making a crystal portal at the moment in the Ascended Masters portal. Beautiful energy! 

I've had several queries this week on ascension and children. There are so many old souls coming into body that we just know they are here for their last lives and higher purposes. When a person dies, their karma is downloaded into their Earth Star and, when they are re-born, the karma is slowly uploaded into the chakras. This process can take up to 14 years. The process is slow, otherwise the little chakras would be swamped by the karma and its processes. At 14, the Masters deem the child is an adult and able to decide of their own free will what their path will be. The biggest lesson for parents is to stand back and to allow the child/adult to find their own path. Children instinctively are on their perfect path. Their choices may appear wrong, but may be perfect for their path and life journey.  

I know from experience with 3 adult children that the path of ascension is furthest from their minds. I've watched them visit the sacred sites of the planet, not with any great purpose other than following the call of their soul. They can preach karma and past life stuff back at me when I least expect it. LOL. Meditation is slowly re-entering their daily practice having learned it in childhood. Healing is requested when in need and they do a pretty good job of it themselves, though they wouldn't label what they do healing. They all agreed to protection grids, they feel energy and know precautions need to be taken. But the journey is theirs and it can't be rushed. To me, the most important part of their journey is to live their life to the fullest with joy. And that they do with great unpredictability from their various parts of the world, most of which has contributed greatly to my grey hair. If we teach them the basics of love all, respect all, encourage compassion and teach them to follow their heart, then the path will always unfold for their highest good and lead them to their soul purpose.


17th September 2015 

Sorry for the delay, I have been trying to post this diary entry and it just wouldn't happen. Then an email arrived this morning and I knew why the Masters made me wait. Further on in the post you can read why.  

This week’s free ascension healing sessions were given by Kuan Yin, Dom Ignacio and Paul the Venetian. All are 3rd ray masters, the ray of unconditional love. It is rare to see Paul the Venetian at the portal. This week’s session was about clearing the blockages to the heart around feeling unconditional love. Dom Ignacio and St Paul the Venetian were singing, breaking up the blockages with sound after which Mother Mary applied her wonderful healing skills. You can read more about Paul the Venetian and the Masters here. 

As we ascend, the heart chakra changes from green to pink in colour as an indication of moving to a state of unconditional love. 

You might like to look at Mother Mary oil "Love" and the Deva of Love portal card to help you dissolve some of your blockages in all the chakras around love, to help you move towards a state of unconditional love and compassion. 

For those of you who haven't received or seen my latest newsletter, I have just loaded 3 new articles on the 5th, 6th and 7th initiations.  Thank you for the lovely feedback. 

As we ascend we can have many issues to overcome to move into this place of unconditional love. One of these may be sexual abuse, as a child and as an adult. I receive a few emails each year asking for help in this area. Abuse affects all the major chakras, some of the minor chakras, and all the bodies. Bring into the scenario cellular memory, personality changes and the impact of the lower mind, and the concept of what might the person have been without the abuse, and we can see there is much to heal. A lot of victims keep their abuse to themselves and work to heal themselves in private.  

One of those actively ascending with us from Europe has kindly shared with me via email which of the Master's products she felt helped her move beyond her childhood sexual abuse. I share this information with those of you who choose to heal in private. As you can see below all of these healing and oils are suggested as part of the ascension process. 

Healings - Protection Grid, Astral, Mental, Emotional and Etheric body healing. The anger healing.

Oils - Violet Flame oil, (to clear) Grounding oil (to bring you into body) 

Master Oils - Kuan Yin "Inner Peace", Lady Nada "Inner Child", Mother Mary "Love", Archangel Michael "Warrior". 

Deva oils - Deva of Joy, Deva of Forgiveness, Deva of Letting go

Healing shawl - for security and comfort

Free portal paintings - Ganesh (hidden wounds) Respect (of self) Universal Healing, Deva of Forgiveness


24th September 2015 


St John the Baptist led this week’s free ascension healing. Waireti presented those on the healing list to St John as he stood in the portal’s healing hall, one of the portal’s many rooms. St John addressed balance on all levels during the healing, telling me balance is the precursor to harmony within. 

St John the Baptist is the new Chohan of the first ray replacing El Morya. He is one of the major Ascended Masters of our times of ascension, standing with most newborn children till such time as they can pass to their Ascension and soul ray teacher. This makes him so important as he comes to know at a heart level every soul as it arrives into its next life. Over time he will know every person on the planet, having stood with them from birth for a short time. He is the

Master of balance and meditation. Balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually is so important in these times of unrest. 

The cycle of rebirth is an important belief in the ascension process. An awareness of past lives and karma is one of the major steps in self-knowledge for ascension. By the time a person reaches the 5th initiation, they have probably had between 15,000 and 25,000 past lives. Spare a thought for all those who are not ready to ascend in this life time. Our Mother Earth is not ready to ascend out of form also although she is ascending. She is suffering much from pollution, climate change and the changes that brings. So, when people speak of protecting the planet and of saving the planet for the generations that follow, they are those future generations, for most of them will be back for many more lives. If the world had a belief in reincarnation, wouldn't they look after the planet a lot better, knowing they were making a better future for their future lives? 

The Masters are helping the Mother Earth in her ascension process by clearing her body of negative energies. They are doing this country by country. This list of countries and states that have been cleared is on the home page. This week they have just completed clearing and blessing Irian Jaya, Kuwait and Papua New Guinea. And now they start on India and the state of Queensland in Australia.  

We have had a few people in the last month talk about how their gifts have gone to a whole new amazing, out-of-this-world level. Wow. They talk of a world beyond. I asked the Masters for any comment on this. They said and I paraphrase here: To everyone, we ask them to look at the gifts they do have, and not wish for the gifts they don't have. When they work with their gifts and ascend to higher vibrations, then the higher levels of their gifts will be revealed to them. When they are at the lower initiations their abilities match their vibration, and as they ascend so do their abilities. Little gifts can become great gifts if you open yourself to exploring what resides within you. Be open to your potential. 

Exciting times ahead. Woo-hoo.


30th September 2015 

This week’s free ascension healing in the Ascended Masters portal was with Melchizedek. Just him all by himself. He tells me he worked on raising each person’s vibration. Each person got 15 or so minutes one-on-one with the Master. 

Healing isn’t a topic we address much. Some of you reading this might be practicing healers and others of you want to be more active with your healing. Everyone has the potential to be a healer – not just with energy but with your words and actions. The power of the word can be a great healer.  

But I want to address energy healing here. For beginners, rule one, to heal with energy remember you are merely the conduit of transmission. So first you must connect to a higher source beyond you for the healing energy. You can call this source God or whatever term you have for it, the term isn’t important, the source of healing is. Some of you may ask for help from the Masters for your healing, but know they too go to the same source for their healing energy, it doesn’t come from them. 

All healing has a limitation, and the limitation is the healer. The healer might make this wonderful connection to source and be surrounded by the Masters, but they are limited in their transference of this energy by their own level of ascension. Their own karma, their own issues, the dross in their bodies are their limiting factors. Know this – a healer can only heal to their own level of ascension. Melchizedek first told me this back in 2010 when the portal was still being built.  

An example, if you have passed the 5th initiation, you will be able to pass on a greater amount of healing energy than a healer who has passed the 3rd initiation as your karma will be clear. The theory being the higher the initiation, the more healing energy can be transferred. 

Now let’s turn it around. The person receiving the healing is also limited in their reception by the dross in their astral, mental, emotional and etheric bodies. They are limited by their karma and dross in the chakras. So, while the person’s issues beg to be healed, the healer has a minefield of blockages to get through to create results.  

Remember, both the client and the healer bring limitations to the healing process.

When you look at it another way, most people have no idea what level of ascension they have attained. Perhaps they have passed the 4th initiation and go to a healer who has passed the 3rd initiation. The healer is all wrong for them, because the healer is of lower vibration. The person at the 4th initiation will have more Light than the healer, and while they both may feel energy, the transmission is going in at a lower vibration than the 4th initiation client wants. The effects of receiving a lower vibration full on into the chakras will slow the client’s ascension process down. Not the effect either of them wanted.  

Also note, feeling energy does not mean change is occurring. Another little fact from Melchizedek. Many attribute results to what they feel. Feeling energy and creating change are not the same thing, don’t confuse them.

 Now let’s take this healing scenario at its extreme. After the 6th initiation, a person clears the karma of others, so if they were to be the client and receive healing from a person of lower vibration what might occur is that the client (having passed the 6th initiation) takes on the karma of the healer and instead of being healed becomes the healer while lying on the table. 

And turn it around again to its greatest outcome; a healer of higher vibration will create change for a client of lower vibration. 

So, what we are saying is: know your level of ascension. Be discerning about the healers you choose. You don’t want your ascension slowed by going to healers of lower vibration than you.  

To know where you are in your ascension process, we suggest a chakra reading. This is excellent knowledge for all healers as well, as they can advertise their level of ascension as a way of attracting clients that need them. 

Knowing your rays as a healer is also another excellent tool. If I was looking for a healer, I would know that a 1st ray healer would be focused, serious and practical. A 2nd ray healer would be wise and knowing and with some a little bit of fun, a 3rd ray healer would be one of love and compassion, a 4th ray healer would help to find the harmony in a situation, a 5th ray healer would have knowledge and help me to find my own inner truth, a 6th ray healer would be a goddess healer and a woman’s healer, a 7th ray healer would help to create change with a touch of magic. So, if I needed relationship healing I would go to a 4th ray healer. If I needed no story, just results then I would go to a 1st ray healer. If I wanted someone to listen, then I would go to a 3rd ray healer. For a 5 ray reading Click here to read more. In the 5 ray reading we also give the ascended masters with you. 

You can see now how knowledge of rays and ascension can make for a more aware healing experience for the client and the healer.


8th October 2015 

For those new to my weekly diary, we have free ascension healing each Wednesday here at the Ascended Masters portal in New Zealand. The Masters heal on topics that affect your ascension. This week, Waireti presented the people on the healing list to the Masters one by one. She said it was an amazing experience this week. She stepped into the portal and Melchizedek stepped forward. He was last week’s healer too. And then she said the Masters just kept stepping forward - Lord Lanto, Mary Magdalene, Serapis Bey, Ganesh, Pallas Athena and St Germain. I've just realised that it is a Master from each of the first 7 rays. And then Waireti said Dom Ignacio and Archangel Michael appeared and started to sing. She said she was transported away, the energy was just so beautiful.  

What was this week’s healing addressing? Nothing at all! Except for each person to be encased in the love of the Masters and to be the focus for their love. Love. Know you are loved by the Masters, know you are loved. Regardless of who you are, where you are, what you have done or whether or not you were on the healing list. You are loved. Loved without agenda, without purpose, without reason. You are loved and you are worthy of that love. 

And if for any reason you have read this and feel you aren't worthy, then just stop it, because you are worthy. The Masters see all and judge not.  

Open your heart to the Masters so their love can flow into you with ease. 


15th October 2015 

Eros is back again. He loves to be part of the Wednesday free Ascension healing. He gathered everyone in a big loving hug. I asked what aspect he would be healing. A hug of love. "But people want details, I can't just say you are giving everyone 15-minute hugs!" Of course you can Verna. A Master’s hug is all about receiving, being open to receive the love of a Master. If you are open to the love of a Master, aren't you then open to receiving love from anyone? "No, you aren't judged like everyone else." I replied.  Then much is happening in this healing. Do you want a hug Verna?  

Of course, we have to laugh. They do know so much more than us. I wonder why they put up with me sometimes, I can be bossy! Talking of laughing, we saw on the news the latest craze in New Zealand - the frozen chook. Which is just someone getting naked anywhere and then getting on the ground rolled up like a frozen chicken. St Germain had Waireti laughing as he appeared crouching like this on the ground. When she told me about it later, I asked if he was naked, a little shocked. His response, just a chook. Not frozen. Meaning he was dressed. We laugh at the silliest things here at the portal. Waireti and I need exercise daily just to blow away the hours of sitting at a desk, or working in the portal. So, we have a workout routine we do daily and we end it with 15 minutes of dancing. The other day we were bouncing around and I realised St Germain and Jesus were there with us dancing away. They do like to dance. It doesn't quite fit in with the reserved picture when we see them bopping away.


23rd October 2015 

Sorry for the delay in posting, I know many of you come by each week to see what has been happening.   

The healing team this week was the 3rd ray lady Masters - Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. Waireti took this session. The portal was swirls of 3 shades of pink as the Masters wove and blended their healing energies around those receiving free ascension healing on Wednesday. The healing was around the strength that comes with unconditional love. The Masters showed me the rod of steel within each of them. There is a core of unwavering strength, fortitude and resilience that comes with them - and within this is Inner Peace. So, the healing was around inner peace through the inner strength of unconditional love.  

More on the antics of St Germain. Waireti is an avid gardener. She has a massive vegetable garden here at the portal. Beautiful portal food, high in vibration. She was tending the asparagus the other day with St Germain's help, he was pulling weeds and nasturtium seedlings that were popping up. He pointed out to Waireti new growth in various places. I didn't see this, but I questioned he was pulling weeds? Weeds in his dimension? No, there on the ground were the physical weeds he had pulled out. You can see how the vibration of the portal here in the physical and the vibration of the Masters is getting closer. So now you know St Germain likes to garden. 

St Germain is the new portal keeper, so we expect to see more of him. Waireti and I then went on to talk about the Masters who walk about the portal property, and those who stay close to the centre of the portal. St Germain, Jesus, White Tara, Ptah and Lord Lanto are the main ones to walk all over the property. El Morya is often in the room where the portal paintings hang and where we dispatch orders, though I tend to see him inside the house a lot too, and Mother Mary also. These are the ones who interact with us. The others are in the portal centre working. It is raining, St Germain is now standing in the portal with an umbrella up, smoking a cheroot. No, it’s too wet; he’s here in the office now looking over my shoulder to read what I am writing. He reminds me of my uncles, lots of teasing and yet caring. 

Let’s talk about what you can do to raise your vibration. As we ascend, a battle plays out between our divinity and our humanity. Our divinity being the Higher Self and the higher vibrations we are striving for, and our humanity being our patterns of behaviour, emotions, re-actions etc. that all help keep us in karma-making mode via our thoughts, words and actions. As Serapis Bey says - "Claim your divinity, not your humanity." "Look up, not down." Meaning look up to the Higher Self, not down to the human struggle. So how do we do this, how do we claim out divinity? 

  • let go of the ties that bind you. 

Recognise and release patterns of behaviour that no longer service your higher good. Patterns of behaviour that lead to creating karma. These can be thought patterns, reactions, stock phrases. 

Recognise and release limitations you place on yourself - low self-worth, devaluing self, self-sabotage patterns. 

Recognise and release people who assist to keep you in your humanity. People who help feed your lower self's negative patterns. 

Most of you reading this know all this already, and are working hard on this and many more factors that bind you to your humanity. 

  • claim your divinity 

Make it a practice to have god thoughts, god words and god actions. Speak with love, act with love, think with love. This will steer you away from the karma-creating patterns. 

Practice devotion, not to an external God, but to the god or goddess within, your own Higher Self and beyond, to your own Christ Light. Devotion is the key to ascension. 

Surrender to your Higher Self. Surrender to the will of the Higher Self over the desire of your humanity. 

Of course, there is much more than this, but these steps will help you look up - not down.


28th October 2015 

A silver portal for this week’s ascension healing day. Silver is one of the colours of the First ray of God’s Will and Power. Silver represents the divinity of the ray, the balance of the power of the divine masculine and feminine within the ray. Melchizedek and El Morya are healing today. They are healing those on the free healing list around issues of personal power, to stand in their own strength and power, to help them be their authentic selves. I see a solid rod of silver power emerge in my spine and the Masters tell me this is what they are giving to those on the healing list.  

I am now in the 6th year of writing this diary, the diary has changed as I have ascended and the Masters and I have become a more cohesive working unit. A lot has been written. So, for someone who has just found this website, there is a lot of information now readily available. One of those is the awareness of just what the Ascended Masters portal is.  

The portal exists in New Zealand. It was bought down to earth and anchored here by 108 Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters, Elohim, Archangels and Devas. The portal is theirs to work in to help humanity ascend. It is their base in the physical where the vibration is high, and yet the portal crosses many dimensions. The Ascended Masters portal is a sacred space, and this website is a sacred space. Some people like to think they can visit the portal via the astral. Which is like someone walking into your house and sitting down and turning on the TV. The Masters, in their ever-gentle way, just usher these people into what they call the Ascension Temple. This is a side part of the portal the Masters have created for humanity to visit, meditate or even work in. If you want to talk to a Master in a heightened vibration this is a good place to do it. To get to the Ascension Temple, all you have to do is to go into a meditative state, connect to your ascension Master/teacher or an Ascended Master who is connected to the portal, and ask to be taken to the Ascension Temple. The vibrations are high, the Masters are available. Be comfortable in the space. 

In the Earth clearing and blessing by the Masters, the land of Germany has been cleared and blessed by the Masters. This is the earth, the land, not anything above the earth. They are today starting to clear the entities from the land of Argentina.  

I was reminded to mention the Violet Flame spray.For animal healing, just spray in the animal’s aura. For children, again spray in their aura. The oils are too strong for children and for animals. The Violet Flame spray is good for clearing the energy of the home, work place, car, personal space and your own aura. Violet Flame cream is great for all those issues that reside in the cellular memory from this life and past lives. Good for areas of pain.  

The cards and prints you see here on the website are portals of the Masters. The portals were painted via me, Verna Maru-ata, utilising my 2nd crown chakra. This 2nd crown chakra enables me to be a pure and clear channel. Nothing of Verna exists in this portal paintings. When they were painted, Verna would leave and the Masters would paint. You can see they had a theme going. Now the portal paintings are made into cards and prints. An excellent little healing is to place seven portal cards on the 7 chakras and allow the Masters’ energy to flow directly into you. It is a powerful healing experience. Read the testimonials to see what others have to say. 


4th November 2015 

El Morya appeared with the dawn for this week’s free ascension healing. Hands on hips, let’s get going was the sentiment. And once the message was received he reverted to swirling colour (his colours are on the El Morya page), which is the normal state for the Masters. Seeing them in physical form is an illusion for our benefit. El Morya is back for a second week. Today he is the sole Ascended Master healer. 

This week’s healing topic is suffering. 

We all suffer in some form - physical, emotional or mental. Some suffering is evident, but most suffering is hidden behind a facade. A personal pain, sometimes shared, sometimes carried as a solo burden. The suffering might not even be noticed by those they live with. But you can be sure everyone knows what it is to suffer. El Morya is healing each person on the free list, to help them through their own personal journey.  

So how do we move beyond suffering? We let go.  

For many the past is the present. To let go of the past, is to let go of the present. The story of the past is the ongoing reality of the present, perpetuating the suffering. Our lives are lived in stories. 

We need to let go of the story that binds us, the story that anchors us in the past. The story of the suffering holds us and anchors us in the feelings. The remembering keeps it fresh. Emotions are relived. Suffering is relived. We can carry the trauma and suffering with us - mentally, emotionally, physically. We can hold onto it so tightly. The way forward is to release the story. Traumas happen, pain happens, suffering happens. But it is up to us just how long we suffer for. There can be an end to suffering when we allow ourselves to let go of the story.


14th November 2015 

This free ascension healing in the Ascended Masters portal was performed by Mother Mary. The portal was turquoise, and yet here was Mother Mary. She appeared in her aura colours of pink and blue. She said she was here to give some past life healing around issues of the heart. Love life of the past, that is affecting the love life of the present. We all have relationship issues from time to time.  

The Earth clearing and blessing is complete for Germany and Ontario. Now the Masters are moving onto Turkey and South Africa, inclusive of Lesotho. They are still working on India and Argentina. 

I just want to address a few aspects of knowledge that can get confusing. Spiritual knowledge tends to get thrown in a pot and melded. When in fact it is a science in itself. 

  • Karma is stored in the chakras.
  • Past lives are stored in the soul seat.
  • The soul seat sits beneath the collar bone (this is not the soul star chakra).
  • The earth star is about 6 inches beneath your feet. At death the contents of the soul seat drop to the earth star to wait for reloading up into the person’s next life.
  • The core star sits below the breasts and is the gateway to dimensional live. 
  • The astral body accumulates grit. This grit is a byproduct of such things as trips to the astral, the creative process, drugs, day dreaming etc. A blocked astral body prevents guides from getting through to the person and allows for pretenders from the astral to masquerade as guides.
  • The mental body is unique for every person like a finger print. When the mental body gets blockage in its finger print, it blocks the flow of energy through the mental body. Clarity of thought is then difficult.
  • The emotional body can get a tiny blockage from life stories and these can grow into major blockages. These in turn have an impact on the etheric body. 
  • The etheric body when it is not perfect gets pitting in it. A bit like the moon. This pitting is the precursor or indicator of illness in the physical body.
  • Everyone has an Ascension teacher. (Yes, everyone). This Ascension teacher is an Ascended Master who is on the same soul ray as the person. Once upon a time, only those who were ready had a teacher; now in these times of ascension, the Masters have stepped forward to walk with everyone from birth.
  • Everyone manifests in this life on 5 rays of incarnation. Ascension (soul) ray, life (personality ray), mental body ray, emotional body ray, physical body ray. These 5 rays indicate the broad lessons for life. 

And so on. It is a vast field.


18th November 2015 

It’s a green day in the Ascended Masters portal. The portal swirls with greens - those of Hilarion, Ptah and Ganesh. They are the healing masters today for today's free Ascension healing. If you want to go on the list just email your photo to [email protected]. In today’s session all three Masters are working on those on the healing list one by one, everyone is in a line. The three Masters are giving each person their undivided attention. They are working with the mind. The lower mind keeps humanity in suffering, in pain and negativity. Being Master of the lower mind is a part of the ascension process. 

"Humanity will ever divide and Divinity will only ever move as one." Ares 

Humanity by its very nature is a group of individuals. Each with their own soul and life path, bound by their own karma. Humanity is used to functioning as individuals, periodically coming together in groups, but even then, bound by their own personality and all the parts of them that individualise. All these individuals in their ego want a voice and want an opinion. And it is the very nature of humanity’s ego that "ever divides" humanity, regardless of what events may occur to unite people for a time behind a common cause. From this ego of opinion and voice rises dissent, anger and discord. It is the nature of humanity. 

The Ascended Masters are beings who are one with their Divinity and they are one with all. Think of them as all breathing in and breathing out in unison so in accord are they. There is no dissent, for they are one with all on every level of their being. The individual Master is only an individual just as the cells of the body are individualised. They function as part of the whole. So, when Serapis Bey says, "Claim your divinity, not your humanity", he is asking you to be part of the divine collective that resides within all of humanity via their Higher Self and Christ Lights. He asks you not to judge, to respect all, to love all, to speak from your heart, not your head. If you give an opinion, don't let it be to the detriment of another person. When you look at each person you meet in your day, look not at the personality that separates them from you, but to the divinity within them that unites them to you. Look for the divinity within all. 

When humanity links to their divinity, then they link to their collective energy, they link to the oneness of all. 

In the last few weeks we have had 7 people in the closed Facebook group pass the 6th initiation. The collective energy of the group along with the Masters is speeding the process along. The fastest time from the 5th to 6th initiation was 5 months. This is so fast, we are in awe of the process. Eighteen people have now passed the 6th initiation with the Masters. What wonderful energy they can send out into the world just by being. For those of you unsure of what the 6th initiation means, it is the initiation when the person’s Earth star moves from below their feet to above their 12th Chakra. It is the beginning of the Higher Self leaving its non-physical home and beginning the process of coming into body permanently. Between the 6th and 7th initiations, the Higher Self slowly comes more into form. It is also the time when the person is capable of clearing the karma of others. 

It is in this time that the lower self learns to come in to harmony of breath with their Higher Self. And in so doing, it comes into the harmony of breath of all divinity.


25th November 2015 

Ganesh day. What a joy it is to see him here at the Ascended Masters portal. Not unexpected as I will explain later. He is today’s healing Master. He is here to giving healing to those on the free healing list. The focus for his healing today is inner torment. The pain we carry and nurture within ourselves that ultimately causes harm to us, and ultimately to those around us. Peace, be at peace. Internal torments are sustained by the mind, so peace of mind is the healing outcome he is healing towards today. He walks with those who have inner pain, inner scars and inner struggles through life. 

Ganesh when he first introduced himself at the portal, showed me his elephant persona and then he removed the mask to show a man with blonde hair, and half a face scarred. For those he walks with, the mask is the outward persona and the scarring is the inner persona no one else sees. 

To this end I was surprised by this week’s events at the portal. I had been working for 6 hours straight at the laptop, answering all the emails and questions I receive when I just had to get up and have a break. I went out to the shade house, where we have all the seedling plants we are growing for the garden - beautiful portal food and flowers. I was quietly working away, selecting plants for planting, and cleared quite a good space on the bench. I delivered them to the garden and then decided to return for another lot. There where I had been working not moments before was a beautiful slab of the palest of green fluorite. We had an arrival. The Masters had manifested a crystal for me - not just any crystal, it was a Ganesh portal. What a gift of pure love. It fits nicely into my jeans and I carry it and sleep with it. He tells me the next stage of my ascension has begun and he is here to support me in that process. I had been meditating that morning, and unknown to me Waireti had been watching. She approached me later and asked what had happened for me, because I looked so bright, she said it looked like enlightenment. LOL, no, but a clear pathway forward was shown. And then Ganesh appears to assist - onwards and upwards. 

Carrying on from last week’s posting, I was reminded this week of a previous entry. Last week I spoke of the unison breath of the Masters and here I reprint from a previous entry the harmony of their movement. 

"This last week for a few days the 108 Masters who built the portal have all been dancing as one in the portal. Zumba/ river/ stomp/ tribal - it has been controlled and yet fluid, wild and yet contained. Each movement by each Master was the exact movement of the others – they all moved as one. The energy of the portal has been pumping. I asked them what it meant, why were they in motion like this - "One heart, one soul, one mind." Moving forward as one, they are synchronising to a deeper level for the work that is coming in the future. The Masters to us are always individualised by their personalities, but we could see the personas were dropping away to act as one." 

I often forget what has gone before, sometimes I need help to remember the wonderful things that have happened here before the now.


2nd December 2015 

Serapis Bey appeared to Waireti this week in the Ascended Masters portal for the weekly free ascension healing session. 24 hours - one Master and a long list of people. 

Serapis Bey is a 4th ray Master, the white ray of Harmony through conflict. For this week’s healing, he talked about the lies we tell. Everyone lies. People lie for many reasons. Lies are sometimes told to bring harmony, to keep the peace - aka white lies. And then there are the lies that come from a dark place, the lies that create conflict. Not many people who are on the path of ascension lie like this, most want to create peace. But when dark lies are manifested among those of the light, they can do great damage. The damage of course is greatest to the creator of the lie. The ego steps in, and instead of taking blame for the hurt, the ego manifests to create justification, and then they come to believe their own lie. They are lying to themselves. With this lie comes drama and story to bolster the lie. The end result is - besides creating karma -they are lying to themselves. Betrayal of self. 

Within the free healing session, Serapis Bey addressed the issue of darkness. Darkness we create in our own being of Light of our own volition. How do we fight the dark side when we manifest it ourselves? Is humanity the perpetuating creator of darkness? How can we have harmony on any level if harmony doesn't reside within us? How can we have world peace, when peace doesn't reside within us? How can we claim to be Beings of Light when darkness trips easily off the tongue? 

Then we move on to denying.  

I observed someone relinquish their truth, for an off-the-cuff opinion by a renowned teacher. We are tested all the time to be in our power. Don't deny yourself, don't betray yourself by claiming to be less. Be in your power. 

I got an email this week from a man whose guide had told him Ascension meant coming into his power. Yes! 

Ascension is ascending in our own personal vibration. As we ascend we release all the negativity and lower mind issues that bind us to lower vibrations. We claim our power. So, when we are challenged, we can stand firm in our heart and be the authentic heart-centered person we are meant to be.  

Wisdom comes from the heart.


9th December 2015 

Amaryllis, goddess of Spring, stands in the portal for today's free ascension healing. She is a 5th ray Master, the green and orange ray of healing, knowledge and truth. Her aura colours are a soft apricot through to a soft gold and a soft green. She has the softest of energies, and yet immense power lies quiescent within her. Today’s healing, she tells me is about the birth of something new within those on the healing list, along with the allowance for change, the allowance for growth and from there self-nurturing.  

The Masters are clearing the land of South Africa, Lesotho and Turkey of land-based entities at the moment. They are also clearing the negative energies from the land and blessing the land of India and Argentina. For the list of countries, the Masters have already cleared, look on our home page.


17th December 2015 

Hilarion was the healer in the portal this week for the free ascension healing session on Wednesday. For 24 hours, he stood in the portal giving healing. I really like Hilarion. He presents as a big man, a gentle giant. He has wavy shoulder length auburn hair, off his face. His face is wide and open. He usually wears a forest green robe with orange embroidery. Hilarion is Chohan of the 5th ray - the ray of healing and knowledge. This week Waireti presented everyone on the healing list to him for their session. He tells me this week’s session was about going within. Going within for your own solutions, going within for your own truth, going within for your own healing. He reminds me how so many people want to give their power away. They want others to make their world right. They want others to tell them what to do and guide them about how to live their life. And in doing this they relinquish their own power to another. 

Ascension is about coming into your own power. It is about you being the one who decides what is right for you, who decides the path you will take, who heals your own pain. You are the one who can bring your life into balance. And that all begins with the inner journey of self-knowledge and self-truth. It takes courage to look within and see Self in truth - good and bad. It is in the acknowledgement of both sides that we begin to grow, we begin to make changes. While still in a body no one is perfect, we all are continually working on ourselves. But it is the acceptance that we aren't perfect and the acceptance and allowance for change that assists the ascension process. 


23rd December 2015 

This week’s free ascension healing in the Ascended Masters portal was conducted by Vishnu and El Morya. Both of them are 1st ray Masters. This week’s session was healing around getting stuck. Stuck in relationships, stuck in a job, and most of all stuck in the story.

I was at the airport this week, collecting one of my children flying home from overseas for Christmas. The flight was delayed an hour, so I sat and people watched family and friends meeting those they love. I could have cried for a full hour as their love was shown in open and honest ways. As I felt tears coming with each encounter, I realised I was getting caught in each person’s story and in turn, their energies. I bought myself back to me, I balanced my energies and pretended I was an Ascended Master, for they observe humanity all the time and can't get pulled into our stories. I simply sat and observed and sent love, I kept my energies balanced. Now I wasn't getting caught in the story and could observe the little nuances, the uncertainties, the deeper feelings. The story I observed took on a greater depth and yet it wasn't mine and I wasn't connected. And then my son arrived and I was in my own story of Joy. 

Waireti and I wish you all great joy and love for this festive season, and always.




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